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A Pass

February 6, 2015
By a3writer SILVER, Sylvania, Ohio
a3writer SILVER, Sylvania, Ohio
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It was a foolish crush

It was never meant to be

I made mistakes

He made mistakes

I try to forget it all the time

But then it happens

We're passing eachother in the hall

My heart rate increases

My palms moisten

My eyes try not to make eyecontact

but then I look up....

for a split second....

and our gazes meet....

And then it's over

and my heart slows down

and I wipe my hands on my pants

and I try not to make anymore eyecontact

I strain to hear if he's following me

but he's not

and I am on my way

I try to ignore the feeling I got

but it doesn't go away

and I know it will happen again

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