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Soul Sucker: 1

August 2, 2010
By TRXLaurana SILVER, Bakersfield, California
TRXLaurana SILVER, Bakersfield, California
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"Always expect the worse"

It wasn’t my fault I was. . .different. It wasn’t my fault I was born. . .made this way. I didn’t do anything to deserve this horrid punishment. I didn’t want to be here on this wretched planet called earth. It was there fault. I had protected myself. Defended myself, and I was put here. In this realm! Why, of all realms?! Well, I guess I should explain why I am. No. What I am. I am what some would know as a soul-sucker, but the race I am is called Druysids. Let me guess, you have never heard of it before? Yeah. Figures. This means you must be human. What?! I am not human! Oh look. My secret is out. I am not human. I am not even from this pitiful planet you like to call earth. I am from another realm, and you humans are held back in what we like to call majik. You guys used to be good at it! If I remember correctly. Oh yeah, just assuming you may like to know but I am seventeen thousand years old. As I was saying, you guys were good at it. I mean really, really good. You may have surpassed us with your skills, but not everyone was born with the ability to use majik. Those who couldn’t quickly got mad, and were so afraid of majik that they rid the world of it completely. So. . .now I was the only one with it. The thing is, when they banished me to this realm, it sort of. . .I don’t know. You could say locked up, and it really is starting to annoy me. All my energy is being held inside, and I have no majik to release it. Well anyways, as I said before I am a soul sucker. ‘What is a soul sucker?’ you ask. What is this?! Twenty questions! Well, I guess I must go on, considering you know everything else. By soul sucker I mean. . .as you may of already guess, I can suck the soul out of a living breathing body. It has happened before. When I was banished to earth, I went out of control, and let the monster inside me take over. It took so many peoples lives. They are still alive. . .yes, but not able to do anything, not able to feel or love, just sit and stare at the world passing them by. Now I bet your wondering about what I call ‘the monster inside me’. Druysids are made with a shadow in their- Well you couldn’t call it soul or heart just in them. Most are able to keep it under control, but people like me have to chain ourselves down every once a while to make sure no one gets hurt. That was the rule back in my realm, but now I am banished and obey none but myself. Yes this is my life now, and somehow I care enough to stay at my house during these times of over-shadowing. Now that this little conversation is over, I must go to school. Weird, huh? I am seventeen thousand years old, but in your realm I look like I am sixteen to eighteen years old, so I just say I am seventeen and go on with it.
I get up from my bed. Man! I hate school mornings! I like to sleep, but not for the reasons most do. I like to sleep because it maybe, just might give me a connection to anything majik. Sleeping helps me intercept dreams, and if those dreams have some of the humans majik lingering, it is possible that I may gather it up and use it. Maybe then high school wouldn’t be so horrible. In a minute I am dressed in a black top, and grey skinny jeans. No makeup. I hate makeup. I have learned a lot about dressing in this world. In my old realm we didn’t really have a form, we were mist. The mist helped majik flow more freely. I stare at myself in the mirror. My long dark hair almost touches my hips. It grows at an alarming rate, and I just figure it is a side effect of not being human. I sigh, another crappy day at this God forbidden school, in this God forbidden world. I walk out the front door without saying bye to my parents. They aren’t really my parents. They are just who I was placed with, and they seem to wonder what happened to their sweet little girl! To make it easy for you, she was probably thrown in a black hole or something. I must say I am jealous of her, at least she doesn’t have to live here. I walk out the front door without breakfast, because I don’t eat human food. “Maybe the monster just wants food, that’s why it looks for souls,” I think to myself. Ha. Funny. I walk down to the bus stop. My car was currently at a shop being repaired, after a small overshadowing which caused me to drive into a tree. I can’t say I take the overshadowing seriously. As long as I am by myself I am okay, and can’t harm anyone. I see a few other kids at the bus stop. A couple band geeks, like three average people, a few goth/emo kids. Looking at me you would think I belonged to that last group, but you would be wrong. My school has these. . .let’s call them clans. I seemed to be one of my own in the very first period on my very first day. Wasn’t that great? The bus pulled up, and as I walked to the door everyone cleared way. It was great being feared. I smiled grimly to myself. I sit in the back of the bus where no one else dares to sit, afraid I’ll bite them or something. All I can do is look out the window, and watch the trees and houses fly by. Honestly I like the scenery here. I lived in Midwest, Oklahoma so everything was green and there were a lot of trees. The bus jerked forward as we reached the next stop. I continued to look out the window as the other people got on, then felt everyone’s breath stop. “What now?” I think. I look up and see a guy, but that isn’t what bothers me. He has just crossed the, beware freakish creature line three seats ahead from me, and sits in the seat across from me. What the heck was wrong with this dude?! I seemed to emit a low growl from my throat, and I didn’t mean for him to hear , but unfortunately he did. He turned around to look at me, and I was startled at what I saw. Green eyes. That wasn’t what startled me, what did was the flecks of majik in them! Majik. . . Something I hadn’t had in forever. I could now smell it, feel it, taste it. I breathed it in, letting myself absorb it. It was like a drug, something I was addicted to. I knew right there, I had just found a power source.
The bus lurched to a stop, and I stepped out and onto campus. I pulled myself from the magic, and I walked towards the school building. My first period and advisory class was biology, which wasn’t the worst. I got to learn about earth creature’s anatomy, and the teacher left me alone. I was around the corner of my class when I wass surrounded. I know what you are thinking. How the heck are you surrounded at high school? Well that is the thing, high school. I was now surrounded by what you would call the ’popular’ clan. Correction, Klan. A blonde one stepped out of the crowd. She was wearing all green, her shimmering sandals clacked as she walked over to me. “The serpent,” I immediately thought.
“We heard there is a new guy,” she said.
“Why yes you are correct,” I replied, in an mockingly sweet tone.
“And you sat with him?” she asked me, not blinking.
So snake like! “Ahh, you have misheard this tale. He sat next to me,” I said.
“Listen freak!” she said, now mad. “You’re an outcast.”
“Yes, yes I already knew this. Any other news? I actually would like to know what the weather is,” I say. She looked like I slapped her. Ha! The girl who has never smiled, never talked, hated human civilization, back talking her?! Oh my God! The world is going to end!
She recollected herself, and started speaking again, “Outcasts, such as yourself, are not to be seen anywhere near someone like him unless we know he is not one of us,” she said, now in my face.
I knew a crowd was building, so I figured I would just end ths now. The monster inside me was clawing, trying to get out. I could feel it thinking about how her petty soul would taste. I quickly forced all but some down, and knew my eyes had changed when I started seeing in ultra-violet. They were now a deep shade of red, and only she could see it, seeing as she was in my face and all. “Listen darling,” I whispered, “I don’t care,” I say, as I feel my eyes revert to normal.
She jumps back, as if I had a disease or something, “What are you?” she practically spits out.
“Your end and the beginning,” I say quietly, then turn around, and walk out on this madness.

The author's comments:
This may not seem like an romance at first, but in other parts it will be.

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Bubbles said...
on Aug. 18 2010 at 4:11 am
Wow. That is really good and quite intense. You should continue writing, I wanna know what happens next.