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A Romeo and Juliet Story

February 7, 2009
By kmelton27 BRONZE, Rocklin, California
kmelton27 BRONZE, Rocklin, California
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This story begins with two schools, Chestnut Road and Thirteen Valleys High schools. These two schools were the biggest rivals anyone could think of. The students made social outcasts of anyone who did as much as associate with anybody from the other school. Football games, baseball games, and any other game you could think of were just two sides, each side violently cheering, trying hard to overcome the other team's shouts. Students have been beaten up, half-killed because they crossed the line, literally. In each school, there was a thick white line painted in the parking lot, dividing the two schools. It was put there by rowdy students on a Friday night filled with rivalry.

When all hope ran out of any sympathy between the two schools, love bloomed between two students. There was a boy, Romeo, who attended Chestnut Road, and a girl, Juliet, who went to Thirteen Valleys. They met at a football game when Juliet accidentally stepped over the line while Romeo was manning it. He, who couldn't bear to hit a girl, and was mourning over a recent break-up, rushed over to warn her of her mistake. Terrified, she looked to her feet, and quickly stepped back. Once their eyes met, her movement stopped, she relaxed her shoulders and smiled. Romeo, hypnotized by the beauty of her deep blue eyes, smiled back.

Suddenly, a friend of Juliet's called for her in a very pleading way, as if to warn her. Romeo, however, stayed staring. So before she left, he asked of her name and in turn gave her his.

They went through their normal lives. Walking around nonchalantly to their next class, among their school. They acted like theirs lives normally revolved around the domination of the school they worshiped. But their minds never escaped the wonderful thought of the feeling experienced in the parking lot.

Juliet and Romeo had fallen deeply in love with just one look. A simple glare, filled with hopeless despair for the other. Their love could not be, though, the reckless play of fellow students gave the image of impossible love between them. But they couldn't stay away. Juliet, being very secure about the situation, knew the dangers of going out to find him. Romeo, thinking differently, went out to seek his love at first sight.

Desperately needing her deep blue eyes, Romeo tracked down Juliet's address, a simple act of speaking to a friend of a friend, who just so happened to know everything about everyone. He snuck up to the house, creeping slowly down the concrete just in front of the hedge that blocked him from her home. He passed the hedge and immediately stopped in his tracks. He had seen a group of kids, his friends whom he had been with at the football game, preparing to throw dozens of fresh eggs at the house. Romeo guessed it was because of the Thirteen Valleys logo on the very back of their car.

He couldn't think of any way to escape being seen by those people. If he was, he would be forced to engage in the activity (which he would've usually done in an instant). 'Through the back,' he thought. He lightly stepped his way to the backyard. Once he got underneath the cream-white balcony designed wonderfully to fit the house's image, he heard yelling. The kids must have started throwing. Suddenly, a beautiful young woman stepped out onto the balcony with a startled face. Romeo could recognize those eyes anywhere, it was Juliet.

His heart rose in joy. All of the noise and voices around him disappeared. It was as if his heart was whispering to his ears to stop hearing, as though his heart wanted his mind to focus only on Juliet, nothing else. When in the trance, Romeo was open to any ideas at all to get to her. Forced by the heart, his eyes noticed a weaving vine winding up along the house and adjacent to the balcony. He went straight to climbing the long vine, careful that Juliet didn't notice any of his actions. Oh, how he wished she would speak. He would do anything to hear that sweet voice that melted into him like butter with every word. Oh, and to see her wondrous face, clearly carved by the most careful of angels.

He popped up, frightening her even more, and said, 'Hello, my dear.'

'Oh gosh, I thought you were one of the angry, possibly drunk, boys outside. You aren't, are you?' she responded, hand placed peacefully on her cheek.

'Only at school, darling, if this were any other house, I would without a doubt join them.'

'Oh, would you?'

'Of course, sweetie, they are just like me.'

'Why do you do that?'

'What, honey?'

'That, you keep calling me those names. Although, they are strangely comforting, why do you do it?'

'Because I think I'm in love with you. If you were some other girl that my friends just threw at me, I would call you by your name.'

'In love with me? But the only other time we met was just a look.'

'A very meaningful look, Plus, you can't get out of my mind ever since.'

'Me too.'


'Of course, you are quite the charmer yourself.'

'Can't help it, it's a gift.'

'Hmph, I wish we could be together.'

'Oh, please don't bring that up.'

'Why do you have to go to Chestnut Road?'

'Please, just enjoy this very rare moment of us alone and together.'

'Juliet!! Come to bed! They're gone now!' Juliet's mother called, interrupting the magical moment in time.

'Oh gosh, I have to go. If my mom sees you, you'll just be another one of those boys to her.'

'Can we meet tomorrow?'

'Maybe, but you really must leave, she's coming.'

'Ok, goodnight,' he began climbing down the vine, 'I will leave, unhappy to leave you, but will see you again.'

'Goodnight and goodbye!' she turned back in to her room to calm down her mother.

Romeo walked, trying hard to keep his feet from turning around, which were almost controlled by his heart once again. Of course, as he walked he thought lovingly of Juliet, her perfect face, flowing red hair, and hypnotizing eyes. He hoped to see her tomorrow, and planned the day as he stalked to his car. He finally came up to the vehicle and slowly drove off, he wanted to be as close to her as possible for as long as possible. He planned a runaway.

