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Daruf: The Love of the Near Humans

October 12, 2009
By RawrShanell SILVER, Whitehall, Montana
RawrShanell SILVER, Whitehall, Montana
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Mannie walked through the park on the cool fall day. The leaves were blowing around masquerading the faces of others walking around. She couldn’t see a face, except the unfamiliar face sitting on a park bench. His skin was as hers, pale and humanlike. Everyone else who was pure Darufinian had there silver skin. He was different just like her. He was gorgeous, even though she couldn’t see his face.

He looked up and Mannie jumped. She met his gaze and noticed his eyes, was a deep shade of brown. They were glowing along with the array of color of the leaves. He was getting up. Mannie didn’t know what to do. He might be coming over to wonder why she was staring at her. Maybe if she just walked away? No, that would be suspicious, just stand there and play with her hair.

“Excuse me,” said the boyish voice. It was charming. “I noticed you were just pondering here, and it’s just, you’re so different.”

“Oh well,” Mannie said. She blushed, he was amazing, the way they connected, and they were like two bolts of electricity colliding together. “Wow, so um, sorry your just so, wow.”

“I like your use of adjectives. Well, I guess you should follow me and get a coffee,” he said. “Oh yeah, I’m Bryant.”

“I’m Mannie, and I guess you like coffee, and from this moment on, I like it to,” she laughed. He was amazingly charming, smooth, and adorable. He was just perfect, from her eyes. He made her eyes feel like butter melting in a pot of gorgeous. It was amazing!

He took her hand as she started to lose her step. His hand was warm, not sweaty, but warm. She enjoyed it, maybe just a little too much. He smiled at her as she looked at him. His teeth were crooked, just a little, but it was cute.

When they stopped at the coffee shop, Layla, the waitress looked at them in disagreement. Layla couldn’t stand to look at her, because she looked human. “So, you met Bryant, my humanly resembled cousin,” Layla said.

“Yes, she did, do you have a problem with it Layla,” Bryant said. She snarled at him.

They sat down, and when the waitress came to take there order neither of them could talk, they were mesmerized. His eyes were sparkling and gorgeous. He leaned forward and so did she. Soon enough their noses touched. Then there lips and they couldn’t get apart.
Then Mannie woke up.

The author's comments:
This piece is inspired by the real life troubles of there love to be excepted by the public, even though it's in a fictional story.

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