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Sleep Over

April 1, 2013
By EatSleepWrite95 GOLD, Dallastown, Pennsylvania
EatSleepWrite95 GOLD, Dallastown, Pennsylvania
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“Kelly, I think Adam is here!” My mom calls up the stairwell. I rush out of my room and hurry down the stairs, almost tripping. I dash out the front door and run up to you and jump in your arms as you get out of your car. You quickly catch me and wrap your arms around me, you surprise me by lifting me off the ground, and spinning me. I kiss you once you set me back down.
“I missed you so much.” You whisper in my ear. You let go of me for a brief moment and grab a small bag from the back seat of your car. You take my hand and we walk up the driveway and inside. You politely say hello to my parents and make small talk with them for a few minutes. We go up to my room and you look very excited.
“So I brought you something.” You smile holding out the bag you retrieved earlier from your car. I raise my eyebrow in a question but I take the bag from you and reach inside. I pull out a DVD set of my favorite Nicholas Sparks movies. I set that down on my bed and reach in to grab the second item in the bag. I pull out a beautiful leather bound journal.
“Oh my gosh this is amazing! Thank you so much, I love it!” I smile so wide and hug the journal close to my chest.
“You’re very welcome, anything for you baby.” You grin. You rest your hands on my hips and pull me closer to you, pulling me into a kiss. “So are we going to watch one of those chick flicks tonight or what?” You ask, after pulling away and grabbing the DVD case off my bed.
“Sure.” I giggle. I carefully set my journal on my bedside table and select a movie. I slide it into the DVD player and climb onto my bed where you are already laying. I lay down on your chest and you busy your hands by running them through my hair and rubbing my back. I relax with a sigh.

About halfway through the movie, I can feel myself starting to doze off to the sound of your heartbeat and the feeling of your fingers tenderly tracing small circles in the small of my back. I try to fight off my sleepiness and wrap my arms a little tighter around your neck and let my hands rest in your wonderfully soft brown hair, occasionally running my fingers through it. You sigh as well and I can tell that neither of us is watching the movie anymore. I decide to give up trying to stay awake and I close my eyes and quickly fall asleep, still lying on your chest.

The next thing I know, I’m being shaken awake by my mom. I jolt up and off you, noticing that you too had fallen asleep.
“Guess this explains why Adam is here past curfew,” My mom says. “And I’m not crazy about how the two of you were just laying…” She raises and eyebrow at me. “But since it’s after eleven thirty, your father and I have come to the agreement that Adam may sleep here tonight but he must sleep downstairs on the pull out couch. And you must sleep here in your room.” She points at me. “Now it’s only for this one time, this better never happen again.” She adds. We both nod, shocked at what she’s allowing.
“I’m trusting both of you not to go against what I’ve just asked of you. If you do, I will no longer allow Adam to come over here. Understand?” She asks, glancing at both of us.
“Of course.” You say, nodding.
“Ok good, now I’m going to go make up the bed.” She says wondering off.
“Wow, I can’t believe they are allowing this.” I say, still shocked.
“But you will still be so far away.” You saying grabbing me and pulling me to you.
“But it’s better than you being all the way at your house.” I remind you.
“Very true.” You agree, kissing my check. My mom returns to my room.
“The bed is all made up.” She says.
“Thank you.” You say politely. My mom gives me and impatient look.
“Goodnight Kelly.” You say, getting the hint. You smile and quickly kiss my check again.
“Goodnight Adam.” My smile mirrors yours. Once you leave my room, my mom exits my room and escorts you downstairs to the basement where you’ll be sleeping. I quickly change into PJ’s and slide into bed, thinking about our close location to each other. I lay in the darkness of my room for a half hour or so until I hear my parents come upstairs to go to bed. I wait about another half hour until I can hear my dad’s loud snoring and know that they are both probably asleep. I slowly slip out of bed and open my bedroom door as quietly as possible. I creep down the stairs, praying that no one hears me. Once I hit the landing I pause and listen to make sure I didn’t wake my parents. I slowly walk down the hall and open the basement door and quickly but quietly descend the stairs. I walk over to where you are asleep on the couch underneath my favorite gray blanket. I gently touch the side of your face with my hand and you begin to stir. You open your eyes and blink a few times. You look confused.
“Hey.” I whisper.
“HI?” You question, still a little groggy.
“Scoot over.” I say lifting the blanket and crawling in. I lay down on top of your warm body.
“What about what your parents said?” You asked, looking worried.
“They never have to know.” I reply, laying my head on your chest, like I had earlier that night. You kiss the top of my head and I lift my head to look up at you. I stretch toward you to allow our lips to touch. You kiss me back tenderly and rest your hand in the small of my back once again. I close my eyes and relax.
“You’re so beautiful.” You whisper against my ear as I start to drift to sleep. I’m so close to sleep that I almost don’t hear what you say after that. But I manage to catch those wonderful words. “I love you Kelly.” You whisper, and with that, I finally fall asleep, with a smile on my face.

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I loved this story, i have read it two or three times, and still it is so interesting! Thanks so much for writing!