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The Blue Bracelet

April 28, 2014
By Hbkooy PLATINUM, Champaign, Illinois
Hbkooy PLATINUM, Champaign, Illinois
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The year is 3014. Men have ruled the world for nearly one thousand years. Men had the power to choose a woman, her thoughts, and her main job. At the age of seventeen, men choose their life partner and how her life will end up. Seventeen is the age when everything changes.

She walked into my classroom gracefully and I knew from that point on that she would be my choice. Her pale skin, dark red hair, freckles, and her height (several inches above me) drew me to her. We were only five, but I felt true affection for her on that day. I introduced myself and she smiled. From then on, we were best friends. Through each class I would watch her and send her wonderful love letters. Outside of our classes we would sneak into each other’s dorm rooms and we would just talk and talk for hours on end. I sent her roses every chance I got, and every once in a while we would sneak a peck on the cheeks. When we turned ten and the boys and girls separated to attend different classes, we were heartbroken. I almost never got to see her, and I missed the relationship we shared in class. I once tried to sneak into her room, but it seemed that she had changed. I questioned why she never visited, and she told me that boys were supposed to do everything, and that girls weren’t supposed to think about it at all. I hadn’t been able to believe her answer, and so I began investigating what was going on in her classes.

“Ah ha! Sneaking around again, Mr. Galindo,” I fell to the floor painfully as the teacher removed the ceiling tile from beneath me. I brushed the dust off my uniform and looked expectantly at Lexi. She blushed and a smile spread across my lips. I loved how red her pale face was able to get.

“Kindly remove your ‘equipment,’” The teacher said as he smacked the back of my head. I emptied my pockets, and he crushed the many cameras I had. He handed me a detention note and glared at me as I walked out of the classroom and waved goodbye. After a long talk from the guidance counselor and an even longer time spent in the detention room, I returned to my dorm room and jammed my finger into my nose. I retrieved a small camera and (after I cleaned it and my finger off) I hooked it up to my laptop. I smiled triumphantly. This was the most information I had ever gotten. I had recorded almost the entire class period, and I had nearly enough information to start a revolution. My roommate walked in and stared at my blank laptop screen.

“What are you doing?” he asked me.

“Planning on changing the universal way of thinking and how the entire world works,”
He smirked at me.

“Good luck with that,” he said as he flicked the back of my head. I cringed as my sensitive bruise from earlier was irritated. I connected my head to the laptop and entered the virtual world. I had created a simulation of the entire room, and was able to simulate the class. I listened intently to what the teacher said in the recording.

“Now girls, today we are going to do some conditioning. Please lay down on your yoga mats and we may begin. Ready? Let’s start with our breathing exercises. Breathe in. Hold it for ten seconds. Breathe out,” she repeated this over and over for a while. Unconsciously, my breathing synched up with theirs.

“Feel your bodies growing heavier and heavier. More and more relaxed. So relaxed that you can’t move any part of your body no matter how hard you try. Become tired. Very tired. Allow your eyelids to grow extremely heavy. Heavier than lead. SLEEP!” I blacked out after that and was awoken when I heard a crash.

“Ah ha! Sneaking around again, Mr. Galindo,” His deep sharp voice snapped me back to reality; I had reached the part of the video where I had been caught. I rubbed my eyes and unconnected from the laptop. I crawled into bed, confused. I didn’t remember anything that had happened in the video. The next day right before class started I entered the air ducts and crawled to Lexi’s classroom. I just knew I could get more video footage with the tiny camera safely tucked in my nose. The class began and the teacher started out the class by harshly saying sleep. My eyes fluttered shut and I fell out of the duct. I awoke back in my dorm room. There was a note resting on my chest.
Dear Mr. Galindo,

For spying on my class almost constantly, I have set up a time that you can watch a video about what goes on in my class. Also, I have made sure you can’t be hypnotized by me again. I expect a thank you when we meet. Please meet me in the principal’s office at exactly 7:30 P.M. today. On top of that I have given you twelve hours of detention this Saturday from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Enjoy.
Mr. Robinson

I sighed. I had had more detention this year than most kids had in their entire lives. I connected to my laptop and reviewed the new footage I had. Apparently I had become hypnotized when I watched the first video and today Mr. Robinson had taken advantage of this. He had me do many stupid things in front of the girl’s, and then he had given me a post hypnotic suggestion to accept everything I saw in the video at 7:30. I unconnected from my laptop and glanced at the clock. I gasped; it was 7:25. I raced out of my dorm into the principal’s office. Breathlessly I sat down.
“Thank you so much,” I murmured to Mr. Robinson. He nodded at the principal, and he started the film. Throughout the entire video I continued telling myself: don’t accept this, this is bad, nothing they say is right. In the film it explained that at the age of seventeen, men choose their life partner and can program her to their liking by placing a specific color bracelet onto the girl’s wrist. It showed what went on in the “classes” the girls had, and the more I watched, the more disgusted I became. I left the room an hour later, my head swarming with the hideous new ideas. I couldn’t believe the information in the video, and I especially couldn’t let it happen to Lexi. As soon as I got back to my dorm I grabbed my laptop, climbed into the ducts, and went to Lexi’s dorm room. I dropped into her room and she jumped.

“You startled me,” she said with a grin. I dismissed it and grabbed my tiny nose camera. I had altered it to take video right before I went to the informational film. We connected to my laptop, and I showed her the video. After we had watched it her face was as white as snow. I pulled her towards me, but she shoved me away. She was extremely upset about what was going to happen to her.

