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I Didn't Think I Needed You

July 3, 2011
By iStorm GOLD, Anonymous, Other
iStorm GOLD, Anonymous, Other
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You can't change your past, but you can change your future.

Love- an affectionate feeling for someone or something.

I never dreamed of ever loving another soul in the entire universe. Not a family love, but a burning passion, a yearning to hold the body of my beloved so close to my own. To want nothing else in the world except the pulsing of another frantic heart against my fragile pale skin. Not wishing to dream of our lips perfectly synchronized brushing against and across each other or my feeble attempts to match my beloved’s movements, which glided smoothly over my clumsy gloss- covered lips. Our tongues rolling twisting together as we became as intertwined as possible. Our bodies burning to ashes in the flames of passion as we twirled simultaneously in perfect harmony, always craving the ability to hold each other closer.

Strangely I did not want this. To ever be so close to another human’s body or feel the unnerving need to place my lips against someone else’s. In my mind it all seemed so wrong to ever want that. To crave that burning passion like so many other humans did. Many thought the feeling of being so unconditionally in love that you would risk your own life for your beloved, was cute, beautiful even. Unlike so many the thought was absolutely repulsive to me, like any food I had eaten in the last twenty-four hours was going to spill out of my pursed lips at any second.

“Love is an inescapable part of being human” mother had once told me. It seemed I had skipped that part and moved right along in life. At least that’s what I thought until I fell unreservedly in love with the boy. His shaggy black hair, perfect smile, and his beautiful ocean blue irises, that were forever etched into my soul, were what pulled me in, made me love him the way I did.

I loved him and he loved me. It was the same old boy girl love story. How we met that was an entirely different story.

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I want People to feel something when they read my work.

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LaceeJade GOLD said...
on Jan. 5 2012 at 10:29 pm
LaceeJade GOLD, Bucyrus, Ohio
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♥ I've made mistakes in my life. i've let people take advantage of me, and i accepted way less than i deserve. But, i've learned from my bad choices, and even though there are some things i can never get back and people who will never be sorry. i'll know better next time and i wont settle for anything less than i deserve. ♥

This was really deep, made me want to read more. Make a story out of it. I wanna know how you met. lol