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738 days

January 25, 2012
By Mynameislindsayy SILVER, Seattle, Washington
Mynameislindsayy SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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She stood out in the middle of the rain in front of his house. The rain was pouring down over her head and she refused to pull her hood over her face. She wanted him to feel bad enough for her to let her in his house. She raised her hand to knock on his wooden door. “You can do it Deliha.” She told herself. The moment her knuckles hit the wooden door she wished she had never came. She took a step back from the door. She knowing that he was home and she knew that he would come to the door and see her. She didn’t know if she would be invited into his house. After all that has happen....

He looked up from his book and set it down on the table when he the knock on his door cm to his ear. He slid into his slipper, and walked to his window to see who was there. He bent over to make the height of the window which is near the floor. He locked eyes with the girl with long black hair and green eyes. She was short and slender. Her hair soaking wet and sticking to her shoulders. “Deliha.” he said to himself out loud. He hadn’t seen her face since the incident. Two years ago. He quickly turned the doorknob and opened the door. He stood in front of her with the door still in his hands.

“Deliha.” he watched her reaction.

“Parker.” her face didn’t make any emotion. She just stared.

He stared back.

“What are you doing here?” he tried to give a weak smile. “You know that I’m-”

She cut him off “That your engaged.”

“Yes.” he replied.

“Can I come in?”

He took a step back and opened the door wider to let her into his home.

“Would you like some tea?” He asked her.

“No that’s fine but I was just in the area and I missed the bus ride home and when it started to rain I thought that maybe it was a sign. Maybe I should see my old friend before he gets-” She stuttered thinking of the word. “Married.”

“Well, your always welcome here. I’m sorry that your not going to be able to meet Julie. She’s out of town for a few weeks.”


There was an awkward pause and Deliha looked down at her feet. “Parker..”


“I just lied to you.”

“You lied to me?” he wrinkled his forehead and tilted his head.

“I didn’t miss the bus. I own a car. I don’t know why I just lied to you. The truth is that I drove here.”

Parker laughed. “Well you didn’t have to lie about that! It’s good for old friend to meet up with each-other every so often.”

She stared at his eyes. He didn’t look at her. He just stared out the window. “What happened to us...”

He looked back at her. Her eyes were slowly filling up with tears and she blinked with speed to get the tears out of her eyes.

“Deliha... We had our glory days, but it’s over now. I’m getting married to a girl who knows where she’s going in life.” He started to get choked up. “We had no idea where we were going. We were so young.”

Deliha tried to force a smile though all of the tears. “That’s what made life exciting. We had no money and no food. We barely had enough to pay for the bills but all that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that you were still in my arms telling me you would love me no matter what.”

Parker turned his back to her. “I’m engaged.”

“I know that.” She took a step closer to him. “Parker, today marks the 738th day that I’ve been without you. Every single on of those days I thought of you more than once. Everyday I dreamed of you and wanted to find you again. When I found out about you and your future wife I was devastated. I know that you still think of me. Don’t deny it.”

Parker finally let the tear soak out of his eyes. He took a step closer to her and stared down at his feet. “738 days. I thought of you. At least 738 times. Most of the time more than that. I dreamed about you. I would always go to bed early so I could go to my dreams and see you there.”

Deliha stared at him and said nothing.

“So tell me..” He said to her. “Why are you really here?”

She kept a straight face. “To tell you that your marrying the wrong girl.”

Parker took one more step closer to Deliha and pressed his hand up against the side of her neck gently. She stared into his green eyes and stood on her tiptoes to reach her mouth to his.

They both couldn’t help but smile when there lips touched for the first time in two years and eight days.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a true story

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