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Me and Him

February 1, 2009
By Haylee(: BRONZE, Franklin, Ohio
Haylee(: BRONZE, Franklin, Ohio
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He walked in my house carrying a pack of mountain dew and some chips and dip. I smiled at him. He took a glance at me, didn't smile, then walked on to the kitchen. My parents and I were having a party, he was helping his mom and dad bring things in. I frowned. I think he saw it, but I'm not sure. He sat the pop down and walked to the counter. "Where do I put this?" He asked me, finally choosing to talk. I sighed and pointed to the table. "There." I said. "Okay." He said. End of discussion.

I sighed and sat down, I put my face in my hands and sighed again, hoping he would say something. I could feel Shawn's gaze fall upon me. I looked up and we looked at eachother straight in the eyes for a moment, then he turned away. He opened his mouth to say something and I smiled. "Wheres your dad?" He asked me. I scoffed and didn't answer. "What happened to us?" I asked him. He looked at me, confused. "What?" He asked. I sighed. "You know what I'm talking about." Long silence. "Really? Well...can you enlighten me?"

I sighed. "We close." I said. "Now...nothing." He sat down next to me and grabbed my hand. "I'm sorry..." he said. "It's just....weird and awkward." I frowned and dropped my head down on the table. "Why didn't we stay together?" It was muffled because I was talking into my arm, I think he understood. "I don't know..." Long silence. I looked up and he smiled at me. "Yeah....well...I still really love you." I said, I don't exactly know where I got my confidence from. " you too." He said, looking down at our hands.

"Then, why aren't we together?" I asked him, frustrated because of the whole situation. "Because....we've dated, I don't know...I'm kind of with someone." I pulled my hands away from his. "Oh..." I said, trying to avoid eye contact. He gripped my arm and put his hand on the side of my head, pulling it to look at him. I couldn't help it, so I looked him straight in the eye and said "Well.....then....just, go away." I said, jerking my head away from his reach.

I scooted back in the chair and sighed. I looked at Shawn one more time before standing up. He grabbed my hand and pulled me down on his lap. I struggled to get up but he pressed his lips against mine to fast. I couldn't just leave now...I had been missing that for a few months now. I sighed when he pulled away. "I love you...remember that." I heard Shawns dad yell "Come out here and help your mom." He picked me up and sat me back down when he stood up. He walked out of the room. I frowned and looked out the window. "I'll be back." He whispered.

Shawn and his dad walked in carrying more mountain dew and pepsi. Shawn set it on the table and didn't look at me. It was like we didn't talk, didn't kiss, didn't....connect. "Hey!" Shawn's dad said. "How are you doing on this fine evening?" I smiled, but it wasn't a real smile and I'm sure Shawn knew that. "Okay...." I said. "You ready for the football game?" I asked, smiling. It was a fake smile though. He clapped. "Yeah!" I grabbed a pretzel and stuck it in my mouth. "Who are you rooting for?" He asked me. I shrugged. "I don't know. I don't watch football much."

Shawn's dad pulled me into a hug. I looked at Shawn, his eye's flashed with something. Jealousy? "Your happy today." I giggled and pulled away. He nodded and said. "Well...I'll be back. Wheres your folks?" I looked out the window. "They went to the store. They have a lot to buy for the party." I smiled. "Well....okay. I have to run to the store myself. you want to go?" Shawn shook his head. "I think I'll help her decorate." His dad smiled. No one ever knew we dated. "Okay." He grabbed the keys and walked out the door.

As soon as we heard the car drive off...we both looked at eachother. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the table. "Okay..." He said. "I love you...and you love me." He said. I giggled. "Were a happy family." He sighed. "Your still the same." I smiled, this was a real smile. "Yup." I giggled again. "The only thing thats changed heart." I sighed. He looked at me. "Well.....we've dated who knows how many times." I sighed. "Seven." He looked at me and smiled, showing his dimples. "You counted?"

