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The Infamous CD

April 2, 2011
By fromtheashes GOLD, ~~~~~, Montana
fromtheashes GOLD, ~~~~~, Montana
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Jessica’s Dad

[Opens at a Music Store with Jessica looking around at CD’s when Chase comes in]
Chase: (Sees Jessica when he walks in and stealthy walks over to her.)
Jessica: (Sees Chase when she looks up and quickly looks back down at CD’s.)
Chase: (Is finally next to Jessica and looking at CD’s. He goes to grab one and she coincidentally goes for the same one.)
Jessica: (She gasps. They both pull hands back quickly and look at one another.)
Chase: I-I’m sorry, go ahead, have it.
Jessica: Are you sure? It’s the last one.
Chase: I’m positive. So, its Jessica isn’t it?
Jessica: Yea, Chase right?
Chase: (put’s his head down) Yea, that would be me.
Jessica: That’s what I thought. So what do you think of that assignment Mrs. Andrews assigned us?
Chase: That 4 page report on anything we want as long as it’s in the time period of 1700 and 1800?
Jessica: Yea, that one.
Chase: Uh, I don’t know. History’s not really my thing. I have no idea what I’m going to do.
Jessica: Oh? Well, I’m pretty good at History, I guess. I could help you if you wanted.
Chase: (Is overjoyed by this.) Really? You’d do that?
Jessica: Of course. I already have mine done.
Chase: (Is taken back.) Seriously? She just gave that to us like, today. This afternoon.
Jessica: I know. I knew what I wanted to do when she assigned it. After school I went home and did it.
Chase: Wow. Well when should we do it? Want me to come over? Or you could come over? Or we could go to the library or something. Whatever you wanted.
Jessica: Hmm, let’s see. I’m free the rest of the day. Want to come over in a few hours?
Chase: (Is over ecstatic and doesn’t know if he can talk.)
Jessica: Chase?
Chase: Oh sorry, spaced out. Yea I could come over.
Jessica: Great, uhm, you know where I live?
Chase: Of course I do. It’s about 10 minutes from the school. You go out the entrance doors and take a left. You keep walking on the sidewalk until you get to a house the color of a robin’s egg.
Jessica: (Is surprised. Really surprised.) How do you know that?
Chase: Uhm, (tries to think of something so he doesn’t sound all stalker-ish) I don’t know, lucky guess?
Jessica: (Looks at him a little weird.) Sure, well come over at about, oh let’s say, (Grabs her phone and looks at the time.) 6?
Chase: Great, that’d work. I’ll be there.
Jessica. . Well, I’ve got to go. Uh, maybe I’ll let you borrow this sometime. Maybe tonight when you come over. (Holds up CD and waves it slightly.)
Chase: Yea, that’d be cool. Well, I’ll see you tonight at 6.
Jessica: Yea, I’ll see you then. (She walks to the counter and pays for the CD and leaves.)

[Scene closes with Chase just starting at the door Jessica just walked out of. He couldn’t stop thinking of tonight and whether he was going to tell her or not. This would be the perfect opportunity.]

