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Sway in the Wind

November 19, 2014
By Trin_Freckles GOLD, Troutman, North Carolina
Trin_Freckles GOLD, Troutman, North Carolina
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When your sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead

“Ask me any question” She said this so ready
“No. Its too stupid”
“Nothing is ever too stupid”
“Ok, what is your look on life?”
“Promise you won't laugh?”  She was hoping she could get out of this one
“Fine” Great now shes on lockdown
“If you think about it, were kinda like daisies, in the summer, beautiful and happy, forever swaying in the open fields. The fields that smell like honey dew, that brings laughter into children's lives, that brings the color adults dread to see as they saw as a child. Everyone is happy, happy at that moment when you first take a step into the field, but then, winter comes. Everyday is followed by another thin sheet of that coldness, we call ice. The clear center with the deep white etchings, coming from the corners, attempting to take over the center. To make us cold for that short, yet, long period of time. So you may be thinking “What in the world is this girl thinking”? Well thats when i would turn to you and say, While you and your friends let the coldness take over you, I’ll be watching you, for the short period of time i have until the next ice sheet comes over me, because no matter what, or how harsh it will get. I’ll never stop fighting.”
“Im sorry, I told you you were going to laugh”
“Im not laughing, and i'm not because you're so true”
“Your right, so perfectly right. Sad and demented, but right”
“You really think so?”
“Hahaha, thanks Rich”
“Anything for my ‘sister’”
As she slowly stops blushing she thinks to herself, ‘Why his sister? am i just too much of a friend? Maybe if i lost weight...No, he would know. I dont understand what went wrong...dammit.’
“Ice cream?”
The question interrupted her thoughts as she looked up, his smile just made it worse. Not in a bad way, but the good way that makes you blush.
‘Ah Crap!! I hate it when he does that!’ She thought this to herself
“Hey, i'm sorry but its getting late, I should probably head home.” 
“What?! Please a little longer, c’mon, for your Richy?”
“I thought we made a deal about that”
“See, i don't think I could ever stop calling you Freckles”
She looked at him, he had his smile on, almost like the jokers, just not all red.
“Bye Richy”
“Have a good rest of the night”
“You're killing me here Freckles…..OK, fine, see you tomorrow”
“There you go, ha, yep yep”
“Oh, hey Frecks?
“Yes Richy”
As soon as he said that, the butterflies came, the smile on her face, along with the blushing cheeks, she would have usually said “whatever” but word came to her that she never forgot.
“La Mer” 
She walked away, thinking, ‘Finally, I’ve got him’
But little did she know, that little Richy had said something, the same thing
“Finally, I got her”

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If only he knew...

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