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Unexpected Plans

February 28, 2009
By iluvedwardcullen25 GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
iluvedwardcullen25 GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
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I will be the most independent person you will ever meet. I have always taken care of myself. My parents always taught me to depend on only myself; only me, no one else. This is the way I have always been. I would just like someone to see if they could change that about me. Yea, that will never happen.

Friends and family have often called me the 'Independent Queen'. I can completely agree with them. I loved living on my own. It gave me a sense of power and accomplishment. Everyone who has met me says that I am very attractive. I am not really sure if I am but I have long brunette hair, dark green eyes and a good figure. I guess I'm attractive, but whatever. I know this is going to sound really bad but, I have never dated one man. And I am twenty five years old. It doesn't bother me though. I am becoming a new resident doctor at the best hospital in Denver Colorado. The hospital is called Birmingham Hospital. I was excited beyond belief! I had been working years to get to where I am now. Nothing would get in the way of this dream.

I had been accepted into Birmingham Hospital two days ago, and today was my first day as a new resident doctor. I was ecstatic! I was in my red Volvo, driving to the hospital and when I finally arrived at the hospital I was in astonishment. The building was huge. It was a very old building but, the architecture was amazingly done. The building reminded me of an old palace in France. The brick was a deep crimson red. In the front of the hospital there were four white columns. This sight made be breathless for a moment. I then composed myself enough to get out of my Volvo and walk into the hospital.

The automatic door opened and I walked inside. The first thing I saw was a woman sitting behind a large desk. I walked up towards the desk and said, 'Hello, my name is Anna Barnes. I am a new resident doctor. Do you know where I should go?' The woman looked up at me from her computer and said, 'Yes, Ms. Barnes. We have been expecting you. You will need to go and meet the chief of surgery for the ER. You will be reporting to him.' 'Do you know where I could find him?' I asked. 'Just a minute.' The woman picked up the phone and dialed a number. 'Yes, tell Doctor Grant that the new resident is here. Thank you. What room is he in now? Okay, thank you.' The woman hung up the phone and looked up at me and said, 'Dr. Grant is in room 246. Just take the elevator and go to floor two. After you get off the elevator, take a left and the rooms are numbered so you should be able to find it.' 'Thanks a lot.' I replied. I walked towards the elevator and pushed the up arrow button. It lit up and the elevator door opened. I walked inside the elevator. As the elevator door closed behind me I pushed the level 2 button. Once the elevator door opened, I turned left and starting walking in that direction down the hallway. The first room number I saw was 244. Only two more to go. I reached room 246 and knocked on the door. It was half open so I didn't know if I should walk in. A tall man in the normal white lab coat walked out of the room. His hair was coal black and his eyes were a very striking sapphire blue. I could tell that he had some muscles because he had his lab coat unbuttoned. He had a tight fitting blue polo shirt on. I envied his tan skin though. I was as pale as a ghost. I couldn't tan if my life depended on it. 'Are you Dr. Grant?' I asked. 'Yes I am, and you must be the new resident doctor. You are Dr. Barnes, right?' 'That is me sir.' I replied. 'Don't call me sir, just call me Dr. Grant, okay?' His voice sounded like it had a hard edge to it, but I didn't mind. I was not interested in dating any doctors here. I never, ever would date my co-workers. 'All right, that is fine with me.' I replied with an edge to my voice. I was not going to let people run all over me because I was the new resident doctor. I could see that Dr. Grant wasn't expecting me to answer so feisty. His eyes showed that. He just realized that he couldn't mess with me. That is exactly the way I wanted it. Dr. Grant then said, 'What is your first name?' 'It is Anna, and yours?' 'Edward.' 'Great name, a very strong name, I like it.' I replied. 'Thank you.' said Edward. 'Is there anything I can do today?' I asked. 'Well, you can start making rounds to these patients.' He handed me a clipboard and there was a very long list of patients on it. 'Okay, I can do this Dr. Grant.' I smiled and walked off. I looked at the clipboard and the first name on the list was Victoria Clemens. She was in room 250. At least she was on this floor. I kept walking down the hallway until I reached room 250. I walked inside the room and an old lady looked at me when I walked in. 'Who are you?' she asked in a weak voice. 'I am Dr. Barnes. I am just checking up on you.' 'But where is Dr. Grant?' 'He is here, but I am a new resident doctor and I am just making rounds.' She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face and then she burst out, 'I don't want a resident checking up on me! Who knows what you could do to me!' 'Mrs. Clemens, I can assure you I will not hurt you. I am highly trained.' She wasn't letting up. 'I don't care, I want Dr. Grant!' I didn't respond and walked closer to her. 'Don't you dare come a step closer! I will call for the nurse!' 'All I have to check is your heart rate and blood pressure.' She looked like she was about to yell at me but then she said calmly, 'Okay, but make it fast.' I took my stethoscope off my neck. I told her to breathe in and out. 'Well, you heart rate is normal.' I then tested her blood pressure. I put the cuff around her arm. I pumped it up and then said, 'Your blood pressure is 145 over 90. It is a little high, but I think the blood pressure medicine is helping you.' I took the cuff off her arm and then she said, 'Are you finished now?' I nodded and said, 'I'll see you soon, goodbye Mrs. Clemens.' She said nothing. As I looked at my clipboard, I realized it was going to be a long day.

