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Sidewalk Game

January 1, 2011
By KaylynVictoria SILVER, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
KaylynVictoria SILVER, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
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I was playing a game that was a favorite to five year olds, yet I was fifteen. I was playing on the sidewalk with my best friend, hoping you would finally notice me. The slab of concret was directly in front of your house. I hope you would think of it as an act of nature that I chose that place to play a childish game. Every few seconds, I would look at your window. Like clock work, you were looking at me every time I turned my head. Then you disappered. My heart sank and swam back up as you walked out that door and came join my friend and I. At first, you stayed your distace and just watched. Then, taking a risk in life, you threw a rock, which landed by mine. You looked at me and said, " You wanna walk with me?" I nodded as we walked around the neighborhood. It was dusk and we lost count of how many steps we took, by the time we walked up my front steps. We stared at each other, taking it all in. I caught myself in the thought of love. Then you came closer and closer, until I could feel your breath against my skin. I looked up just as you toke a risk in life. Our lips found each other and at the moment I felt my butterflies instantly go away. So perfect, I thought. "Night," you said under your breath, jut loud enough for me hear and I repeated it back. I floated into my room and looked out the window and across the street, I saw you playing a game that was a favorite to five year olds, yet you were fifteen.

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