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December 31, 2011
By bandgeekfreak DIAMOND, No Answer, Texas
bandgeekfreak DIAMOND, No Answer, Texas
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I stand there, my back to him. I don’t want to look at him, to gaze upon his perfect face that has hurt me so many times before.

“Look at me! God-damn it Haley you have to look at me sometime.” He hisses into my ear, his breath tickling the hairs on my neck.

“Go away.” I mumble weakly. Why do I get all weak around him? He has broken my heart time and time again, but yet I stupidly go back to him. I always forgive him with one sorry look, and he knows all damn to well. He can control me, god-damn it! I was never like this before I meant him; I was always the strong one. Now look at me, all weak in the knees for some guy who hurts me. God what is wrong with me, am I really this stupid?

Slowly I turn to face my torturer, the boy who has toyed with my heart for more than a year. I stare into his once beautiful face, and realize that he is plain ugly. His green eyes are filled with rage, and anger makes his once handsome face into a demon. How could I have ever loved this demon that has haunted me for years?

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This is really random, but I hope you like it.

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