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Ride of Vengeance

May 13, 2011
By cdmswimmer9 GOLD, Costa Mesa, California
cdmswimmer9 GOLD, Costa Mesa, California
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The world turned, it turned into a sadistic merry go round that refused to stop.

It spun and spun and I felt as if I was seeing purple. The purple of the key in my hand, the special purple key that I made her.

I looked at the tiny thing as it lay in my hand and then something overtook me and I smashed it with all the strength I had in me.
When I unclasped my sweaty palm, I found the glistening key unharmed, purple as ever.

My whole body shook as I carried the little devil inside. It was a symbol of our love, now it was a symbol of her unwarranted liaisons.

I found the frame sitting on my shelf; it shook in my hand as I picked it up.

I cradled the delicate item as I took it to the table.
There it became the victim of my pain.

I threw the hinges open and grabbed the glossy picture inside.
Mary and Adam’s Wedding.
Her face shone up at me, her arms encircling my shoulders and the stupid callow look on mine.

I ripped it right down the middle, saving the half that contained me and trashing the other.

I then placed the little purple key inside right next to the half picture of me.

After locking it shut I replaced the frame to its original position.

I stood back and admired my handiwork, a mischievous smile spreading across my face.

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