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Forever Mine

November 16, 2011
By manisha SILVER, Bangalore, Other
manisha SILVER, Bangalore, Other
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Phantom blue eyes looked up at her as she caressed her fingers over the flawless skin. She blew him a silent kiss as her eyes took him in hungrily. She sniffed in his smell, a fragrance which belonged only to him, like his customized cologne. The wood’s chilly breeze ruffled their clothes making her shiver. She snuggled closer into his arms. He stayed unmoving.

She leaned in to kiss his cheekbone. It was cold. Concerned, she rubbed his hands in hers to warm him up. He seemed to be smiling as she continued with her fondling. The towering trees caste spectre's' in form of shadows. Twilight was sinking away. But she wasn’t scared, she had her prince with her.

She laid her cheek against his head, taking delight in the way his silky soft blonde hair felt against her skin. She knotted her hands in the silver strands, planting a desire sated kiss on his lips. His hands lay wrapped around her in a loose grip. Slowly, she let go.

She moved away to look at him but darkness camouflaged the finer details. His crooked smile was alluring in a way, making her want to return back to his waiting arms. His stained shirt hung free over his perfect body. He was the very embodiment of a Greek god.

The first time she saw him was at a party; she had easily recognized him as a crasher. But he had fit in easily, chatting with everyone. He had even laughed at her friend’s joke. His laugh still rang in her ears, even now in the midst of the dark tree silhouettes. She had fallen in love with him the same day. His very presence had made her heart flutter hopelessly.

They said he had a girlfriend. A cheerleader. She still refused to believe that. He could love no one but her.

She smiled.

Now you are mine, she thought, only mine.

The sereneness of the forest was broken by a howl in the distance. Soundless tears rolled down her cheeks. She crawled closer to him. The smile was still pasted on his face; the eyes twinkled in the moon lit light. She placed a trembling hand over his chest. The cloth was damp with soaked blood. The tears flowed incessantly. She pushed away the dagger which lay on the damp ground.

‘I love you’ she whispered through tears, ‘but you would never let yourself to be mine.’, she inched closer.

‘We were meant to be like this. Together. You are mine forever, I’m forever yours.’, she sobbed.

She spent the remaining of the night digging out the earth. After long hours of work she dragged him into the grave.

‘You will be safe here my love’ she told him as she covered him with dirt.

For the next everyday of her life, she returned back to the grave dutifully. She sat by her prince, filling him up with everything he had missed. Her heart still fluttered in his presence.

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