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Say Goodbye to Normal: Rememberance

July 1, 2010
By Emilia901 GOLD, Moreno Valley, California
Emilia901 GOLD, Moreno Valley, California
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"Emi dear,please open the door." My mom's been pleading that same line for almost an hour now."Emi please! You can't stay in your room forever," she says with a final sigh. I listen intently as she finally walks away from my bedroom door.

After a moment or so I get off of my small blue/green flowered bed and walk over to my door.Cautiously I peek under the door into the hallway to make sure that my mother is really gone. She is, and I'm relieved. I slump to the floor and peer around my room. It's ridiculous how small it is, but I like it. We live in an average 2 bedroom apartment in San Diego.There's no air conditioning so all of the doors and windows are always opened.We're not allowed any pets, there's not internet, and we have no yard where I can run around in. It's pretty suckish but I deal. The one thing I do like about our apartment is that I have a balcony.

My mom and I moved here about 2 years ago. I was only 14 then, and my mom was like 40 something ( or so I thought ). She knew how upset I was about the sudden move so she allowed me to choose my own room and decorate it however I wanted. Of course I chose the one with the balcony. After a long trip at Walmart I finally had had all the necessary ingredients needed to decorate. I had bought glow in the dark stars for my ceiling, blue and green bedsheets for my bed, a green and blue dresser, various anime DVDs and manga, a few Chris Brown posters and one small used tv set ( which was surprisingly in good condition). It took only one day to get my room just the way I wanted.

Now I sit here looking at my same room two years later. It's not that much different from how it was back then. My bed's still the same, the tv set is still well kept and functional, and my anime & manga collection has expanded some. However, I did replace my Chris Brown posters with ones of other people like Justin Beiber and Drake. (XD) A single tear managed to escape my eye and drop down my cheek. I touched my cheek and discovered that I was crying! For the first time in over a year I was actually crying! Frantically I tried to wipe the tears off my face, but the effort was futile. So I just sat there and cried. I cried until I finally fell asleep. Even in my sleep I still cried.

It was almost 9pm when I woke up. I realized then that I had been holding my pee since this morning and I really had to go. Without thinking I opened my door and walked to the bathroom (which was right next door). I washed my hands and before I could even open the door my mom barged in and put me in a headlock.

"Aha! I knew you would have to go sooner or later. I just had to wait you out. " **What the hell is wrong with this woman!?** I struggled to release myself from her grip," Mom what the fuh let go! This isn't funny."
" Well neither is the fact that your own daughter stops speaking to you and locks herself in her own room!" While maintaining her strong grip she pushes me out of the bathroom and towards the kitchen. She sits me down in the nearest wooden chair and gives me a stern look as if to say "Don't move!" . She sat down across and looked me in the eye. " OK, now that I have your full and un- divided attention... Emilia, what's going own with you? Talk to me I'm your mother."

**Sure, you're the mother who's relocating us to some foreign place without giving me a reason as to why!** I take a deep breath before beginning. " Why do we have to move?"
I watched my mother closely as she began to fidget with her fingers. " Well you like Japan don't you? You always say how you want to visit there someday and -"

"Mom that's not what I'm talking about and you know it! I never said I wanted to move to Japan. Jeez mom we just moved here two years ago! I've finally started to make friends, I like school and, and..." **Should I tell her?** I looked away from my mom's questioning gaze and looked at bare feet instead. "What is it honey?" she asked in a caring tone. **OK here it goes.** I looked her dead in the eyes and said, " Mom I have a boyfriend." I saw her shocked expression and decided to continue before she started lecturing me, " Look mom we've been going out for about 6 months now and I think I'm in love with him." It grew quiet in the room. My mom was the first to break the ice. " So what's his name? How old is he? Does he go to school with you? What does he look like? Where did you meet him?How -" I held my hands up pleadingly, " Mom mom slow down,one question at a time." We both suddenly burst out in giggles and smiled at each other. I reached out and patted her hand lightly," Let's talk about this in the morning. We move in two more days you know." A great joy rushed through me as she smiled and got up. "OK sweetheart. I'll see you in the morning and we'll start packing." I nodded my head in agreement as my mom walked away and went to bed.

**Well that wasn't so bad.** Slowly, I walked back to my own room. Before closing my eyes I took one last look at those glow in the dark stars I loved so much. They were old and some of them had fell down and gotten lost, but it still looked beautiful. I let one last tear drop before I drifted off to sleep.

**Goodbye normal, hello Tokyo...**

The author's comments:
This is the story about Emilia Lankmen. She's 16 and about to start a new life in a far off land called Tokyo, Japan. Stick with Emi as she discovers new friendships, romance, and even the secret her mother seems to be keeping from her.

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