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February 27, 2010
By falling_star DIAMOND, Stafford, Virginia
falling_star DIAMOND, Stafford, Virginia
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Lightning danced across the clouds, leaping from the sky to the ground and giving the earth a slightly singed smell. Thunder rumbled omniously behind it, the otomotopeic boom echoing in my chest, the crash of the lightning burned into my retinas. The rain, calm and soothing as always, rolled off the windowpanes, washing lightning and thunder race across the midnight sky. Though the thunderstorms used to facinate me, now I found myself halfheartedly tracing little patterens on the window, fogging up the glass. Hearts. Always hearts. Days like this always remind me of him, the way his smile is crooked and leans to his right, how he has that fleck in his eye, that freckle on his forehead. Little things like that-- ones I had always loved, but the rest of the world had looked over. The way his hands felt in mine, his lips pressed against mine. The lightning flashes across the country landscape again, and an empty place in my heart sighs.
Some things time can never erase, I think as a raindrop trickles to the bottom of its path, leaving a wake of water behind it. Everything comes to an end... the lightning throws the world into sharp relief again, and I see a shape in the distance. Deja vu grips me to the bone, wishing, hoping, praying that its him, but I'm wrong.
It's someone better.
He gives me a smile, sweeps me back in his arms, and plants a kiss full on my lips.
Because what time can't fix, God will step in to decide.

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