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Just Friends

May 31, 2010
By sidneynicole BRONZE, McKinney, Texas
sidneynicole BRONZE, McKinney, Texas
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I looked down at my belly, thinking how I could have let this happen to me. Ryan and I just had a fling one time, I sighed I could only tell one person, but not Ryan though. Not even Brittany, my best friend since junior high, she had a big mouth always told what any one told her. I love her, but sometimes it’s just best to don’t tell her major stuff.

My mother would probably die right then and there, no lie. And I doubt she’ll tell my dad if I tell her. I sigh, on the verge of tears. Devin pops into my mind then, my other best friend. I could tell him anything. I smiled a little bit, then washed my face and threw away the pregnancy test stick, and walked out the bathroom door.

I grabbed my cell and I called Devin up, he answered right away. “Hello it’s me,” I say. He says hey back and I tell him if I can come it’s an emergency. “Okay no problem, should I bake my special sugar cookies?” I smile at that and say yes. Then I hang up and walk to my front door to his house.

I walked down the hall to his room just like his mom said he would be. I knocked and opened the door slightly. Devin smiled when he saw me, the plate of cookies already lying down on his bed. I took a whiff of them, they smelled so good. Whenever I had a breakdown he made those cookies, which always made my day. I have no idea ho I’m going to tell devil this. I felt sick to my stomach just thinking about it, or maybe it is just part of being pregnant.

When I looked at Devin again I really looked at him, like I was seeing him for the first time. His hazel eyes that always brightened my day and his honey brown skin always glowing, oh and his lips looked so soft... I snapped out of it. What was I thinking? I sit next to Devin on his bed and reach for a cookie.

“So whats the emergency?” he asks me while he nibbles on a cookie too. I keep chewing, tears started to form at the corners of my eyes. “Arianna,” he whispers. “Whats wrong? Tell me.” I told him everything between my sobs. “I can’t believe I did this, I’m so stupid. You and Brittany told me he was using me. How could I have been so stupid?”

Devin looks at me his eyes fixin’ to pop out of his head. “You’re pregnant?” I guess he couldn’t grasp that fact yet. I looked at him miserably. He recovered himself and pulled me into him setting the cookies aside.

“Oh my God Arianna… you can get through this. You have Brittany, your mom, my mom of course… and me. I’ll always be there for you. Always.” He says the last part softly. Then it’s quiet. I rest my head on his chest trying to pull myself together. I close my eyes; I could stay like this forever. After a few more moments we hear his mom pass by, so I get up embarrassed. Devin and I have never been that touchy before. His face is flushed, and I’m guessing mine is too. He takes my hand and squeezes it; I smile and take another cookie. “What are you thinking about?” I ask.

“How I could’ve let Ryan get to you like that. I could kill that jerk right now.” I laugh and reach for another cookie, they are really good. But Devin moves the plate away from me. “Umm excuse me,” I say reaching for them again. “Now calm down the rest are mine. You had like five, I’ve only that one.”

“Well boohoo for you. You made them for me remember?” I say smiling. He gets up with the cookies; he’s smiling that crooked smile. I follow him my craving for those cookies on a high. Devin dodges back on his bed away from me. Somehow some way I have him pinned down on his back with him smiling up at me. I laugh, my troubles slipping my mind. My long black curly hair falls out my loose ponytail, strands of hair touching his face. “Now give me the cookies,” I say giggling. He chuckles the he looks straight at me in the eyes. His smile fades away, his face suddenly serious. He pushes a strand of my hair behind my ear, and all I think is how typical. But then his soft lips touch my own. The kiss becomes more intense, I can feel my heart pounding, and the heat of our bodies bouncing back and forth each other. I open my eyes, thinking this isn’t right, but some part of me wants to keep going. I don’t even look at him when I make myself leave his room.

“Arianna,” he says quietly as he follows me down the stairs. When I reach the front door I turn and face him, “I can’t handle this.” The tears build up again, and my hand flies to my stomach. He looks down at my stomach too. “I can handle it Arianna. I’ll help you just please-” but I put my hand up to stop him form saying anything. “I can’t Devin.” Then I walk out. He’s right behind me but doesn’t follow me down the front steps.

Were just friends, I tell myself over and over again. He’s just confused at the moment, I think. Because were just friends that’s all, but on my way home my mind keeps replaying the kiss. I can’t lie to myself. Devin and I had a connection. Maybe were more than just friends.

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on Jun. 29 2010 at 12:58 pm
Summerlove BRONZE, Stevensville, Maryland
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This is so sweet:)