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A Girl’s Guide to a Boy’s Head

July 21, 2011
By PlagueRat GOLD, Upton, Wirral, Other
PlagueRat GOLD, Upton, Wirral, Other
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Boys. A girl’s wildest dream, but also her worst nightmare. All we go through for them and they don’t even notice! The hours you spend sat with your friends trying to work out what ‘see you later’ or ‘I’ll call you’ really means. And once they’re done there’s always when does ‘later’ actually mean? A boy would have to travel far and wide to find a girl who hasn’t poked herself in the eye with a mascara brush getting ready for a date. This book is a step by step guide on how to survive those hair-tugging, heart-throbbing moments.

The Crush:

Aah, a crush. Everyone’s had one, whether it's on your B.B.M (Best Boy Mate), someone you know from a club or hobby, school mate, your fave celeb, actor, sports star or even a teacher. In most of these cases it's the fact that they're unattainable. The classic you want it just because you can’t have it. The best part of a crush is that most of the time it’s meaningless and no-one ever finds out. If your crush is serious and on someone realistic then here are some steps to help you bag your lad.

Stage 1 - Winning His Heart

You want this guy, now it's time to go get him!

1. Casually ask friends, neighbours and/or family members (his or yours) about him.
2. Watch him closely, but not like a creepy stalker, just to find out his habits, quirks and hobbies. Dig up as much info as possible.
3. If you don’t know him well, try to get to know him better but avoid getting to personal. Ask him questions about school, clubs and see what you have in common. If you are close then you can get more personal.
4. Laugh at his jokes and make him feel good about himself, more confident.
5. Once you’ve got to know him you can start getting flirty. As you already know boys don’t get the hint first time so be prepared to repeat at least three times.
6. Be confident yourself! Wear something that makes you feel as gorgeous as you really are.
7. Trust your heart; this is the most important rule of all. Your heart always knows best, so trust it.

The Love Bug:

Stage 2 – Keeping the Love Bug under Control

When you’re in love it feels impossible not to get swept up in the rush of it all. It is important to keep your feet firmly on the ground, and here are some top tips in keeping your head on your shoulders when it feels like it will fly off into the clouds of daydreams. So before you start doodling Mrs [insert your name] [insert his name] in your notebook and read these rules to cure a severe case of the love bug.

1. Keep in touch with your friends, have a girly night in at the very least once a fortnight.
2. Do different activities and hobbies to your bf. Don’t change your loves for him.
3. Keep a good relationship with your family.
4. Stay interested in life not just love.
5. He’s only a boy and is easily replaced. Remember this!
6. Take up a new hobby or skill; get rid of some of that spare time.
7. Think of ways to improve yourself. Better = More desirable!

The Maintenance:

Keeping That Boy

So he likes you and you like him. Easy peasy, right? NO! Finding love is hard but keeping it is ten times harder. Loads of couples break up but the select few that make it have something special, things could be serious or it could be a run of the mill school crush. So ask yourself is it true love? If you believe that it is then read these tips on how to keep that lad.

1. Keep it fresh and exciting.
2. Have a cosy night in.
3. Go out for a romantic night out.
4. Appreciate each other and every moment that you spend together.
5. Show him that you love him. Hand crafted cards and gifts are always a hit.

Gift Ideas:

1. Make him a play list of his fave tunes (if you’re a computer whiz).
2. Bake cakes or cookies for him (if you’re a good cook).
3. Knit him gloves, socks, a scarf or a hat (if you’re crafty).
4. Draw a portrait of him (if you’re arty).
5. Sign both of you up for a class on his fave skill/hobby (if you’re inseparable.)

The Funeral:

When Love is Dead

If your love has ended or if it never began, the pain of losing the special person in your life is immense. It may feel like the world is ending but there are worse things to happen. Good friends, shopping and lots of chocolate help in getting over the loss of a love. But unfortunately time is the best healer of all. However things turn out remember that you are going to be alright. Read this advice on how to ditch the love blues and get ready to have a ‘Love Funeral’.

1. Chocolate. Hot, cold, liquid, solid, any form at all. It all helps.
2. Family and mates. A shoulder to cry on is essential as well as an ear to moan into.
3. Get a new hobby. Out with the old in with the new.
4. Get a fresh mantra on life. Say it. Say it again (repeat until bored.)
5. Music, books and movies. Girl power is a great cure.

Music & Movies:

1. Pride & Prejudice
2. Bend It Like Beckham
3. St. Trinian’s
4. Bridget Jones’ Diary 1 & 2
5. Rihanna
6. Paramore
7. Avril Lavigne
8. Beyonce
9. Shakira
10. Kelly Clarkson

The End:
When All Is Said and Done

This is the final section of ‘A Girl’s Guide to a Boy’s Head’. I hope that it has been useful in your love dilemmas and I wish you a load of good luck in your future love life; but if anything goes wrong just consult this. And remember living happily ever after with your Prince Charming isn’t just for fairytales and daydreams if you have this book to guide you. Thanks for reading. Oxox.

The author's comments:
I hope that it will help people to be 'Lucky in Love' oxox

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on Jul. 28 2011 at 7:52 am
Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
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this is very helpful and funny!!!! great job!!! could anyone check out my writing? just click my user name. thanks!!! :)(:

on Jul. 27 2011 at 12:37 pm
SecretFlame PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
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on Jul. 27 2011 at 12:36 pm
SecretFlame PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
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"I have a life. I just choose to ignore it."
-one of my friends

This was loads of fun to read! Great job and I now have some awesome advice from you! Thanks! I was smiling the entire time!

on Jul. 26 2011 at 8:18 pm
BriarRose PLATINUM, Seneca, Illinois
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I don't need a rose. I want a daisy you picked for my hair. I don't want some fancy box of chocolate. I want a pink frosting cookie you made just for me. Lets skip the upscale restaraunt and have a picnic in the park.

well, that was delightful. It really cracked me up, i love the part about chocolate-i actually laughed out loud

on Jul. 24 2011 at 3:05 pm
CupcakeSaffy PLATINUM, Cochrane, Other
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Hilarious and very well written! *****

on Jul. 22 2011 at 8:39 pm
billgamesh11 BRONZE, Grafton, Massachusetts
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I already have a boyfriend, but thanks for the part about the gift ideas! That might come in handy some day, and also thanks for the whole section on getting over him because that part is going to be in my future, whether or not I move before or after we break up...:( But still, i think this article will get A LOT more views but if it doesn't, then there is just more girls out there who don't have this amazing advice!!! Thanks again and I hope that you write more!!!:):):)<3