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Round and Round and Round and Round

April 14, 2010
By dianepoon PLATINUM, Hong Kong, Other
dianepoon PLATINUM, Hong Kong, Other
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There was hearsay about the merry-go-round in Wonder Park in Maryland – whisper the name of a person three times on the back of the unicorn while it’s going round, that person will fall in love with you.
I live in Maryland and I’ve heard about the story ever since I was born. I’ve never tried it before, well, perhaps I’ll never do it. I just can’t think of any reasons to believe in myths like that. It’s just plain stupid.

"What? What will happen after whispering the name for three times?" Casper asked.
I didn’t want to tell him because I thought it was unnecessary.

I met Casper few months ago in Philadelphia. I had a gap year and was sent there to attend a photography training course.
He was the kind of boy that could disappoint you in just three seconds. Maybe he didn’t realize it, but still.
He asked me to prom last week. I was astonished. There were so many girls – gorgeous girls, at school that he didn’t ask to prom, instead he requested me to go. I didn’t want to keep myself guessing so I asked him why he did that.
He shrugged, “So we can spend more time talking about the project. Next week is the deadline.”
Oh. Of course.

The teacher paired us up and told us to work on nightlights.
If it wasn’t the project, I would not be where I was – Wonder Park. We drove 110 miles from Philadelphia to where I lived – Maryland.

It was crowded and there were about three hundred people lining up for the roller coaster ride. I wasn’t interested in any rides, especially for roller coasters, they made me sick. So instead of lining up in front of the roller coaster, I went for the ice-cream.
I always loved the cute music that ice-cream cars played. It reminded me of my childhood. “The music just makes you fall in love,” I said.
He thought about it for a while and replied, “It should be like polaroids.”
I didn’t know what he was referring to – the music or falling in love, “Why?” I asked.
“Instant,” he said softly, looking at his feet.

Sometimes he liked to make fun of me, but I didn’t think any of his jokes were funny. He liked to point at everybody that was in his sight and said they were me. There was this one time after he’d seen a movie. He came back to school and told me that he really liked it. “Why?” I asked curiously. It was supposed to be the most boring movie that has ever been produced – according to Jane, my best friend.
“You were everywhere in the movie,” he laughed.
I hated him.

I leaned against the fence next to the so-called “Legendary Merry-Go-Round” and ate my ice-cream. There were like, ten billion people lining up for the merry-go-round? I glared at the machine. It was colorful and small. There was only one horse on the platform, galloping. I looked closer and found out that it wasn’t a horse at all; it was a unicorn.
“That person will fall in love with you,” I mumbled.
“What?” he looked at me, completely confused and frowned.
“If you whisper the name of the person you love,” I turned to him.
“You seem fascinated. Want a ride?” he raised one eyebrow.
“No thanks,” I finished my ice-cream.
“Because it makes you dizzy?” He laughed.
That, was sarcastic.
“What? No!” I slightly yelled.
“Well, aren’t you going to say my name?” He grinned.
His lips were so seductive and irresistible that I wanted to kiss him then, but I knew he was just making fun of me, because well, I’m not the only girl on earth. Like I said, he didn’t lack any girls.
I rolled my eyes.
I hated him even more.
“Come on, it’s the last ticket,” he said.
I hesitated and took the ticket that he was holding right in front of my face.
“I do it because of the tickets,” I said coldly.
I could see him fighting so hard to hide that smile that the corners of his mouth were lowered.

The platform started operating. I was going round and round and round in circles.
At that moment, everything was so beautiful that I melted inside. The world was spinning from the lights; yellow, blue, green…
It was so magical that I almost thought I was in a dream.
“Casper,” I whispered.
His name came out of my mouth uncontrollably.
One. I counted.
The sound of xylophone was wonderful. It was candy-coated; as sweet as honey. My nerves were soothed.
I didn’t want to leave. All I wanted to do was to stay there.
“Casper,” I murmured.
I gripped the handle tightly. It was yellow and red, like fire but mild.
I lifted my head and gazed at the ceiling – white and blue, until I was vertiginous.
I closed my eyes and smiled. I grabbed hold of the unicorn’s horn and my hands were sweaty.
Breezes brushed through my hair and gently touching my skin.
I couldn’t hear myself but I felt my lips moving.


The author's comments:
I was drawing a merry-go-round and this story popped up in my mind.

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on Apr. 29 2010 at 9:21 am
dianepoon PLATINUM, Hong Kong, Other
27 articles 0 photos 22 comments
awww thanks<3

KellyR GOLD said...
on Apr. 28 2010 at 4:24 pm
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