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forbbiden feelings

September 18, 2010
By unlike-azazual SILVER, Navarre, Florida
unlike-azazual SILVER, Navarre, Florida
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all of a sudden a distant voice became lound and when i was conviced it was the devils tounge cerassing my ear it turned out to be the musical voice of an angel.

She gazed upon the eyes of which she loved, sorrow she felt none, the feeling melted alongside her heart, time seemed to have stopped and motion looked as if it was never going to take place.
Paralyzed just stuck in time, trapped by the one she loved, but not the bad kind of trapped……….
“This should be illegal” she thought, this staring contest is killing her with pleasure and is only making her heart beat faster. “As death draws near” a sudden thought came to mind. Someone could have mortally wounded her, while her blood could be flowing into a puddle on the cement and she still would not have noticed, but as fast as time comes, time goes and the beautiful locked gaze was broken by a sense of urgency.

A kiss, the simple feeling of his lips upon hers was all he wanted, the feeling of her face inches, centimeters, even millimeters away from his. He wanted to know what is would feel like to have all the beauty and love he could ever want at the end of his soft lips……. (He then realized that he would never have another need because he had her) and this love that he was feeling made his mind soar to the sky, and nausea began to take over….. His slowly became aware of the environment around him and he was only drawn to the beauty of her, the fragrance that emerged from her silk skin, the soft touch of her lips upon his, her thin hair that she wore so long brushing across his face. He felt he was truly in a heaven like no other, as he was falling in an embrace of an enchanted flame full of nothing but adoration.

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i wrote it awile ago.

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