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Aridia Chapter 2

January 20, 2010
By MissMarie PLATINUM, Fruitland Park, Florida
MissMarie PLATINUM, Fruitland Park, Florida
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But just when I thought things couldn't get any worse I heard it. The "Oh my gosh"!, phrase. The one that makes my teeth grind, the one that sends shivers up and down my back. I turned to face her only because I knew I had no chance of getting away safely.
"Hi Maria" I said bitterly.
" What are you doing here Haven? What did you follow me on here in hopes of winning me back, cause its totally not going to happen!" she yelled.
" Want you back? That's like asking for lung cancer. I don't want you back, I actually want nothing to do with you. As far as I'm concerned your just another picture to burn, my parents just so happened to drag me and my sister along for the cruise." I said.
SLAP!!! Yea saw that one coming. She always slapped me right across the face when I offend her. But for some reason I just gave her the whole, oh please you wish you could kiss me look, and walked away smoothly. But when I turned the corner, I clasped my hand to my face, and almost cried from the pain. That girl has an arm on her man!
"Hey, there you are I was walking and you kind of just disapp...what happened to your face!!
" Maria " I replied with a cheap smile.
" That's it!" my sister said as she headed back on the dock to hunt down Maria.
My sister was one who for sure had my back no matter what. So I wasn't very surprised when she hunted down Maria and did her famous one punch knockout. Maria fell right away and didn't get back up.
After all the drama settled down, I decided to go take some pictures on the main dock. Photography always calmed me down. I walked to the head of the ship and just stared. I stared out in to the ocean, dreaming, and loved the feeling of the air running through my hair. I had the feeling someone was watching me so I turned around casually, and that's when I saw her.
My eyes locked on her, I could hardly even breathe. She was beautiful, I'm sure if you looked up the word beauty in the dictionary, her name and picture would be right next to it. Although she didn't even see me, I saw her. I was just shocked God had created something so gorgeous.
Her long curly black and blue hair, blew in the wind. Her soft flawless skin, looked almost good enough to eat. Her lips full and pierced with snake bites. Her eyes, a rare red, that had to be contacts, because no eyes could just be that beautiful.
She looked at me, I was nervous, but for some reason didn't bother looking away. She smiled at me and headed in the opposite direction. But I had to follow her.
I ran like I've never ran before, I ran up the stairs, across the hall, and through many doors. And there she was, waiting as if she knew I was going to follow. We just sat there, staring deep into each others eyes. Not knowing what was next.
And that's when I did the most courageous thing I've ever done, I put my hands through her hair, pulled her closer to me, and kissed her. Although I expected her to pull away, she didn't. She kissed me back, and it was the best first kiss I had ever had, and probably the best I ever will have. Our lips tangled for more than 5 minutes, then she pulled away, smiled, and left.
I was left there dumbfounded. My heart beating so fast yet so slow, my stomach filled with butterflies, and right then and there...I was in love. Right as I was about to follow her again, my phone rang.
"Hello?" I said
" Who do you think you are?" my mom screamed.
"Hi mom." I replied
" You get your butt back to this room and tell me why I just had to bail out your little sister from the cruise jail! What happened Haven Noel!!?? she said.
" Mom I'm on my way I'll explain everything when I get there. OK!?" I yelled back.
"Are you taking a tone wit--". Click I hung up, and regretting doing it considering she pretty much owned me. I walked back to the room, wishing and praying to God that I could just see her one more time, the girl I will give the name Angel, until we meet again.

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