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Start of Love

November 19, 2014
By a3writer SILVER, Sylvania, Ohio
a3writer SILVER, Sylvania, Ohio
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There is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. i'll always be with you. -Christopher Robins

I could see him from where I was sitting. He was leaning over the table talking to his partner. Dustin had not been at our school long, but I knew we were meant to be. As the bell ring we meant eyes and he dazzled me with a deep smile. His eyes were like two chesnuts filling his eyelids. He nodded toward me to acknowledge me.

Dustin walked up to me, knowing where we were headed."Do you want to walk together?" he asked kindly. I nodded because we were headed towards our literature class. We strode down the hallway together silently. I looked up at him, for he was a good 2 feet taller than me. His copper blonde hair shone on the top of his head, thick with gel. His eyes looked lazy and bored under his raised eyebrows. His lips were a flat line.

After 4 weeks of him being here, I knew him well by now. Dustin wasn't upset or angry. I knew for a fact that he had to be thinking. That was what he always did when he was thinking. 

 Finally we arrived to our class where we sat down across from eachother.Our teacher barely taught us. All he did was write a topic on the board for us to work on with our partner. Our prompt for today was,"Write about a deep feeling that you and your partner share right now. Along with what is causing it." After reading the prompt, I looked Dustin straight in the eyes.He was looking back at me as well. "Well you start." he said to me. I nodded and said," My deep feeling I am feeling right now is love. In fact I am in love with someone.

At this, Dustin thought, Who could it be? He sure wanted to know because this was his girl that they were talking about. HIS girl. HIS girl with the beautiful hazel eyes. HIS girl with the full lips. HIS girl that was mysterious yet amazing. Technically she wasn't his girl. YET. But she sure would be eventually.

"Are you serious?" I asked. She nodded in that shy way of hers. I smirked,"Well it's our lucky day because that is my deep feeling too." Her face flushed when I said this. I had no idea why but I knew what had caused this feeling. Around us, I could hear other groups arguing over the answer to their prompt.

Alice nodded and started typing. I started typing my part of the paragraph. We could see everything that the other one typed, which was interesting. "Before we answer the next part of the prompt, let's discus it." I suggested. Alice froze then nodded her deep copper head slowly. After some silence I said,"Well I will start by saying that my deep feeling has been caused by my love for someone. This love is strong even though I haven't know this person long. She is shy, beautiful, and smart."

Alice looked at me curiosly for a slight second.She then answered,"My deep feeling of love has been caused by a living being as well.In fact he is here with this class now."

I answered Dustin but thought I had said to much at once. He looked around the room curiously at all the boys.Then he grinned that flashing smile and said,"Why don't on the count of 3 we each say who we love's names?"

I grinned and nodded hoping we would answer the way I thought it was meant to be."1...2...3!" he whisper shouted. I then said aloud,"Dustin." He answered by saying,"Alice."

We both grinned at our success of gaining our love for eachother in mind. He then suddenly asked,"What now?" in a puzzeled way. Alice grinned, knowing he would love the answer."We bask in the glory that our names are ours!"Alice answered

The author's comments:

How love can appear any where even if it is a matter of weeks. Discovering love is always the hard part though.

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