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Stupid Cancer

February 21, 2012
By bandgeekfreak DIAMOND, No Answer, Texas
bandgeekfreak DIAMOND, No Answer, Texas
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She turns back to him and looks into his storm grey eyes. She sees the hopefulness and love shining in them and feels her heart break a little.
“Look I don’t want this, but it’s just better for both of us this way. We are done.” She whispers with her eyes closed so that she can’t see his reaction.

“I, what? What did I do?” He asks, “Please let me fix it, I’ll do anything.”
“No, it’s just better for both of us this way okay?” She snaps back as she opens her eyes. He looks so sad, so defeated like a rejected puppy. She feels her heart break in two as she turns from him and starts to walk away.
“Wait please!” He yells, but she just keeps walking. Once she’s sure that she is out of his sight she breaks into a sprint and runs all the way to her house. She burst through the door and stumbles up the stairs, holding in the tears. Once she is safely in her room she flops onto the bed and lets the hot tears burn her cheeks.
Why did she have to break up with him, he was the best boyfriend in the world. But it was better this way, this way would make it hurt less for him. This way he wouldn’t care when she died. This way the week she had left would be hell, but at least he would have it easier. Stupid cancer, taking her life before she even had a chance to live it. Stupid cancer, for breaking her heart in two, and making her hurt the one she loves so much. Stupid cancer is all that flows through her head as she slowly slips into nightmares.

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