I had finally finished all my twenty rounds! I was now 10pm. I had been at this hospital for at least 15 hours. I walked to Edward's office, which was in room 127. I knocked on the door and he waved his hand to tell me I could come in. I walked in the room and he looked up at me. 'What do you want Dr. Barnes?' 'I have finished all of my rounds. Was there anything else I need to do?' 'Well, I can't think of anything. You are free to go home. But don't be surprised if we call you in the middle of the night.' I nodded and walked out of his office towards the entrance. I was so tired. I don't think I had ever worked so hard in my life. And I I did not like Dr. Grant. I don't think he liked me either.

It was a new day and I was glad that I didn't get a call from the hospital last night. I was way too tired to do anything.

As I walked into the hospital, I saw Dr. Grant walking towards me. Ugh. I thought. 'Dr. Barnes, I know you have only been working here for one day but, I need a doctor to assist me in a surgery I am doing now.' I was so excited! This was the whole reason I wanted to be a doctor! 'Of course I will help you Dr. Grant. What kind of surgery is it?' 'It is not very complicated; just an appendicitis.' 'All right, can we go and do it now?' I asked. 'Yes, follow me.' Edward started walking and I followed behind him. He walked into a room called Surgery Room 3. When I walked into the room I saw a man lying on the surgery table. I saw the anesthesiologist give him the medicine to knock him out during his surgery. We put the betadine on our hands and washed them in the sink. A nurse put our latex gloves on for us; after that, we our surgical masks on. 'Now Dr. Barnes, you will not be doing this surgery. I am just going to let you stitch him up.' I thought, what is the point of being in here? But I said, 'All right, that is fine.' Dr. Grant took the surgical cutting knife from the nurse and made the first incision. Blood squirted out a little bit, but it didn't bother me. I saw Edward take a spreader and spread the man's skin so he could go and remove his appendix. He carefully removed the appendix and laid it down on a table next to him. He then turned towards me and said, 'All right, stitch him up.' I nodded at walked closer to the table. The nurse handed me the medical scissors and the medical string and stitches. I carefully stitched the man's right lower quadrant of his abdomen. That is where the appendix is located. When I was finished, Edward looked at me and he looked satisfied with my work. I felt a little smug when he was looking at my work I had just done. We both took off our latex gloves and threw them away, along with our blue surgical masks. When we had walked out of the room Edward smiled and said, 'That was some outstanding stitching for a resident.' 'Thank you very much. I have had much practice Dr. Grant.' 'Yes, I can tell. Well, go and do your rounds. Good job in there.' I smiled and walked off to do my rounds.

I picked up my clipboard from my cubby and saw that the first person on my list was Victoria Clemens. I didn't know why, but she hated me. I walked into her room and told myself to stay calm and be kind to her. I knew that she very old and had trouble with her breathing. When she looked up at me, she immediately gave me a sneer. 'Hello Mrs. Clemens, how are you today?' 'Oh, I'm fine. Just do what you have to and be gone!' 'Mrs. Clemens, I am not sure if I have done anything to offend you, but if I have could you please tell me.' 'Honey, you ain't done nothing to me. I just don't like ya. You are much too young to be a doctor.' 'I am 25 and I went through eight years of school and training to become a doctor. I have worked on patients before, so you aren't my first one.' Her eyes widened when I said this. 'Wow, I didn't know you had that much experience for being so young.' 'I am very committed to my career.' 'I can tell that you are. I am very sorry for being trouble. I am just not fond of change.' 'That is all right Mrs. Clemens. I know how you feel.' 'Well, you do what you must and then you can do you other rounds doctor.' I smiled and then checked her heart rate and blood pressure. After I finished she said, 'I'll see you tomorrow Dr. Barnes.' 'Okay, see you then.' I smiled as I walked out the room. I think was beginning to get the hang of this hospital.
Two Months Later

I had been working at Birmingham Hospital for two months now. I didn't hate Edward anymore, but I still disliked him. He seemed full of himself at times. That was one thing that always irritated me the most. I talked with Victoria everyday and she had become a friend of mine. Edward told me that I would be able to do a surgery by myself soon. I couldn't wait until that day came!

