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Worst Day Ever?

May 7, 2013
By Apostolic-Girl SILVER, Athens, Ohio
Apostolic-Girl SILVER, Athens, Ohio
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Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Amy opened one eye and hit the snooze on her alarm. She sighed and closed her eyes. She quickly remembered how important today was, and leaped out of bed. Amy search her closet for something to wear, she ended up putting on a knee length pencil skirt, a white blouse with ruffles and a black jacket that matched her skirt. She ate quickly and threw on her plaid dress coat. She opened the door and sighed annoyingly at what she saw. She got the shovel leaning next to her door and started moving snow from behind her car. Clumsily she tripped and landed head first in a snow bank. She got up, brushed herself off and looked at her watch.
“Oh snap!” Amy said before she started her car… or tried to. Thinking fast she called a cab. When it finally arrived she hopped in and told the driver where to go. When Amy got to the Jamesfield Times, She opened her purse to pay the driver, just to apologize for not carrying any cash. Angrily he dove off leaving Amy drenched in snow. “Worst… Day… Ever…”
A few minutes later, Amy sat in the waiting area. “Amy Marshill?” a petite lady called out. Amy stood up and walked over to the short woman. The woman examined her in disgust then asked “Amy?” Amy nodded her head and the woman put on a fake smile. “Right this way please.” She followed the lady to an office. “Mr.Forester will be with you shortly.”
Twenty minutes later, Amy was stomping out of the Jamesfield Times. She got out her cell, but her battery was too low so her phone turned off. “Ugh” She yelled angrily. “Worst day EVER.” She stared walking toward her house. On the way she saw a grocery store. She entered the inviting room and looked around for something sweet to munch on. She spotted a huge Hershey bar and her mouth started to water. She went over to purchase the chocolate at the cash register.

She gave the big guy her credit card. He scanned it a few times before giving it back. “It declined.” He said in a deep voice. Amy snatched up the credit card. “Why am I not surprised?” she mumbled.
"Uh, wait." a guy said behind her. "Here" he gave the cashier five dollars. "Keep the change." The handsome man said. He glanced at Amy and smiled. Amy's surprised face slowly turned and headed out the door. She walked slowly on the slippery sidewalk. A smile sneaked over her mouth.

"Miss?" someone said as Amy quickly spun around.It was the guy who paid for her ice cream. "Your not walking are you?" he asked kindly. "Uh, yea... its just a few miles or so..." Amy said sarcastically. "Would you like a ride?" He asked. Amy looked surprisingly at the guy. "Yea, Sure." she said
A few minutes later Amy and the guy-who's name was Dylan- were talking like they had known each other for forever. Amy figured out that they had lots of things in common. They both liked to write, they both liked basketball, they both liked to eat, and both their favorite colors was blue.

"Here you go." Dylan said. "Listen," Amy paused as she shut the door. "I really appreciate everything you've done." "Hey, no problem." he said cheerfully as he smiled. "I'll see you later." "Yeah, See ya." She smiled, but then realized she didn't have his number. She sadly slipped her hands in her pocket.

A smile crept on her face. She pulled the slip of paper out of her pocket. 'Pick you up at 6 tonight. Dress casual' she flipped it over. '105-3466-7151' she looked up as Dylan's car turned. Amy walked in her house and leaned against the door.

"Best Day Ever"

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on May. 21 2013 at 11:18 am
yourlove-mywings SILVER, Yuma, Arizona
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this is really good.. :D i liked it a lot!!! :D