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Dear Cooper

February 25, 2011
By JustKeepFalling GOLD, Byron, New York
JustKeepFalling GOLD, Byron, New York
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Dear Cooper,
2nd grade.
That's where we met. It was the middle of show-n-tell and you walked him with your dad. Your were so cute, you didn't know any of us in our little class of 5. But you looked at me, and you looked so familiar.
We became best friends. You said you thought you knew me and I said the same. Our dads worked together. I still remember that Night when you called me when I lived in Elba. I was Folding clothes and you called to talk to me because we switched numbers. I said you could call anytime. I meant it.
Then the school closed after 3rd grade. We both moved on.
When your sister said hi to me at the Young Americans, it was like, oh gosh I can't even explain the joy. But what made me even happier was when I saw you, at the preformance. You were about my height, I was always taller. I got your number, from your sister. We texted each other everyday. We said how we would be best friends forever and nothing could break that.
I remember telling you about my birthday. You asked what I wanted and said you would get me anything. I said "What about and ostrich?". Then you said if "If I could get you one I would lol". You honestly don't know how much you saying that meant to me.
I saw you at a basketball game against my school. You were so tall and beautiful. I couldn't belive it was you, but I did when you checked your phone after I texted you.
I saw you again. I was picking up pizza at Fullers and you walked in. You wore your baseball uniform and were probably a foot taller then me. Guess you won that game, huh? That was the last time I saw you.
Then one day I heard you were moving. I got the full story... about your sister. I heard how you didn't want to leave. Goodness hon, I didn't want you to leave either. I knew I was probably going to lose you.
I'm writing this to tell you that I love you. Your still my Best Friend and will always be, well on the boy side anyways.:) If you happen to read this, anytime at all, then you know the truth. I miss you so much and I wish you would talk to me. Even if you just texted me Hi, I would remember it forever. I'll always be here and I hope I find you someday, I'll hunt you down:)
I Love You So Much And You Know It!
Your Saint Anthony's Girl

The author's comments:
This Is An Honest To God True Peice. I Wrote It About My Best Friend And I Hope He Finds It Someday. I put I football for the picture because I knew he played football and as far as I could tell he loved it. I'm Gonns Find You...

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