Today was unlike any other day. I got out my clipboard and started making my rounds. I was about to walk into my patient's room when I saw Edward coming towards me. He had a wide grin on his face that you couldn't look away from. Once he was up to me he said, 'Dr. Barnes, you will never guess what I am about to tell you!' 'Oh, tell me; the suspense is killing me!' I teased. 'I am a officially an engaged man!' When Edward said this, I thought I would be happy, but instead I felt grief and sadness. Why was I feeling this way? 'Oh, I am so happy for you. What is her name?' 'Marie Markus.' Marie! I thought. 'Oh, what a lovely name; when will you be married?' 'In about three months.' 'Well, congratulations Dr. Grant.' 'You invited Dr. Barnes, of course. You have been an outstanding resident doctor.' I didn't reply right away, so I guess Edward was wondering why I wasn't saying anything so he asked, 'Um, are you all right? You seem sort of depressed or sad.' 'Oh no, I am absolutely great. I am just very tired.' 'Okay, well see you around.' said Edward. And with that he walked away and I was left standing alone. I had no idea why I felt awful when Edward said he was engaged. I couldn't be in love with him. I had told myself countless times that I did not like him and he wasn't my type. I just didn't understand. I was in a bathroom stall in the hospital thinking about what had just happened when I realized I had to do my rounds. I unlocked the stall door and walked out of the bathroom. I looked at my clipboard and saw that Victoria was first. I was so happy she was first, because I had to talk to her.

When I walked into her room she said, 'Dr. Barnes, I am so glad that you are here. I was beginning to think you weren't coming.' 'Oh, I would have been here earlier. I just was talking to Dr. Grant about something.' My voice must have sounded weary because Victoria said, 'What did he tell you?' 'He told me he is now engaged.' 'Well, that is great news!' 'Yes, but'' I didn't finish my sentence because Victoria butted in and said, 'Oh, I see.' 'What is that supposed to mean?' I asked. 'You must love him or really like him.' she replied. 'What? There is no way!' 'How did you feel when he told you he was engaged?' 'Well, uh, I was sad and angry at the person he was engaged to.' 'Yup hun, you at least like him. You may even love him.' 'But I told myself I would never fall for him.' 'Sometimes love works that way sweetie.' 'Victoria I have never felt this way about anyone before. I have always wanted to be an independent woman with no man. And now I am falling for my boss, basically.' 'Oh don't feel bad Anna. You are a woman; you have to feel like this sometime in your life.' 'Yes, but I didn't think it would happen to me when the person I like or maybe even love is engaged to be married!' 'Oh Anna, they are not married yet. Maybe if you show him you like him, he may change his mind about marrying the woman he is considering marrying.' 'Well, maybe you are right. I may try to get his attention in some way.' 'That's right Anna.' 'Well, I have to get back to work, talk to you later.' 'Bye Anna.' I couldn't believe I had just fallen for a man!

After my rounds were finished, I went to search for Edward. This sounded so stupid, me, looking for a guy. For me, this was so low. I went to his office and he wasn't there, so I went to every floor and still couldn't find him. A nurse was walking past me and I stopped and asked her, 'Excuse me, do you know where Dr. Grant is?' 'Oh yes, he told me he was going out to lunch with his fianc'.' 'Okay thank you. Do you know when he will be back?' 'He told me around 1:30pm.' 'All right, thanks.' The nurse nodded and walked away. So many emotions went through me at that moment. I was sad, angry, and pitiful and I felt like an idiot. He was having lunch with his fianc', and that made me very angry. I wanted to be having lunch with him. At that moment I realized I would never be with Edward. But at the same time, I wanted to fight and try to make him feel the same way I felt about him.

It was about 1:30, so I started to head towards Edward's office. Once I reached it I knocked on the door and he told me I could come in. I saw him sitting at his desk, writing something down. 'Hi Edward, how are you?' I asked casually. 'I am great. And how are you Anna?' 'I'm fine.' 'Are you sure you are okay?' He got up from his chair and walked up to me. 'You seem like someone just took your heart and shred it into pieces. Did someone do something to you?' 'Oh no, I am just very tired.' What was I thinking! Why wasn't I telling him how much I cared for him! 'Hey, you have been here since 2:30 am. Maybe you should go home and get some rest.' suggested Edward. 'I think you are right, I better go.' 'All right, I'll see you later then?' 'Yea, of course, see you later.' I walked out of his office and couldn't believe I had said nothing about how much I cared for him, I swear, I was losing it.

