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Storm Light

December 28, 2009
By JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
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I have been gone for what was in heaven 203 years, but I came back to the world called "Earth" to come back to...her, it has been 60 years. Time in heaven goes so much faster. Dawn was some where in this hospital. I searched and searched to find her. I have been gone 60 years, but she must still be alive. She had no children, all family dead; it was a shock that anyone knew where she was.
Falling in love with a human wasn’t what I planned on. My mission was to carry the plan of the end of the world which some humans call it. It wasn’t the end of the world; it was the plan to get rid every dark evil soul that lived on the Earth, sending them to hell. Now, the whole world is peaceful for now, until more souls are corrupted to evil. The other Angels and I would be back soon, to carry out the plan again.
I fell in love with a human, Dawn. I was going against all the rules, but I didn’t care. Angels aren’t aloud to fall in love with humans, but some how I pushed that rule to the fullest. I got Dawn pregnant, but the heavens took it away from us. And when I didn’t leave her, they took me away. Sending me to the darkest place, between hell and heaven, it wasn’t even life. A place where I punished for my crimes, for 203 years. I couldn’t express the details of the pain, the coldness, and mostly the loneliness.
I earned my trust back. But the other angels don’t know that I am here. I have to see Dawn, I still love her. I don’t know what has happened to her in this past 60 years. I promised that I would never leave her, but they took me.
I could hear her heart beat; I stood behind the door to her room. I could feel her breath, I could feel her pulse, and smell her sweet breath. Would she remember me? Did the Angels erase her memory forever so she could never know my world of Angels and heaven?
I opened the door; she lied there, old, almost lifeless. She was on an oxygen machine and the beeping sound was in the back ground. Her grey hair long to her shoulder, she was still beautiful. She aged, she didn’t look like the Dawn I saw 203 or 60 years ago on Earth terms. I felt my heart ache, I hadn’t lived in the human world long enough to know that humans age like this.
She looked at me and her blue eyes were the first thing that I remembered, it was her. Those eyes, they always pierced me, I could remember it just like it was yesterday.
She stared and she looked away, "Some how I wished you would never come back to me, it hurts too much to think about it..." She started to sob.
"Dawn?" I asked.
"Who else would it be?" she said between sobs. "Why did you come back? Why give me more heart break?" She looked at me, the blue ice eyes starring into mine.
"I had too; I couldn’t live a life without you." I walked to her and grabbed her hand. I had to touch her hand, if I didn’t I would die, 203 years to not see, touch, want, love, and desire the one you loved was something no one could do.
She shook my hand away from hers, "You did Storm, for 60 years you did. I had to lie behind and take care of a broken heart that never could heal!" She breathed in and out harshly and laid back into her pillow and closed her eyes. Her hand lay on her chest and the beeping went faster. "I need to calm down..." she said quietly.
"Do you know what I have been through?" I asked; I was in anger. The only person that I have ever loved, the only person that showed me love hated me. But some how I was angered. "I spent two hundred and three years in a place filled with darkness, evil, and coldness. Wishing, praying, and wanting to be back with you. You were the only thing that didn’t kill me, that made me survive."
Dawn opened her eyes, and looked into mine, her eyes softer. "What?"
"They took me away from you, why do you think I have been gone for two hundred and three years!" My hands were shaking, I didn’t know why. I hadn’t been a human long enough to understand the emotions of a human, Dawn was always my way of knowing what it felt like a human.
"Storm... it's been sixty years...why do you keep saying two hundred years?"
I grabbed her hand, I needed to touch her, and I needed to feel her skin on my hand. "Time moves faster in heaven, and then it does on Earth. One year in heaven is almost like a month on earth."
"Oh Storm," she put her other hand to my face. "My Storm Light, oh god it seems like yesterday we were star crossed lovers, now we have been spilt apart. I thought I would never see you again. They told me that you left, and you would never come back."
I stopped looking into her eyes and stopped being memorized. "What?"
"They told me—the angles—they told me that you left, it was your decision. But I see that they lied. They are angels, and they lie? Wow." She shook her head and lay back on her pillow.
"I can't believe they told you that." I shook my head.