[Next scene opens with Chase standing outside Jessica’s house. He’s trying to bring his hand up to ring the bell.]
Chase: (He’s talking to himself.) This is not a date. This is not a date. This is not a date. All’s you’re doing is getting help with something for school. This is not a date. (He finally brings up his hand and rings the bell. He looks at his phone, 6 o’clock on the dot.)
(The door opens and a man is standing there looking at Chase and then Jessica appears behind him.)
Jessica: Hey Chase. (says to her dad) Daddy, this is Chase, Chase this is my dad. We are going to go study in my room.
Jessica’s dad: In your room? By your self’s? With the door open?
Jessica: Yes dad, in my room, by our self’s. And no, with the door shut. And with you nowhere near. OK?
Jessica’s dad: All right. But I want you on your bed. (Looks at Chase) And you are sitting on a chair at her desk.
Chase: Yes sir.
Jessica: Come in already, it’s freezing out there.
(Chase walks in and follows Jessica to her room. He tries to ignore the glares coming from her father as he walks past him. They’re finally in her room and he goes to sit at her desk while she shuts the door.)
Jessica: Sorry about that. My dad’s a little over protective when it comes to guys. So shall we start? Oh and you don’t have to sit there. (She laughs) Bring the chair over here to the end of my bed.
Chase: He won’t try and kill me if he comes in and I’m not at the desk, will he?
Jessica: (She laughs again) Of course he won’t. Besides, I locked my door. There’s no way he can get in here.
Chase: Ok then. (picks up the chair and sets it at the end of her bed and sits in it.)
Jessica: So, do you have any idea what you want to do?
Chase: Like what?
Jessica: I meant for the assignment…
Chase: Oh yea, I knew that. Uhm, not really. I don’t have any idea.
Jessica: Oh, well that’s ok. We’ll think of something. Can you hand me my laptop? It’s right there on the desk over there.
Chase: Sure. (Grabs her laptop and hands it to her) Here you go.
Jessica: Thanks. So, let’s search something.
Chase: (looks around while she types.)
Jessica: Ok, well, there’s a fair few things. Here are a few; Boston Tea Party, American Revolution, French and Indian War, When the Declaration of Independence was signed, and when George Washing became the first President. Choose one.
Chase: Ok, uhm. How about the Boston Tea Party? That seems like a good one.
Jessica: Yea it does.
Chase: What did you do?
Jessica: Huh? Oh, I choose the French Revolution. So, do you need help with anything else?
Chase: No, I think I can type this up and search it when I get home. I actually could have without help but I liked coming over.
Jessica: Oh. (Looks around trying to think of something to say) I see. Well, want to do something, or did you want to go?
Chase: Well I did need help with something else.
Jessica: Ok, what is it?
Chase: Well I have this friend who likes this girl but he doesn’t know if she likes him and is afraid to tell her he likes her.
Jessica: Mhm. And you need my help with this?
Chase: Well, yea kind of. He asked me but I don’t know what to tell him.
Jessica: Well, does she talk like she likes him? Invites him over to her house?
Chase: (She’s talking about me! No she’s not. She’s just asking! But is she suggesting that she likes me? Oh god.) Yea, I think so.
Jessica: Well, a girl isn’t just going to invite a guy over to her house if she doesn’t like him. I suggest that he asks her anyways. Maybe she’ll like him in return. Who knows?
Chase: Yea, I’ll tell him that. Thanks.
Jessica: Chase.
Chase: Yea?
Jessica: Just say it already.
Chase: Say what? Huh, what are you talking about?
Jessica: Oh, don’t act like you don’t know. You know perfectly well what I’m talking about.
Chase: Well, well, uhm. Uh, I kind of like you.
Jessica: Do you now?
Chase: Kind of, but I don’t think you feel the same so I’ll just go. (He gets up from the chair and walks to the door.)
Jessica: (Grabs his arm and pulls him to her.) You never gave me a chance to tell you.
Chase: Tell me then.
Jessica: (Doesn’t say anything instead she kisses him) Is that enough for you to know?
Chase: I think so.
Jessica: I hope so. I was wondering when you were going to tell me.
(There’s a knock at the door and the both jump and sit down where they were originally.)
Jessica’s dad: I don’t hear studying in there you two. (Turns the door knob) And hey, unlock this door right now.
Jessica: (Gives a guilty look to Chase and gets up to unlock the door.) Hi daddy. We’re studying. We actually just finished. He needed help with History. That essay Mrs. Anderson assigned us. He was just getting ready to leave.
Chase: Yea, I was. (He gets up and heads toward the door. Jessica’s dad moves out of the way so he can leave.)
Jessica: (Follows him out to the front door and give him a piece of paper.) Here. It’s my cell number. (She looks and sees her dad behind her.) In case you needed any more help with the Boston Tea Party.
Chase: Yea, I probably will. I’ll call you later if I do.
Jessica: OK, well I’ll see you later then.

[Scene closes with Chase walking out the door and Jessica watching him.]

[Scene opens with Chase and Jessica walking in a hall at school holding hands.]
Chase: Well, I’ll see you after class then.
Jessica: Yep, see you then. (Gives a quick kiss to Chase on the cheek and walks off.)

[Scene closes with Chase watching her and smiling as she walks away.]

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I wrote this for Creative Writing and loved it! Please rate and comment! (:

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