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Dear Beloved

December 12, 2010
By audreynikoletto GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
audreynikoletto GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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Dear Beloved,

Four years and a hundred-eighty-five days since the stretch of concrete miles cruelly separated us. Two months since your soft lips have gently kissed mine. Thirty seven days since your strong arms tightly wound around my waist. Three days since I last heard your voice at the other end of the receiver.

The distance that lies between us pierces a giant hole in the center of my heart. Agony diminished any remnants of comfort. Tears replaced laughter. Unity substituted by farewells.

Your presence emerged a newfound sense of remarkableness, now interrupted by the reality of my ordinariness in the eyes of rest of the world. I miss the way your fingers tangled the strands of my hair. The way your left dimple deepened when you smiled. The way you tenderly caressed my face. The faint smell of your Lacoste Pour Homme cologne.

I remember the first time I met you. September 28, 2004 at Macy’s Coffee Shop in Flagstaff, Arizona. Forbes Travel Guide listed Macy’s as one of the best places to experience “Arabica hard bean varieties of Grade 1, organic and estate coffee prepared to European standards.” I ordered a hot soy cappuccino along with a pesto chicken sandwich. Framed by the top of a metal counter and a square opening in the brick wall, your face peeked through. I took in everything: the tuffs of blond hair poking out from underneath your black cap, the startling brightness of your hazel eyes, the defined veins imprinted upon your golden forearms, the light fuzz above your lip, the radiant smile you flashed me when I thanked you.

This simple visit to an antique coffee shop led me to a man of intelligence, integrity, honesty, and consideration. Destiny brought us together.

Love Always,

Audrey Nikoletto

The author's comments:
We have all felt something so potent, so strong, that we will never forget that fleeting moment in time. That astounding emotion that overwhelmed us. This piece represents one of the many moments that may seize and capture us.

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