"Yeah, you told me you were coming back. But you never did. Losing our baby was tough for the both of us, and when I lost you..." she paused and didn’t finish her sentence.
"Dawn, I am so sorry..." I looked down ashamed. Her hands met my face, and brought my face to her face.
"You have nothing to be sorry for, you brought me the most happiness that any human could ever have... without you, I would be working in a hospital for the rest my life with no experience in love."
"But I broke your heart..." I said ashamed again.
"No you didn’t. They did. They took you away from me. It wasn’t something you couldn’t control."
"I fought to get to you, when I was in that cold dark place, all that kept me alive was the memory of you." I looked up and looked into her eyes.
"After I turned fifty I gave up on you, I hate to admit it, but I did. And I want to be honest with you." Dawn said, a tear fell down her cheek. "Every day was a nightmare with me, I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t live, and I couldn’t work. All I could do was... sit there and wonder where you went to, wonder why you left me..." She closed her eyes as if she could remember the pain as if it was yesterday. "The pain of everything made me remember you, it some how kept you alive to me in some weird way."
"Why didn’t they erase your memory? Humans shouldn’t know that Angels exist. It’s against every rule that I know."
"They did." She said softly.
"But how do you remember me?" I asked, it was impossible.
"Every day I woke up having a pain in my chest, I didn’t know why. I felt alone, I felt something was missing in my stomach. When I dreamed, I dreamed of the child that we would’ve had, all the beautiful moments. And it all came back to me, everything. Every moment you were with me, every kiss that I had, ever wanting memory of trying to be in your arms, it all came back. And the baby we would’ve had…"
"I remember our child..." I said. Dawn and I were going to have a child, but once the other Angels found out. They took it. Blood, so much blood was there and no baby. It was like it disappeared. Angels are supposed to me peaceful, nice, a hero, but once the rules are broken they can be the most ruthless creatures.
"Don’t bring it up Storm, it brings the roughest memories. All the happiness I had been taken away, it's nice not to remember it."
"Did you ever have another child?" I asked wondering, hoping she did so she could replace the sadness from the other child.
"I can't have one, the Angels that took it, ruined my uterus. When I got married..." she paused. "When I got married, we tried and we tried but no baby. The doctor couldn’t believe it, how no baby could be made. Everything seemed okay with my stomach, but I knew."
She smiled a weak smile.
"You got married?" I asked.
"Unfortunately did, I had to. I needed the money, and he paid my bills. I am not proud of what I did, but I did it to survive."
"Why didn’t you work back at the hospital?"
She looked me in the face. "I couldn’t work in a place I met my first true love. It's where we first met and had so much memories, I can’t be around that place." She shook her head away from the pain.
"How long do you have to live?" I blurted out. I needed to know how long I could be with her.
“Doctors say months, but I know minutes—since I am a doctor I think I would know how long I have…” she breathed in and out softly looking at me her eyes not searching for something else.
“Oh…” my chest hurt. It was a weird feeling, a feeling that I have never felt. An emotion that I knew from other humans, the Angels talked about this feeling, but I never knew this feeling hurt on the inside…
“When I die,” Dawn said weakly, she seemed to be slipping under. “Will I see you in heaven?”
I didn’t know the answer to that. I wish I could see her, but the angels and the souls could not be put in the same place. To become an angel you had to be a hero or die in great action. “I don’t know…” I looked down. I couldn’t tell her the truth that she would never see her true love ever again. She had been put through so much pain, why add to it?
“Storm?” Dawn said her voice weaker then before.
“I never stopped loving you…”
Another hit to the chest. “I never stopped loving you either…” I put my hand on her face.
“Kiss me,” she begged.
I kissed her soft lips and the fire pulsed through our veins. And the spark was there. All the memories flooded back.
The beeping noise in the back ground faded and it stopped causing a low beep that rang through out the room. Dawn was dead, and my Angel heart died inside this human host body.
Dawn and I will find each others soul, someday, some how…

The author's comments:
Hey guys this is my first romance short story. I wish I could have written more, but I didnt want to run out of room and make it a two parter and make you guys wait. I hope you enjoy a love story between a human and an Angel after 60 years.

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