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When Love Isn't Enough

February 24, 2012
By mollyb SILVER, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
mollyb SILVER, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
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"I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday."

I turned the volume up as the opening beats of the next song came through my headphones. I leaned further back in my seat as a smile graced my features.

I hummed along to the words I knew so well. I didn’t actually sing, though, because I couldn’t compare to the purity of the original. His voice was silk in my ears, recounting the story of a girl he once knew.

The guitar part was flawless, weaving together perfectly with the drum and base line. They made it sound natural and effortless, as if this sort of untainted story came along every day.

It didn’t, of course. No, the story they told was just theirs, his and hers. Their love has never happened before and it never will again. That was the way they wanted it.

The chorus came, and my smile softened. He sang of how she taught him love, and how they promised each other forever. He had held on to that promise as if it were his last hope.

No one would ever know exactly what this song means except for her. They shared something special, something you couldn’t understand unless you lived it. They weren’t just two people in love; they were two people who loved like they were one.

No one knows what he meant to her. No one knows that she was strong for him when she couldn’t even be strong for herself. No one knows that he was the world to her.

No one knows what she meant to him. No one knows that he never wanted to leave her for anything, anyone. No one knows that after she came into his life, nothing else mattered.

No one knows that he wanted so badly to help her. No one knows that she wanted to do it alone.

No one really knows there story. This song is the only thing they have left. No one ever will really know there story.

No one will know because he doesn’t talk about it. No one will know because she isn’t there to tell them.

No one knows because love wasn’t enough to save her. Nothing was enough; she was too far gone when she finally found him.

No one knows because she’s somewhere better now.

No one knows because I am somewhere better now.

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