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The Key to My Heart

August 9, 2010
By fallenangel18k BRONZE, New Ipswich, New Hampshire
fallenangel18k BRONZE, New Ipswich, New Hampshire
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"It takes your heart to love someone, But it takes your mind to know it's true." --- (ME)

Our hands laced together as we walk down the sandy beach. There was nothing but silence between us and all you could hear were the waves crashing upon the rocks. Your hand felt so right in mine and I never wanted to let go, it just fit so perfectly. We kept on walking and I kept on thinking about you and me together, about how much I love when your name pops up on my phone or when you leave those cute messages on my answering machine that’s talking about how beautiful I am. You always manage to make me smile even in the darkest of times. Our hands began to sweat but we both didn’t care because we never wanted this moment to end. Then you stopped walking, “What is it?” I ask. You answered me by placing your lips upon mine in a kiss so soft and tender. Your kisses always made my stomach feel all tingly and I loved that feeling. Your hand caressed my cheek as we kissed, our other hands still laced together. When the kiss ended I wanted more but didn’t push it. Then you looked into my eyes deeply like you were trying to find something. “I love you.” You say to me and suddenly I’m speechless but I managed to get the next four words out of my mouth. “I love you too.” I said with a smile and from that moment on I knew we would last forever no matter what got in our way.

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Saysh PLATINUM said...
on Aug. 16 2010 at 9:24 pm
Saysh PLATINUM, Brentwood, California
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awwww, so cute! loved it!!!! :) great description of feelings!