When I arrived home, I got out of my Volvo and walked towards my apartment. I got to my door and unlocked it. I slipped my shoes off and sat down on my couch. I was very tired but, I just couldn't sleep right now. I had too much on my mind. I needed to call a friend and let this out to them, but it was 2 o clock and all my friends were at work. I thought about calling my mom, but then I chucked out that idea because she wouldn't listen to me talking. She would just be happy I am interested in a guy. We never were that close anyways. And my dad was definitely out. He would never understand why I am feeling this way. So, I was alone to think about my dilemma.

When I woke up, it was 7:30pm. I had fallen asleep on the couch. I was still as tired as ever, but now I was stiff. I still didn't know how to tell Edward how I felt about him, which made everything much worse. I knew I had to go to the hospital soon, so I stood up and stretched. I went to my bathroom and turned on the light. I looked at my hair and yea, it looked like crap. I took a brush out of the drawer and started brushing my hair out. It looked a little better than before. I re-applied my makeup and then turned off the light.

As I was driving to work, I was thinking about Edward; his smile, his gorgeous face, great personality. I really needed to stop thinking about him. It was getting ridiculous. When I reached the hospital I told myself I would not think about Edward. It got out of my Volvo and walked into the hospital. And of course, as soon as I walked in there was Edward. 'Hey Anna, I didn't think you were going to come back.' 'Oh, you know I would. I love this place too much.' 'Well, I guess I better go and do my rounds.' I said. 'No, I did them for you already. Today when you left, you looked really bad. I just wanted to help you out.' He was so sweet! 'Thank you so much Edward!' He smiled at me and said, 'Well, I have to go and check out a patient; see you later Anna.' I shivered when he said my name; I always did. 'Bye Edward.'
Two Months Later

It was now one month until Edward's wedding, and I still hadn't told him I was crazy about him! I knew I was an idiot, but I was a big scaredy-cat. While walking into the hospital this morning, I saw Edward walking in too. My heart started to thump very loudly. At one point I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. Today was the day; if I didn't tell Edward I cared for him, I never would.

I walked towards his office but stopped when I saw Edward kissing a woman. I was guessing it was Marie. At that very moment I felt like I was going to throw up. I almost ran away when I heard Edward say, 'Dr. Barnes, I want to talk to you.' I slowly walked to where he and Marie were. His hand was around her waist, and this made me cringe. I mean Marie was beautiful. She had long, straight blonde hair, brown eyes, a great body and her face looked very fresh and young. I just wanted his hand to be around my waist. 'What do you want Dr. Grant?' I was guessing we were calling each other doctors because Edward didn't want to offend Marie by calling me by my first name, so stupid. 'Well, I just want to tell you that our wedding is going to be next Friday instead of next month.' Right then I almost lost it. I tried with all my might to keep a straight face so I said, 'Oh, I am happy that you are getting married sooner.' 'Thank you very much Dr. Barnes. I am Marie Markus. I haven't gotten a chance to introduce myself to you, but Edward says so many great things about you. He says you are an amazing doctor at your age.' I blushed when she said this. Edward was talking about me to others. 'Oh, well he shouldn't give me all the credit, he is a very great doctor himself.' I replied. 'Yes, he is, but the way he talks about you is plainly as I said before, amazing.' I knew I couldn't stand there anymore without fainting or crying so I said, 'Well, I have to get to do my rounds. I hope I get to meet you again soon.' I then walked as fast as I could away from Edward and Marie. I had to find a bathroom and fast. I found a bathroom and went inside. I walked into a stall and locked it behind me. I then burst out into sobs that were endless. They just kept coming and coming. I seriously had no idea how I could convince Edward I loved him.
Three Days Later

Today was Wednesday; only two more days until their wedding. I knew I had to tell Edward I loved him, I just didn't know when I should.