I lifted my hand up. "Well, yeah. I really care about I take a lot of time thinking about our relationship." I tried to smile, but I couldn't. Instead, I stood up and pulled the fridge door open. I felt him watching me. I grabbed out a coke and said "Do you want one?" I frowned. "No...I don't drink that...I only drink pepsi." I sighed. That was sort of an inside brought back memories. "Sorry..." I mumbled. "We don't have any." I went and sat back down, he grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"Baby...I want you..." He said. "But...I'm with Jessica." I sighed. "I know...I don't like it." I stood up and pushed the chair in. I grabbed my pop, took a sip, then walked in the living room. I grabbed the remote and sat on the couch. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, standing there, watching me. I turned and looked at him. "Okay...if your not going to talk to me, can we at least decorate or they'll get suspicous." I sighed and stood up. I sighed a lot when I was with him.

I grabbed some confetti and threw it all over the ground. I worked silently as he blew up balloons. I turned on the light to make it a little brighter. Shawn watched me closely as I grabbed the ribbons and taped them everywhere. Then he pushed me against the wall. I looked at him puzzled. "What are you doing? We have to decorate."I struggled under his grip." He looked me straight in the eyes. "Do you love me?" He asked. I sighed. "More than anything." He looked down, then back at me. "Do you want to be with me?" I sighed again, this time, more intense. "Forever." I said, letting it all spill out. He sighed. "Well thats to bad." He let go and walked across the room.

I stared at him. I could feel the pain in my chest where my heart was. Why did he keep breaking it like that? I sunk down against the wall. I pulled my knees up and dropped my head down on them. I felt an arm reach behind me. Shawn pulled me closer and kissed my forehead. "Get off me." I said, pushing him away. "I was kidding..I swear. I love you and I want to be with you forever." I could feel tears fall lightly down my face. He noticed it apparently and crawled in front of me.

Shawn held my face in his hands and wiped the tears off with his thumb. "Please, don't cry." I couldn't help it and I started crying more. "No...please, please, please don't do this." I didn't stop. He was probably lying anyways, I bet he didn't like me at all. He glanced around. We both heard the door open and footsteps. I tried to quit crying but I couldn't. He looked at me, shushing me. Finally, he kissed me...with all the force he had. That really shut me up. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him deeper into the kiss.

Shawn pulled me closer, to where I was practically apart of him. He leaned me down and my back was to the ground. He crawled on top of me. We were like that for a little least until we had both forgotten that someone was here. I opened my eyes long enough to see my dad standing there, his face was red with anger. I screamed and pushed Shawn off me. I jumped up and my dad grabbed my arm and said "Get upstairs NOW! Your grounded!" I screamed "You don't own me! I'll run away if I have to!" He glared. "I don't care what you do!" I thumped all the way upstairs. I heard my dad cussing Shawn out.

I ran in my bedroom and jumped on my bed. I hated my dad. HATED HIM! I grabbed the earing that my dad bought me and threw them across the room. They hit the wall and went in two different directions. I put my head in my pillow and started crying. There was a knock at my window. I stood up and wiped the tears away, expecting it to be my best friend, Andrea. It was Shawn. I pulled the window open. " your dad kind of banned me from your house." He said, kicking mud that was on his shoe. "Hey...were you serious about running away?" He asked. I sighed. "Yeah."

"Run away with me." Shawn said, smiling. I smiled too. "Oh my god! I will!" I grabbed my purse and threw some clothes in. I grabbed a hair tie and pulled my hair up, as quickly as I could. I was sure my dad would come in to talk to me. I dropped my purse out the window, after saying catch. I caught him off guard but he caught it anyways. I smiled. "Jump...I'll catch you." Okay...I was totally against this. "Psh, no." I said. "Trust me....please baby?" I sighed. "Well...Okay." I stuck one foot out the window and then pulled the other one out. My hand slipped before I could do anything. I fell out and he dropped my purse and caught me. I screamed.

"What!? Are you hurt?" Shawn asked, frantically searching for any cuts or bruises on me. I struggled for him to let me down. When he put me down, I grabbed my purse. "This was expensive!" I smiled, he knew I was being sarcastic. "You scared me." He said. "I would have freaked out If I hurt you." He said. I smiled and kissed him. "Where are we running away to?" I asked. "I don't know....we'll figure out somewhere." He kissed my forehead and put his arm around my waist, we walked out of my backyward.

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