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If only you weren't just a dream

January 13, 2013
By spiraling SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
spiraling SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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"A popped bubble can never be unpopped"
"Never regret what you cant take back"

With our fingers interlocked, we carelessly strolled through the park catching jealous stares. His smile lit up the darkness he held inside. My heart was warm,burning, engulfed in lovely flames. The butterflies in my stomach flew freely igniting extreme nausea. I could feel his eyes staring down on me as I fidgeted with my hair and stared at the ground feeling clueless as we sat on a cold bench. I was his goddess. His lips eventually went wondering, following the path of my collarbones, up my neck, and lightly caressing my cheek and soon enough finding my lips in the process.Everything seemed perfect. It always seemed perfect. Until the crack of dawn interrupted and woke me up. Everything seemed perfect in my dreams. Reality on the other hand, I beg to differ.

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