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August 16, 2010
By ilove2read124 GOLD, Dix Hills, New York
ilove2read124 GOLD, Dix Hills, New York
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He starts pacing, back and forth, trying to think of something to make me believe him. He looks up into my face and he lights up with an idea. He grins. I'm a little afraid now; I remember his notorious, perverted ways. He takes a step forward and grins as he says, “I know.” I follow to where his gaze is, and I realize its on my lips. Oh, no. I think I have an idea what he's gonna do. I open my mouth to protest, starting to say, “Vl-”

That's all I manage to get out before I'm cut off, as he snakes one arm around my waist and one holds the back of my head, pushing it closer to his. He puts his mouth on mine and he kisses me. His lips are warm, and a little moist, and perfectly curve to mine. He pulls me closer and his grip changes from keeping me from pulling back, to stroking my hair. My arms were useless, hanging there at my sides then I slide them up around his neck and interlock my fingers. I play with the ends of his hair that brush his neck. It starts out slow and tender and ends hot and deep. At first I'm astonished, but it feels good so I close my eyes. Time stops, and it seems like there is only me and him on the entire Earth, and I start to enjoy it, but then I remember. He broke my heart, and didn't even explain. I get angry again at him for leaving me, and I push him off.

I'm breathing hard, but I'm just as angry as I say, “Stop! Don't think you can kiss me and everything will be okay.”

His eyes are filled with hurt and confusion as he says, “But, wait what?”

And I slap him. The slap rings in the quiet auditorium, and my hand immediately starts stinging at my side, but I'm oblivious to it because of my adrenaline rush. He puts his hands up to his face, as it starts turning red.

He gets angry and says, “What the hell was that for?!”

But now I'm angry, and there's no going back. I'm brash as I say, “For being an idiot! Besides, don't you already have a girlfriend?” And I point to the girl behind him whose big eyes are filled with questioning.

Vlad is momentarily distracted, confused, he says, “Who?” And he turns around, and he looks at the girl. “Her?”He laughs. He actually laughs at me, standing there, and as he quiets down, he says, “No, that's October.”

Well, isn't this night filled with surprises? And I'm completely blown away, before I can shut up, my mouth blurts out, “No!” I mentally slap myself for being out of hand.

He says,” Umm, yeah.” Then I realize.

It is Toby, no wonder she looked like Kim in 7th grade. Wow she really is a mini-Kim. She steps forward and says timidly, “Hi, Aunt Lett.”

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part 5 =]

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