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There Were Two People Who Were So In Love.

August 20, 2011
By PadmeAmidala GOLD, Ramona, California
PadmeAmidala GOLD, Ramona, California
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From the moment they first met he loved her. He was only nine. And she was older than him. But he did and it was true. Then they each had their own duties, and while she fulfilled hers he went to pursue what he had always dreamed of. So for years he didn't see her, but he thought about her everyday without fail. Ten years passed, and finally he and his teacher were brought to see her. In a time of crisis, they were to stay by her side and watch over her. That they did. But the whole time, he could not deny his feelings; just seeing her again he knew he was deeply in love with her; but she still saw him as the young boy he was when she had last seen him. But being assigned to her meant they spent a lot of time together... and slowly she was able to accept that now he was a young man. And as they spent their time together, they fell in love. Both of them. He confessed it to her and she told him they could not accept their feelings because they had different paths to follow. He wanted to keep it a secret but she countered that she could not live a lie, and neither could he. Five years in age made no difference - they were in love and that's all there was to it. But it was forbidden for the way of life he had chosen, and they had to deny it. At one point they were captured and were to be killed; they thought they were going to die. And that's when she told him how deep her feelings were - it didn't matter since in a few moments they wouldn't be able to do anything about it if they wanted. They were rescued though, and since they had deeply confessed their feelings and could not deny their love any longer, they secretly married.

Later she was pregnant. And he was very happy when she told him. Then he had a dream that she died. He wanted so desperately to save her. He had had a dream like this before, that his mother was in pain and when he found her it was indeed true, and she died in his arms. He couldn't let it happen again. She was everything to him.

An evil man offered the chance to save her, through a dark power that he knew. The young man agreed; ANYTHING to save the one he loved with all his heart and soul. In order to do so he had to pledge himself to the evil man and become enslaved to everything that was of the dark power. He agreed, but the evil man had tricked him - he didn't really know how to save people from dying. But he had already brought the young man to his side, into the darkness, and any hope that he still might possibly be able to save her kept him in the deal. The evil man ordered the young man to kill all of his own companions, for they were working against this man and his great evil. The young man did as he was commanded - and when his wife found out about it through one of his only surviving friends she journeyed to find him. When she did she told him the horrible things she had heard about what he had done and begged him to come back with her so they could be alone together and have the child. He refused and tried to explain how powerful he had become, thinking it was a good thing. He wished her to stay by his side in his new found power and rule with him. She couldn't believe how he had changed and she cried, telling him that he was breaking her heart and she couldn't go the way he was going. Then he saw his only friend that hadn't died appear behind her, and thinking his wife had tricked him by bringing his old friend with her to destroy him, he started to choke her. At the command of his friend he let her go and she passed out. She hadn't tricked him, but the young man's friend was there just the same. And indeed it was for that very purpose, for her husband had become dangerous in his evil power. They fought and in the end the young man lost both his legs and was badly burned. He survived but how he suffered...

The evil man, now the young man's master, found him after the flames had ceased as he lay on the ground, charred and moaning. He had the parts of the young man that were damaged reconstructed and a suit built for him to keep him alive, complete with a helmet that hid his face and made his voice sound deep and menacing and aided in his breathing, making it loud and mechanized. At the very same moment that he lay on that table, screaming in agony as they worked on him, his wife lay on a table back home and gave birth... to twins. Though she was perfectly healthy, they were losing her, for she had lost the will to live. The young man's friend was by her side helping her through it. She knew her husband, her love, was gone and after naming the babies, she told their friend she knew there was still good in him... and then, heartbroken, gave up her life.

After the operation was over, his master came to the young man. The young man asked if his wife was alright. His master told him, "It seems that in your anger...  you killed her." It was not true; trying to choke her had not killed her and his young apprentice argued that it was not possible, because he had felt that she was still alive. However, after a few moments the young man believed him, as he had been foolishly doing all along. He rose from the table, taking quavering first steps on his new artificial legs, and screamed, "Noooooo!"

Far away, a funeral procession was held for his wife and she was made to appear as if she was still pregnant so that no one would know of the twins, and they could be protected. It was decided that they would be hidden, and separated. One went to live with his aunt and uncle, and his sister with a senator and his wife.

Anakin loved Padme so much... but the very thing he tried to save her from, he actually ended up causing by turning to the Dark Side. And every time I see it it breaks my heart.

The author's comments:
I love Star Wars and I was in a depression after watching Episode III and seeing Anakin and Padme destroy themselves when they were so in love. It was during this depression that I wrote this and just let the feelings flow. I asked my mom to read it and by the time she had finished she was crying. I had always wanted to be able to move someone to tears through my writing when I felt very passionate for what I was writing about. To channel my feelings to them through my words. This result was completely unexpected and I felt somewhat guilty about making my mother cry, but I feel it was basically what I was aiming for, and also a big step for me as a writer.

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Did you seriously, just write out practically the whole 3rd movie of Star Wars and try to say it was your own?  This should be under fan fiction in the least, but I really don't see why you just copied a movie down.  You should tell your mom to watch the movie and tell her you basically just copied it down and then stop thinking you took a HUGE step in your writing by writing someone elses story.