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June 8, 2012
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I've known Damon Becks all my life. My next door neighbor, sorta-kinda friend, someone I could always count on to help me out...until high school. Damon became Mr. Popular. He was the sexy, mysterious guy who all the girls wanted. I no longer knew Damon Becks. He was no one to worry about. It didn't matter I had loved him from afar for forever. Nope he didn't care. I decided to get over it and move on. I did a great job until two weeks before graduation. I remember when he came up to me, I was listening to that Taylor Swift song ya know the one that goes like this "I don't know how it gets better than this, you take my hand and drag me headfirst...fearless." The one word that describes the way Damon always made me feel even after I found out, even after he hurt me past the point of no return. I was still a better me because of him. Here's my story.

"Hey Lyssa" I heard a voice say from behind me. I was leaning on my closed locker studying for a final and listening to music. I took out an ear bud and turned to see...Damon Becks standing in front of me. "What do you want Damon?" I said looking back down at my book. "Just saying hi Lyss since when is that a crime?" Damon said putting his hand on my shoulder. I shook it off and said "It is when it’s you" I mumbled not looking at him. "What was that?" Damon said standing in front of me. "Never mind I've got to go." I started to leave but he stood in front of me "Wait Lyss I was actually wondering if you wanted to go out later?" he said running a hand through his hair and looking at me sheepishly, a look I didn't know Damon Becks could comprehend. "Um..." I was completely caught off guard last I heard Damon was dating Kristina Gramm. "What about Kristina?" I asked hiking my bag up my shoulder. He smiled and said "We broke up like a week ago. She was way too shallow for me." I nodded and said "I can't." He said "Great what time should I-" He stopped and said "What?” I shook my head and smiled "I said I can't Damon. I have plans tonight. And frankly I don't want to go out with you." I started to walk away and he caught up with me "How can you not want to go out with me?" he said standing in front of me again. I arched my eyebrows and laughed "I'll see you around Damon." I walked to my class which luckily for me was study hall. I needed to study for my finals and thanks to Damon I didn't have allot of time to do. Damon had chestnut brown hair, piercing blue eyes, a perfect physique, and the most charming smile in the world. I was a stark contrast to him. I had curly auburn hair, forest green eyes, a dancer's body, and a crooked smile with a bit of an overbite. I was a downright Tara to his perfect Ken. He needed a Barbie, an Ana, a Mia, or in his case KRISTINA. I was a dancer and a writer. He was resident bad boy. Why would he want me? I shook off the thought and sat down in a corner of the library and got out my books.
I had been studying for an hour when the bell rang and I got up to go home. I went to get my things out of my locker and saw none other than Damon Becks himself. I rolled my eyes and said "You stalking me now?” He laughed and said "Me? Never." I opened my locker and got out my leather jacket and put it on. I was wearing a green long sleeve shirt with a gray cover-up, my favorite dark wash jeans and gray boots. "I'm going home." I hiked my bag up again and walked out of the building. When I got to my car Damon came to me and said "Can I call you tonight?” I looked behind me and sighed "I guess". "Great I'll call around 6ish, Later Lyss." Damon said kissing my cheek. I rolled my eyes and got in my car. I drove off trying not to think about the fact Damon Becks had just kissed me.
I pulled up in front of my house and climbed out of my car. I went into my house and called out "Mom?" as my dog Gracie yapped at my ankles and licked my boots. My mom and dad were supposed to go to Aruba for my aunt's wedding today; I'd already said my goodbyes and was looking forward to a long weekend away from my parents. I went into the kitchen and didn't see her. What I did see was a note taped to the fridge that said: Took an early flight with Dad. Money's in the drawer for groceries and dinner. See you in a few days. Love you Lyss-Mom. I smiled and crumpled it and threw it away. I ran upstairs to my room. My room was my sanctuary. It had mahogany walls and was pretty big with its own bathroom and balcony. I also had a small attic that I could go into through an entrance in my bathroom. It's where I did most of my reading and had I time. I put my bag down on my trunk and hung up my jacket. I changed into sweatpants and a tank top and put on slippers. I went back downstairs to get a snack. As I took a mountain dew from the fridge the doorbell rang. I went over to it and looked through the peephole. I couldn't see anyone so I opened the door. I smiled when I saw my best friends Milly and Dex. Milly had dark brown hair with red streaks and brown eyes. Dex had dark brown hair and black eyes. "Hey guys" I said opening the door wider. "Hey Lyss" they said in unison and came in. "So Lyss your 'rents gone already?" Dex said kicking off his shoes and taking off his jacket. "Yup left around 9 this morning why?" I said leaning onto the wall. "No reason, we sleeping over tonight Mill?" Dex said stretching back. "Yup, Pizza and movies to start the weekend." Milly said undoing the laces on her boots. "I love how you guys don't even ask and just assume you can sleep over." I said rubbing my forehead. "Well you were going to ask us anyway right?" Dex said sitting on the steps. "Yeah" I said shrugging. "So then that's it." He said clapping his hands together and standing up. "You guys brought pajamas and clothes?" I said walking over to help Milly with her shoes. "Ofcourse and a sleeping bag for me." Dex said smiling. "Good and I'll pad the floor in