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The Simple Revelation of Two People Who Can Never Be Together

August 19, 2012
By LiveLaughLoveWriter BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
LiveLaughLoveWriter BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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So many unspoken feelings, eyeing each other from across dance room, he has girlfriend. Deep down you’re jealous. You call her a downgrade, but she’s beautiful. You want to hate her so much, but you can’t. You don’t know her, how can you hate someone you don’t know? That should be you, being held in his arms. Your heart aches at the sight of him. Once he said “I love you”, you believed. He probably meant it at the time, but now he’s not sure if he ever did. You love him, he doesn't think so. You might have discouraged him based on your response. You were shocked, not disgusted. He’s walking your way; he gives a quick sincere hug, “Andrea!” Oh you missed his arms being around you. He looks into your eyes, you look into his. Old feelings resurface; the connection is there again. You can feel it. You glance at the people around you; you can tell they see the connection as well. He might have kissed you, if the girlfriend haven’t had barged in on the moment. His arms quickly leave your body. He walks away, giving a wave good bye. You see it in his eyes; he doesn’t want to leave your side. You don’t want to him to leave. Later in the night, you’re dancing with your best friends. He’s with the girlfriend. Both of you are having a great time...without each other. Every now and then you sneak a peek at him. He has the biggest grin in the world. He places a soft kiss on her lips. You feel a stab of jealousy, but quickly shake the feeling off, and continue dancing. You don’t know it. He wants you to be the one he’s giving heartfelt kisses, not the girl in front of him right now. He thinks you have a boyfriend, a boy you've been with at school. Even if he didn't have a girlfriend, or if you haven’t been seen with that boy at school, you two will never be together. Soon or later you’ll learn it wasn't meant to be, no matter how long you wait. He’s happy where he’s at, you’re doing just fine. It’s been too long, both of you have missed your chance, and all this misunderstanding will get you know nowhere. He’s beginning to realize that, it still hasn’t crossed your mind yet.

At first glance, this may not be as simple, but if it were any more complicated, well this story can go on forever.

The author's comments:
This happened with my best friends. So one night I got inspired to write about it!

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