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When we got to Jackie’s house Sam got out and said “Let me handle this Jill she’s still a little” she shook her hand as if to say iffy. I nodded and she went into the house. About five minutes later Jackie and Sam came outside. Jackie was in a navy blue OLD NAVY tank top with the American Flag in the middle, jean cutoffs and high-heeled wedges. I climbed out of the car and walked towards Jackie. After a surprisingly brief make-up session we all climbed in the car and drove back over to my house. Jackie, Joey, Sam and I climbed out of the car and walked into the house. Joey saw there were bags of groceries and decorations on the table and went into the kitchen. “Ok I’ll start getting the food ready and Jill you, Sam, and Jackie decorate.” He said. “Actually I have to make my dress” Jackie said carrying the boxes with her designing tools. Joey nodded and said, “Okay you do that and Jilly and Sam will decorate.” We grabbed the bags of decorations and went into the backyard. Sam and I hung the Happy Fourth of July banner above the doorway that led inside the house. We hung the twinkly red, white, and blue star lights all around the fences and circling the trees. We set all the tables for four except for ours, which was set for five. We put the Uncle Sam floater in the pool and went inside. “Ok the backyard looks amazing if I do say so myself” Sam said plopping herself down in a chair in the living room. I smiled at Joey who had just finished tenderizing and marinating a piece of steak. “How we coming along” I said leaning into the counter. “Burgers and steaks are marinated and tenderized and the hot dogs have thawed now we just have to put the soda in the coolers and chips into bowls and we’re set.” Joey said cleaning his hands with a dishtowel. “Great” I said giving him a peck on the cheek. Jackie walked out of the bathroom, spun around and said, ”Well what do you guys think”. “Oh” Joey said as his jaw dropped. “My” Sam said as her jaw dropped as well. “God” I said as I felt my own jaw drop too. “Wow Jackie you look great.” Joey said taking my hand and walking over to her. “You really do Jacks its gorgeous.” I said giving Jackie a hug. “Seriously girl it’s amazing.” Sam said joining in. Finally Joey joined in and we all squeezed. “Now what” Jackie said when we all pulled apart. “Now we call guests,” I said picking up the phone. “Who are we going to invite” Sam said getting the phone in the living room. “Mom left a list.” I said taking the list off the refrigerator and started reading off the list. “Joey’s family, Aunt Jenna, Uncle Jeff, Cousin Kelly, Cousin David, Jackie, Jackie’s family, Sam, Sam’s family, Grandma Halley, and Grandpa Ritchie.” I said finishing off the list. “Ok where are your grandparents going to sit?” Jackie said sitting on the kitchen stool. I pulled out the seating chart from underneath the kitchen counter. “Grandma and Grandpa sit with Kelly and David.” I said pointing to the chart. “Joey’s mom and dad sit with my mom and dad. Jonathan, me, Joey, Sam, and you sit together by the pool. Sam your mom and dad it with Jackie’s mom and dad. Beth, Jake, Kevin, Sara, sit together by the trees. Aunt Jenna, Uncle Jeff, Anna, and Tara sit behind my parents table.” I said pointing out the tables on the chart. I handed Jackie my cell phone and walked with Joey to the living room and sat on the couch facing the TV. Joey called his parents while I called Aunt Jenna. When I finished I saw Joey had turned on the TV and was watching Soul Survivors and grazing my legs that I had put on his lap. Next I called Grandma Halley, and then finally I called Kelly. “Hey Jill” Kelly answered. I could hear a mower and Kelly munching on something in the background “Hey Kell how’s the baby doing.” I said craning my neck to look at the TV. “Fine she’s driving me crazy as usual but I guess that’s to be expected. By the way I have big news for you.” Kelly said sounding excited. “What” I said sitting up straighter. “I finally picked a god-mother and I think you know who it is.” She said tauntingly. “Hanna? Tracy? Who?” I said silently praying it was me. “No not Hanna or Tracy you silly and do not protest because I have made up my mind.” Kelly said munching again. “Wow thanks Kell I’m honored.” I said smiling. “And yes we are coming to the BBQ tonight see you then got to go David is about to get run over by the lawn mower again. Love ya bye.” Kelly said in a rush. “Bye Kell love you too,” I said into the phone even though she had already hung up. “Ok everyone’s coming at 4:30 so Jackie, Sam, and I are going to go put on some bathing suits. I started running upstairs followed by Jackie and Sam. I ran to my closet and took out three bathing suits. I threw one at Sam and one at Jackie. “Change” I said pointing at the bathing suits they each held. They obeyed and went downstairs. 