After I had finished making my rounds, I walked to Edward's office. He looked up at me with those beautiful sapphire eyes. 'Hey Anna, do you want anything?' 'Edward, there is something I need to ask you, but I am not sure if I will be able to.' His eyes looked like they were seriously concerned about me. 'What do you want to tell me Anna?' 'Edward, I have always been an independent woman. I have always loved being alone. But, after months of knowing you, that all changed. Edward, I am in love with you. I have been thinking about you ever since you said you were engaged. I am sorry I am telling you this two days before you wedding day, but I just had to, I'm sorry.' Edward just stared at me in shock. His eyes were wide open and his mouth was open as well. 'I had no idea you felt this way Anna. I am going to marry Marie though, I'm sorry.' That did it; I started crying right in front of him. 'Oh Anna, don't cry. I don't hate you, I just'I am marrying Marie.' So many emotions went through me. He didn't want me; he wanted Marie. 'Oh okay, I understand Edward, I'll see you later.' I didn't give him a chance to respond because I walked away.
Two Days Later

I opened my eyes and stretched. It felt so warm and cozy in my soft bed. I looked over at my digital clock on my end table. It was 8:30am. Today was Friday; the day of Edward's wedding. Yesterday he told me I could have work off today. I was so glad he said I could have today off because; I would have lost it at work. While I was laying in my bed, I was thinking about not going to Edward's wedding. I just didn't think I would be able to watch him be married to someone that wasn't me. After thinking about this for a while, I decided I wasn't going to his wedding. I hoped he would understand why I wasn't there.

It was Sunday, and I didn't think I could go into the hospital today. I knew that Edward wouldn't be there. He would be on his honeymoon. Just thinking about his made me start crying. I was supposed to be independent and not let a man get in the way of my career, but it was happening.

I picked up my phone and called the hospital. It rang a few times and then a woman said, 'Hello, think you for calling Birmingham Hospital, how may I help you?' 'Hey Patricia, this is Dr. Barnes. Do you know who I could talk to about quitting my job?' 'Anna, why are you going to quit?' 'It's'complicated' 'Oh, I understand.' she replied. 'What?' I asked. 'Anna, you in love with Dr. Grant, aren't you?' 'How did you know?' 'Oh hon, I can tell the way you look at him and talk to him. I have been around long enough to know that.' 'Patricia, I can't continue to work at his hospital. I have to see him everyday. I just don't think I will be able to deal with something like that.' 'I thought getting accepted into this hospital was your dream? I remember this because you told me one day.' 'I know, but I just can't work there anymore. So, who can I talk to so I can quit my job?' 'Well, you will have to come in to the hospital and talk to them.' 'All right, I'll be there soon, see you then.' 'Bye sweetie.' I hung up the phone and went and got dressed.

I walked outside and got in my Volvo. I arrived at the hospital and walked in. 'Hey Patricia, where do I go?' 'You need to go to office three. It is on the third floor.' 'Thanks.' I walked off towards the elevator. I pushed the up arrow and it lit up and the door opened. I walked in and pushed the floor three button. While I waited to get my floor, I thought about what I was doing. I was throwing away my dream, for a man. The elevator door opened and I walked out and made a right. I saw a door marked office 3. I knocked on the door and I heard a low deep voice say, 'Come in.' I opened the door, but I didn't see the person who had told me to come in. The black leather chair was turned around to where I couldn't see this man's face. 'Um sir, I just wanted to talk to you about me quitting.' 'Why do you want to quit? Don't you like working here?' His voice was so deep. 'No, I love working here. I just have some personal issues sir.' 'Then why would you want to quit?' 'Sir, if I told you why I am quitting, you would just laugh at me.' 'I promise I won't laugh at you.' 'Okay, well'the reason I want to quit is because I am in love with a doctor named Edward Grant. He doesn't love me. He has recently been married on Friday to Marie Markus. I just can't come to work and see him everyday. It would be too hard for me.' 'Oh, I see.' I started to cry, and I knew that I sounded like a wimp to this guy, but I didn't care. The man turned towards me so I could see him. I let out a gasp when he turned towards me. 'Edward, what are you doing here?' 'Anna, I have been thinking about what you told me and I realized that I love you more than you know.' 'Edward, I thought you loved Marie.' 'Anna, the only reason Marie was marrying me was because of my money.' 'What? When did you find out?' 'When her brother told me the day of our wedding.' 'Oh Edward, I am so sorry.' 'It is fine, really. Marie wanting to marry me for money made me realize something. I love you Anna. I don't know how it happened, but it did.' I was so happy right then. I had never been so happy in my entire life! 'Edward, you don't know how much you mean to me. I was going to quit because of you.' 'I would have come after you if you left.' I blushed and asked, 'How did you know I was coming to quit?' 'Patricia told me. I came into work today. After she got off the phone with you she told me you called and were quitting.' Edward stood up and walked up to me. He stroked his hand over my cheek and said, 'I have never loved anyone more than I love you.' I was crying when I said, 'I love you too.' I thought Edward was going to say something but instead he kissed me. I had never been kissed before but for my first kiss, this was amazing! After we finished kissing, Edward said, 'Well, we better get back to work.' 'Yes, I think you are right.' Edward took my hand in his and we walked hand in hand out of the office.

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