my bedroom and we can all sleep on the floor. Bring the pizza and snacks upstairs and we'll have a slumber party." I said shaking my hips and laughing. Milly smiled and took off her coat and went upstairs with Dex to change her clothes. It was 5:30 and we were in the kitchen making cookies and brownies and drinks and listening to music. I was dancing barefoot around the kitchen stirring a bowl of red velvet brownie mix when the doorbell rang for the second time that night. I danced to the door and finished a twirl as I opened the door. "Hi" I said looking up from the bowl and smiling. I immediatley stopped smiling as I saw Damon standing in my doorway holding flowers. "Damon? Why are you here?" I said holding the bowl closer to my chest."Well i thought why call when I can say what I want to say in person?" Damon said smiling charmingly. I shook my head and said "Goodbye Damon" and started to close the door. He stopped me and said "You haven't heard what I was going to say". I rolled my eyes and opened the door and said "Come in". He came in and I closed the door behind him. He held out the flowers and said "For you". Just as I was about to take the flowers Milly came out of the kitchen in her pajamas and said "What's up?” She saw Damon holding flowers and said "Ohh ok I got it." she hurried back into the kitchen and I smiled and said "Sorry about this. My parents are out of town and Dex and Milly are sleeping over for the weekend." He said "Cool" and looked around, "Hm not much has changed since the old days." I laughed and said "Yeah except our toys aren't lying all over the floor." He laughed,"Yeah there's that." I nodded and saw Dex and Milly coming out of the kitchen with their coats on and Gracie on her leash. "Um what are you guys doing?" I said putting the bowl of brownie mix on the table in the dining room. "Taking Gracie out for a walk to give you guys some privacy." Dex said smiling smugly. I shook my head and said "Oh no we aren't-". I couldn't finish because Dex and Milly were already out the door and as they were closing it Dex yelled "Use a condom!” I slammed the door closed and shook my head in humiliation and mock anger. Damon smiled and said "Can we talk?” I nodded and locked the door. I put the flowers in a vase and started upstairs with the vase in one hand and Damon's hand in the other. I led him to the den and he went out to the balcony while I filled the vase with water behind the built in bar. Damon came inside and said "Pretty cold out for a summer night." I nodded and placed the flowers on the counter. I nodded at the flowers and said "They're beautiful and my favorites." He smiled and looked down "I know...” I cleared my throat and said "Why are you here Damon?" I walked around to the other side and left the den and started toward my room. "I needed to see you." Damon said coming into my room and closing the door behind him. I sat on my bed and he said "I hate the way things ended with us Lyss. You were one of my best friends, someone I could always talk to. You were sweet, funny, caring, and beautiful. I thought you were the best person in the world. I found myself falling for you. So I detached myself and became a shell. With no emotion and I hated myself. I have always wanted to be with you Lyss." he knelt in front of me and took my hands in his. He looked into my eyes and said "Please tell me you feel the same way.” I was speechless, Damon Becks wanted to be with me! I looked down and said "Why now?" in a voice so small it could have been my thoughts. He picked my chin up, making me look at him and said "Because it took me this long to realize I love you. I love you Alyssa Spencer, always have and always will." He brought his lips to mine and kissed me. I kissed him back wrapping my arms around his neck. He brought his lips to my neck and I sighed and said "Damon...I...” He stopped and looked at me. I smiled and said "That wasn't a stop sign." He shook his head and said "You never cease to surprise me Lyss." He lay me down on the bed and hovered himself over me. "I can't say I love you yet Damon." He kissed me again and said "It's ok Lyss. But for what it’s worth I do. Love you that is." We stayed that way for a while, kissing, talking, touching, and just getting to know this whole new phase of our relationship. "Damon don't get me wrong but Milly and Dex are-" he put his fingers to my lips to silence me. "I know. They'll be here any minute." He climbed off of me and I readjusted my top and he pulled back on his shirt. He took my hand and we walked downstairs just in time to see Milly and Dex walking through the door. "Is your virginity still intact?' Dex said setting Gracie down and taking off her leash. I looked down and smiled "For now." Damon walked to the door with me and said "See you tomorrow?" I smiled and said "You can stay over if you want." He nodded and smiled "I'll go get my stuff. I'll be right back." he kissed me quickly and whispered in my ear that he loved me and went to get his things. As I closed the door, Milly and Dex came to me and bombarded me with questions. "I'll tell you guys everything. Just not now. He'll be back soon." I said walking back into the kitchen and started the brownies. They sighed and retreated to the kitchen with me. Dex continued the drinks while Milly ordered the pizza and I finished baking the cookies and brownies. Just as I popped the brownies into the oven the doorbell rang and I went to get it. I opened the door and there stood Damon in his pajamas which consisted of black and red checkered pajama pants and matching top and saw underneath his smooth and tan muscled chest. He held duffel with what I presumed was his clothes and belongings inside. "Hey beautiful" he said kissing me lightly on the lips. "Hey" I grabbed his hand and led him inside where he went upstairs to set his things down. I walked back into the kitchen and sat on the stool facing the island and Milly looked at me and said "Let the night begin."