10 minutes later I was still up in my room trying to tie the back of my bathing suit top. I called Jackie and Joey came running upstairs. When he appeared in my doorway I jumped. “Hey what’s wrong” Joey said coming in. “I can’t tie my top where’s Jackie and Sam?” I said stepping closer. “Tanning” Joey said using his thumb to point downstairs as he kept his eyes on me. “Do you want me to-“ he said walking closer. I nodded and he was at my neck in seconds. Joey tied the strings tightly so that they wouldn’t come apart but also comfortably almost effortlessly. When he was finished he ran his fingers as a trail down my back. When his hands reached my hips he held them tightly and spun me around. Before I knew it the door was closed, Joey was on top of me, and we were on my bed. While Joey’s hungry mouth explored my neck and the exposed parts of my chest I ran my hands up his now bare chest. As his hands began to run down my waist to my bikini bottom, I ran my fingers through his hair. As his hands began to ease down my bikini bottom I pushed him off gently. “What are we doing?” I said climbing off the bed. “What couples do Jill, why what’s wrong?” Joey said putting on his shirt and boots. “What’s wrong are you serious?” I said as I pulled on my dress and shoes. “ Yeah I mean I thought we were having fun. “ Joey said adjusting his shirt collar. “ We were but now is not the time or place for this Joey.” I said as I fixed my hair and put on my earrings. “Fine then we’ll make a time and place for it, but I don’t know how many times I have to say I love you for you to believe me” Joey said coming up behind me and intertwining his fingers around my waist. I put my hands on his and said, “I know you love me and I love you but-“ . “But what Jill” Joey said softly as he nibbled my ear. “But I’m not ready” I said letting go of him. “I know and I’m willing to wait for you and do you know why?” Joey said kissing my neck. “Why?” I said holding his hands again. He turned me around and kissed me “Because we’re going to be together forever”. I kissed him and laughed. “Go downstairs stud before the rest of my will power fades.” I said gently pushing him toward the door. “Your wish is my command.” He said sweeping me a gallant bow before heading downstairs. I laughed and did one last mirror look-see before heading downstairs myself. When I got into the living room I saw Jackie, Sam and Joey all sitting on the couches watching Soul Survivors together. I joined Joey on the couch he sat on and propped my head up on his knees. 15 minutes later keys were jingling at the door and my father’s cheerful voice yelling from the hallway “Hey Jilly-billy I’m home.” I climbed off the couch and ran to the hallway and leaped into my father’s loving arms and kissed his cheek. I murmured softly “I missed you so much daddy”. He let go reluctantly and said “I missed you too bunny” He kissed my forehead and I introduced him to Joey. “Daddy this is my boyfriend Joey, and Joey this is my father Michael Holland.” I said smiling awkwardly. Joey held out his hand to my father but my father shook his head and said “No no Joseph there’s no handshaking in this family.” My father pulled Joey into a big hug and I held back a laugh. Then my father hugged Jackie. Probably didn’t mention earlier but Jackie and Sam are also my god sisters because my dad and my mom are their godparents. “Samantha James I don’t get a hug” my father said holding his arms out. Sam smiled and gave my father a big hug. “Hey Jill what time is everyone coming” my dad said picking up his bags. “Um four-thirty daddy.” I said glancing at the clock that read 3:36 “Ok I’m going to go take a shower and change then start grilling” he said kissing my mother’s cheek and running up the stairs. “I’m going to start making margaritas Jill can you and Joey go get the mix from the cellar” my mom said getting the tequila from the shelf. “ Sure mom” I said grabbing Joey’s had and bringing him to the wine cellar. I went to the closet and started looking around for the mix. “So what’s the deal with those girls you used to date” I asked looking at one of the bottles. “I don’t really want to talk about it” Joey said as I handed him two bottles of margarita mix. I smiled softly and said “Oh Joey I just wanted to know if-“ Joey pushed me up against the now closed closet and yelled “I said I don’t want to talk about it god-d*** it why don’t you ever listen”. He shoved me harder and I sank to the floor and began crying. “Its ok baby I’m not that mad at you don’t cry” Joey said sinking to the floor and kissing my head. “Then why did you shove me?” I said softly. He slapped me hard and said “Don’t ever speak to me that way”. “Hey you two get lost down there or something” my mom called from upstairs. Joey held a finger to his lips and I nodded before yelling, ”We’ll be right up”. Joey gave me a thumbs-up and kissed my lips softly before heading upstairs with two bottles. I rested my head on my knees and I knew from then on I was in big trouble.

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