“Don’t worry, I have an idea,” I said soothingly. She wiped a tear away and stared at me hopefully.

“I’ll choose you, and then I won’t choose any of the bracelets,” She smiled a sympathetic smile.

“I appreciate you trying to help, but you can’t stop the programming I’m supposed to receive in my ‘classes,’”

“I guess we’ll just need to run away,” I said after a long pause. She nodded.

“Let’s do it the day the training starts,” she said.

“Great idea!” She blushed as I complimented her. Over the next few weeks we spent our spare time in the library studying hypnosis and mind control. I learned how to place Lexi in a light trance, and every day I would remove Lexi’s hypnotic suggestions from her “class.” I did everything I could to help Lexi feel more comfortable with having to go back to class the next day. I would make sure she would never be under someone’s control again. I even gave her her own tiny nose camera. Now I didn’t have to spy on her class, I had an inside man. One day I crawled into her room, and she wasn’t there. I waited until meal time, and finally I left. The next day was the same. The next week in school we were called to an assembly. The auditorium filled up only about halfway, and there wasn’t a single girl sitting with us. Sweat dripped down my face and nervousness took hold of my body. I could only assume the worst.
“Attention class, your future starts today!” a teacher announced. He blew a strange whistle. A line of girls walked onto the stage, each with a vague look on their face. A video screen came down, and we all watched an informative video about the girls’ predicament. The video was extremely vague and it hid all of the true horrors the girls were put through. The boys looked at one another, not quite sure whether or not to believe the abhorrent propaganda. At the end of the video, the narrator in the video yelled out a strange word. It was loud enough to be perceived, and yet, too quiet to be fully understood. The girls instantly collapsed onto the wood stage floor in a sleepy heap. I found Lexi, and seeing her completely at the mercy of the teachers nearly drove me to tears. The teacher blew his whistle again and the zombies stood up and walked off the stage.

“Tomorrow you will choose one of these beautiful girls to be your own, so start thinking about what color bracelet you are going to choose,” We all stood up, and as we walked through the doorway, the teachers handed us bracelet keys.

Yellow: Bright and peppy (fun and talkative)

Blue: Smart (may play hard to get)

Gray: Blank (like a puppet)

White: Innocent (doesn’t know much about sex)

Pink: Love and beauty (very alluring, may do dances or dress in revealing clothes to get you in bed)

Rainbow: Stupidity ( Very ditzy and giggly)
Each description was worse than the first. I shuddered at the thought of changing a girl to any of these. We were using girls as our own personal sluts! The other boys in the audience seemed to agree with me. They furiously ran back into the auditorium; the bracelets had crossed a line, the boys were officially against turning the girls into slaves. We all shouted and threw things at the teachers, demanding for them to return the girls to their original state. All of the teachers cowered in fear. All of them except one.

“Enough!” A tall teacher yelled after a few ear splitting minutes. He pressed a button on a remote, and all of the teachers in the auditorium hurriedly placed gas masks over their faces. We stared at them, confused. A loud hissing filled the air, and when I squinted, I could just make out a foggy substance filling the air.

“No!” I cried. The teachers around me laughed.

“We figured if you disagreed with our perfect society, there were bound to be others, so we set this whole thing up to…” he paused, searching for the right words.
“To help bring you into the right state of mind,” Another teacher finished for him. I charged at the group of teachers, but as the gas filled my lungs, my legs grew heavier and heavier. Boys around me were dropping to the ground like flies.

“No,” I said again, but this time it was more of a whimper. A teacher slapped me across the face, and I fell to my knees. The energy had completely drained from my body, and I slumped to the floor. Just before my eyes closed, I saw a tall teacher walk onto the stage.

“Today each of you makes the transition from boyhood to manhood,” the teacher onstage announced with a sharp, deep familiar voice. “Now I want each of you to clear your minds; to empty each thought from your worthless heads.” He instructed us to watch the very video I had watched a few weeks ago. This time, though, the video seemed incredibly persuasive; my mind, which had been empty, filled with amazing ideas about our perfect society and how to treat my woman when I chose her. The screen went up as the video ended, and all of the boys cheered. We all pumped our fists in the air and chanted “Woman woman, our chosen slave. Slap their butt so they’ll behave!” One by one the teachers called our names, and when I was called, I was drawn to a girl with pale skin, freckles, and deep red hair. My heart fluttered at the sight of her. When I approached her, I noticed she was nearly a foot taller than me. I delicately picked up her skinny hand, and I planted a kiss on the cool skin. I gave a gentle bump to her butt, almost as if I was trying her out, and I nodded.

“This one,” I called over to the teacher. He nodded, and I pulled the girl over to my seat. She sat in my lap, and teachers passed out the colored bands.

“Only one per couple,” the teachers hissed at each student. When the teacher reached me, I closed my eyes and plunged my hand into the basket. The teacher moved on, and I couldn’t bring myself to look at the band concealed within my clenched fist. The final bell rang, and the new couples exited the building for the first time since they were born. We all savored the warm sunlight, and we all couldn’t help but pause to inhale the smell of the outdoors. Everything was beautiful. We all walked to the nearby village, our steps all in synch. I entered my assigned hut, and I looked down at the blue bracelet resting in my hand like a curse. With a deep breath, I stared the girl in the eye.

“Don’t worry, Lexi,” I whispered to her expressionless face. “I’ll break you free.”

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