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Long distance Anxiety

November 5, 2015
By Holo-the-Wise BRONZE, Farmington, New Mexico
Holo-the-Wise BRONZE, Farmington, New Mexico
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I stared at the screen. Waiting patiently. Its been three hours since she said she was going to the pool with her friends. I looked back up at the tv, which was playing classic western marathon. It’s her favorite thing to watch. I checked my phone again. Her face filled the screen. I couldn’t help but smile at her perfection. Those majestic green eyes. They looked like small galaxies, with each planet being something I love about her. Her bright, white smile. It makes you smile, even if you try to hold it back. The way her strawberry blonde hair falls just over her right eye…
-buzz buzz- I drop my phone. My heart is racing. Was it her? Did she text back? I pick my phone up and unlock the screen, brushing my thumb over her cheek to create the pattern to unlock it. It was my roommate, Jeff, “Don’t forget the trash again”. I put my phone down and walk over to the trash bin in the corner of the small apartment. As I pick it up, my mind wanders. What if she's in trouble? What if she got into a wreck, or almost drowned?! I took those thoughts away as I open the lid of the dumpster and toss the trash. I walk back up to my apartment, all the time thinking about her.
Five hours have past, and she still hasn't said anything. I stopped watching movies and went to burning time with video games. What if I call her? No, then she’ll think I’m needy. Am I? I can’t stop thinking about her. I check my phone again: 3:33… No new messages. Where is she? Staying at the pool for five whole hours? Maybe her friends took her somewhere else after? She’d tell me first wouldn’t she? I shake my head. I’ve got to get my mind off of this. I turn the tv and Xbox off, and head to my room. A nap sounds good. I set my alarm for 5:30.
-Beep beep beep beep- I snap awake and hit snooze on the alarm. Jeff still isn’t back from his meeting yet, all the lights are still off. I check my phone: 5:31… No new messages. Where the heck is she?! She would’ve said something by now! Wait… What if she didn’t go to the pool… What if Jacob decided to take her somewhere else… What if she… She wouldn’t do that! Jacob is a good guy! They’ve been friends for so long…
-Buzz buzz- I pull my phone up and unlock the screen: “Hey” It was her! I tap reply: “Hey, how was the pool?”
“Did you go anywhere else after?” I shouldn’t have said that
“I came home”
“Hey guess what?”
“I made you something”
“Oh? What is it” My heart was racing again
“Here, take a look” She sent a photo, I couldn’t make out what it was until I full screened it. It was a giant banner, it had all kinds of artwork on it! There was a few video game characters I like, some western characters she likes. Then, there in the middle, in giant cursive, her handwriting, it said, “Love you Darling, together forever. Get up here soon” With a kissy face and hearts afterwards.
“When did you make it?!”
“I just finished not too long ago. I never went to the pool. I stayed home and worked on this the whole time.” I was amazed. i teared up a bit.
“I love you Piper”
“I love you too”

The author's comments:

I have really bad anxiety, and am currently in a long distance relationship. Its tough, everybody. I wanted to share the anxiety of it. Hope you enjoy.

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