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Crack of Dawn

July 21, 2009
By Cher:in=] BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Cher:in=] BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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We drove to the airport with the roof top wide open. The wind blew against my face while the bright morning sun warmed my cheeks. I was wearing my favorite short sleeved, light blue T-shirt with a pair of my best-fitting jeans. As I stared out at the beautiful landscape, I became completely lost in my own thoughts. I didn’t even notice that Jason was talking to me.

“Sage,” Jason sounded concerned-I must have looked troubled. “Are you ok?”

It took me a while to get back to reality. When his words finally managed to sink in, I turned my head with a quick jerk.

“What? Oh, I’m fine,” I lied, surprised by how hoarse my voice had became. “I was just thinking….”

“Ok. Well, we’re almost there.”

He was right. I looked straight forward and saw the massive airport. I gulped, my eyes locked on that one place, butterflies forming in my stomach. This was it. The moment I had dreaded for two weeks. The moment when Jason would be flying off to another continent.

Jason was part of an organization that helped improve the world. It was their job to travel around the world and hold special projects that would make that certain place better. He hadn’t been on one of these “rescue trips” since we started dating. I had gotten use to him being around all the time. As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t imagine him not being near me. I knew that I would miss Jason the whole time he was gone even though it was all for a good cause.

We arrived at the airport and I began to feel sick. I had no idea what to say so I just followed Jason to the entrance. He had only a couple of bags, which in a strange way made me feel a bit better. As we entered the airport lobby, a rush of voices came pouring out. It was unbelievably crowded and everyone was scurrying around. I was afraid that I was going to lose Jason in the mass of people so I quickened my pace until I was by his side. He already had his ticket and belongings so all we had to do was wait. He guided me to a small corner that had two open seats. I sat down on the cushiony black seat and stared blankly at the floor. Then Jason put his arms around me and gave me a tight hug. I felt a sudden flourish of protection; I never wanted this moment to end. I inhaled his heavenly aroma, resting my head on his chest. I took a deep breath and felt myself calm down.

“I love you.” He breathed.

“I love you, too.”

Then Jason slowly pulled back and put his warm lips against my cheek. This was probably the last time I would be with him for a while, so I took in every second of it. I knew I had to be strong but I could still feel my eyes flooding with tears. As soon as we let go of each other, the over com rang to life and announced that the flight to Africa was getting ready to take off. It was Jason’s flight. When we both stood up, Jason took my hand and led me to the airplane entrance. At the door, we stood facing each other. Jason held my eyes for a few seconds and I began to get lost in his lively green eyes. Then the tears in my eyes reached the brim and began to pour down my face. Jason knew how I felt and gave me another secure embrace. When he let go, there was one last tear drop slowly sliding down my face. He brushed his index finger against my cheek, catching the very last tear.

“Please don’t cry, Sage.” Jason whispered.

All I could do was nod and look at the carpeted floor. I was afraid that if I even tried to talk I would break down in tears. All of a sudden, Jason held up my chin with the tip of his finger so that I looked into his anguished face.

“I’ll be back soon enough and then we can always be together.” He promised.

“I’ll be waiting.” I managed to say with a small grin.

Jason grinned back, his sparkling teeth showing.

He gave me one last hug and put his soft, familiar lips against mine. Then he turned around and walked through the doors that led to his flight with his belongings. It felt like he had taken my heart with him as while.

The next several months were possibly the worst days of my life. A huge hole had formed in my chest and every time I thought about Jason it ached with unbelievable pain. I tried my hardest not to think about him, but it was nearly impossible. I missed his warm, affectionate hugs, the feeling I got when his lips touched mine, and his vibrant, reassuring voice. Sadly, it was impossible for me to talk to him because there was no phone reception in Africa and that only made the hole in my chest grow with an excruciating sting. As the days trickled down, I became impatient but at the same time enthusiastic. I couldn’t wait to see Jason again.

Finally, the day that Jason would be coming back had arrived. I woke up at the crack of dawn and drove to the state airport. I could feel my heart racing and my blood pulsing hot and fast through my veins. I arrived at the airport with about 30 minutes to spare. After a while, I calmed down and my mind suddenly became blank.

Then I felt a pair of gentle hands cover my eyes. My heart suddenly began to race again. I turned around to see who I had been thinking about for the past several months.

“Jason!” I shrieked.

I gave him a tight hug; I had missed him so much.

“I missed you.” Jason smiled broadly.

“You wouldn’t be able to believe how much I missed you.” I beamed.

I couldn’t stop smiling since I saw Jason’s beautiful face. My heart swelled with happiness as I gave him another hug, laying my head against his chest. He kissed the top of my head and I felt a new wave of contentment. My lungs filled with his lovable scent and it felt as if there never was a hole in my chest. I felt complete standing next to Jason. Everything was back to normal; I was with the love of my life and nothing could ruin that.

The author's comments:
This is one of my first short stories that i have writen and i just really want to know what you think so tell me the truth. And if there are any suggestions to possibly help improve my writing, please say so. Thank you.

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on May. 24 2010 at 12:41 pm
Phoenix611 GOLD, Avon, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Zip it, or I'll come over there and zip it for you." -Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side

couple spelling errors but overall an incredible story!!!! easy to read, not jammed together in two sentences. :)

Mickey BRONZE said...
on Aug. 3 2009 at 2:06 am
Mickey BRONZE, East Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Tough times don't last. Tough people do.

i think the writing is great! but, i couldn't really detect any sort of plot-line as i read, which made me lose interest. but your voice is incredible