950 that's how much I broke the love of my life's heart for, 950 dollars! For a stupid jacket! I never expected to fall for her. It was supposed to be a prank. Make the untouchable Alyssa Spencer give it up to me Damon Becks. I found myself through Alyssa, and for a while I hated that guy. Until I realized it was who I wanted to be all along. I never wanted to hurt her. It just kind of turned out that way. However I still got my girl. How I did that after all the s*** I pulled...is still a mystery to me. Here's my story.

I set my things down on the blanket Alyssa set down for everyone and texted Gregg letting him know my progress in the Alyssa situation. I went downstairs and snuck up behind Alyssa as she paid the pizza guy. I circled my arms around her waist and kissed her cheek. She smiled and bumped me back with her butt and thanked the pizza guy and kicked the door closed with her foot (with incredible grace might I add). She cocked her head toward the kitchen motioning me to follow her. She placed the three boxes of Dominoes pizza on the counter. She opened the first box and grabbed a slice. She looked at me and pointed to the boxes and said after swallowing "Pepperoni, Plain, Hawaiian, and mushroom. I smiled and said "Mushroom my favorite" and went to get a slice out of the box. She smiled and got a mountain dew for herself and me and said "I remember". I felt a twinge in my stomach. I swallowed hard and smiled sheepishly. "Where's Milly and Dex?" I asked taking another bite of pizza. "Upstairs probably fooling around" she said taking out four slices of pepperoni pizza and putting it into the toaster oven. I swallowed and looked at her with a confused stare and said "They're together?” She laughed and shook her head "Oh god no. They fool around every once in a while. They're extremely in love, I mean like head over heels but they know it'll never work out so they fool around and have made plans to get married after college so they're hoping she gets pregnant by graduation." she said non-committal. She shrugged "So they're probably having sex in the den right now." she said taking a bite of her pizza. I practically choked on my pizza when she said that. This girl never ceased to amaze me. As if on cue I heard moaning from upstairs and shook my head and said "Thank god we're not sleeping in the den." She laughed and nodded before saying "Don't worry I'd never do that to you. The den is where they always hook up it’s their place everywhere else is off-limits." I nodded and said "Good". She smiled and ran her finger along the ridge of her milkshake and dipped her finger into her mouth sucking off the whip cream. She waggled her eyebrows at me suggestively and smiled. I shook my head and laughed "You're such a tease". She leaned across the island and smiled "You love it". I leaned into her and nodded "Your right" I brought my lips a few inches closer to hers and said "I do" and I kissed her gently tasting the sweetness of the whip cream on her lips and tongue. I snaked my hand around her neck and kissed her deeper. She moaned against my lips and sighed appreciatively. She pulled away and her face was hot and flushed. She was breathing heavily and I smiled at her. She shook her head and laughed. I laughed and said "We have one fun night ahead of us".

About an hour later after Milly and Dex had finally come downstairs we took all the food upstairs and camped out in Alyssa's bedroom. We watched movies and played games and were having allot of fun until we started truth or dare. "Ok Damon truth or dare" Milly asked after she had downed her beer. I shrugged and said "Truth". She smiled mischievously and I immediatley began to regret my decision. "Do you really love Alyssa?" she said cocking her head and I nodded and said "Yeah. Yeah I really do." Milly laughed and said "Should we go into another room and let the two of you have some alone time?" Alyssa laughed and looked at me and then back at Milly; she winked and said "I'll let you know." We all laughed and I pulled Alyssa close. Milly and Dex started making out and we took that as our cue to leave and I grabbed my beer and Alyssa's and Alyssa grabbed the blanket and we went up to the roof. I lay a blanket down and Alyssa sat in my lap and draped the other blanket over us and we stayed there together kissing, staring at the stars, and I never wanted to admit that at that moment I knew I was so gone.

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