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The One Thing To Say

October 13, 2010
By classngrl BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
classngrl BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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the sun also shines on the wicked.

-lucius Seneca

I walk down the hall. I feel their stares. I know they hate me. I just wish I knew why. I go to my classroom. I sit at my lab table alone because no one wants to sit by me. They hate me. Then the door opens. I look up to see a boy. He is standing in the door. Hes got eyes that light up when he smiles and that smile. o that smile. This boys smile could make anyone else smile too. The teacher tells him to take aa seat. Theres only one seat empty. The seat by me. He smiles as he sits down. He seems friendly. But I know better. They'll tell him. Soon he'll know. He'll know to stay away. Even if he, like myself, does not know why, he will hate me too. Just like they all do.
But now its been months. Three to be exact. And he hasnt changed his mind. Ive watched them try. I see them tell him to run while he can. But still he stays. My only friend.
We stay together. Friends through it all. We are a team. No matter what the others are saying.
And then he does the impossible. He says the thing I thought no one ever would. The ipossible thing I knew no one who ever could. Say this to me. "I love you." Those are the words he says to me. And I know then that he is real. All the time I wondered if he was a dream or a fantasy I was making up to carry on. I know then. He saved me. And I whisper back. "I love you, too."

The author's comments:
Wow. I finally finished a story! Ive started many but I didnt know how to finish. hope this one is good enough!

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