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In His Arms

August 20, 2010
By BaileyBelle SILVER, Wiley, Colorado
BaileyBelle SILVER, Wiley, Colorado
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It was as if he was here again, here with me. As if he still had that look in his eyes, that look like he was in love with me, like I was the only person he wanted to be with, the only one he loved. I went up to him, his arms waiting to wrap around my body and pull it to his where it had fit perfectly it seemed. And we stayed there for what seemed like forever. I breathed the scent I hand longed to smell for as long as he was gone. When he pulled away he reached down and grabbed my hand and we laid in be. We only laid there staring into each others eyes. We didn’t need to speak for we could understand each other without words. We didn’t need to be having sex because when we were together we already knew our love for one another, we didn’t need to show it with something that could wait until we were ready to share our love with our own child. We were so deeply in love until it ended. It wasn’t either of our choice, only my parents. So now when I see him I still get butterflies, but when I look in his eyes there is only one place I would rather be, in his arms.

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