Romeo walked into his house. His feet were dragging across the floor as he walked right past his parents. He was much too bewitched by Juliet's charm and potential to pay any attention to his surroundings. Spinning randomly across the slick wooden floor, he thought of what was about to take place. He knew, being only seniors, he and Juliet were much too young for marriage. But it had to be done. It seemed so right, so meant to happen. Marriage between the two was planned by God. The look they shared, the talk on the balcony, it all seemed too good to be true. He desperately wanted to put the pieces together and marry the angel.

Meanwhile, Juliet strolled gracefully to her bed, she moved the blanket ever so carefully, rested on the fluffy pillow, sighed, and relaxed herself. Not even for a brief moment did Romeo escape her thoughts. There was a certain fire in his touch, a certain calm in his voice, and a certain love in his eyes. These qualities and many more were what made her want to have him by her side for the rest of her life.

'Juliet!' the yell was heard in one ear and out the other, 'Juliet!' another useless shout. 'Juliet! Juliet! Juliet!' this shout made her jump and realize that her mother obviously wanted her to come down the stairs.

'Coming mother!' her sweet voice rolled down to the kitchen. She quickly made her way to the kitchen, her soft steps made quiet by her light slippers.

'Oh, there you are, so sorry if I woke you, but you just had to see what your father brought home for you.' Juliet's mother explained. Juliet's face lit up with excitement. She swiftly walked down the remaining stairs and to where her dad was standing. Her smile immediately lowered to a frown when she saw the gift. It was a young boy, about her age. She knew who he was, she had seen him before. He was a jock, just a hopeless jock whose only meaning in life was to knock around opposite players on a muddy field, just to catch a rubber projectile.

'Nice to see you're awake,' her father began, 'I was just getting ready for my trip home when my boss approached me and told me his son here confessed to having a little crush on you. I thought, well that's just great, and asked him if he would like to meet you. He nodded yes and we were off, now here we are. His name is John.' John was blushing by now and his cheeks were as red as Juliet's ruby nightgown.

Her mother cut in, 'He goes to your school and he's keeping his grades up to A's.'

'No.' Juliet's whisper was almost unhearable with her head down.

Not noticing her comment, her mother continued, 'Oh, I think you two will make the greatest couple.'

'No.' It was louder this time, and was quite noticeable, but Juliet's parents were too busy admiring the perfect boy that sat before them. In Juliet's eyes, he was a dark wall, rising in between her and Romeo, splitting their love apart, and slowly bringing her parents on its side.

'NO!' she yelled at her dad.

'I beg your pardon?' her mom asked.

'You heard me, no! No! NO!'

'What do you mean, honey?' dad said, John looked crushed, his disappointed spirit brought his face from blushed to pale.

'I DON'T LOVE HIM! I love another! NO! NO! NO!' she shouted.

Her father became very stern, 'Juliet, may I speak to you in the den? Alone.' Still very angry and upset, Juliet followed her dad to their quiet, basically sound-proof, den. Unhappy to obey his orders, she sat down after he said, 'Sit.'

'How dare you display such behavior at a time like this! That is my boss's son! Who is this other boy?! I demand to know his name! Her dad lectured.

Juliet stared toward the ground and said, 'Romeo.' Oh, even the quiet whisper of his name brought up her mood a thousand times.

'Psh! ROMEO! Is that that gang banger always vandalizing and throwing eggs at our home?! Ha, I find that very hard to believe!'

She looked up into his beaming eyes, 'It's true daddy, I love him, and he loves me. We met just this night. He was under my balcony, it was so romantic.'

'Shut up!' he slapped her across her face, 'You will never love man like him. I ought to go out and kill him right now. So help me, if he does as much as lay one hand on you, I'll make him wish God never blessed him with presence on this planet! And you, you will stay away from that mongrel! You will love John, and I obviously DO NOT care what you think! John has money, for our family. Does Romeo?! I didn't think so. And just one last thing, he goes to Chestnut Road! Not only will I make his life hell, but as will his peers! You were so stupid to think that you would ever be allowed to be with him,' two more slaps to her face, 'You will love John!!'

Tears blinded Juliet, even with that and her stinging face, she would not regret loving Romeo, 'Father, please! I love him so very much. If we were the last two people on the Earth, I would never be lonely. He is the one thing in this world that will never betray or abuse me! Why can't you accept that! All I want is you approval! Please, daddy, please!'

'Be quiet!' another hit stroked her face, 'We will never speak of this again! Do not even tell your mother what has happened! Now, you will go out there and apologize most generously to poor John. You will dump this jerk Romeo and never lay eyes on him again. Do not try to be with him, that will only bring terror and pain to your life, do you understand?'

'Yes, father,' Juliet said, as innocent as possible, 'but it will never happen!' her anger poured out, 'I LOVE him. To be separated from Romeo would be the death of me. There is no possible way that you will separate us. Go ahead and kill him, I'll just kill myself. Take all of your anger out and brutally attack him to the death, but you'll just lose a daughter. Is that what you want, to live life knowing that your daughter is dead because of you? I am finished talking to you because your words are nothing but deadly venom to me!' She stiffly left the room, her eyes were puffy and her face was wet with tears. She ran to her room, slammed the door shut and violently cried herself to sleep.

The next day, Romeo woke to a stormy morning. The winds were fast and harsh, the rain came down with occasional hale, but he still went out to visit his friend Bartholomew, the preacher of the town. As he drove, he thought of wedding plans. He knew they had to elope, and hoped the preacher would agree to marry two seventeen-year-olds. He stepped into the church.

'Why, hello, Barth, how are you doing today?' Romeo asked, with great energy and sympathy.

'Oh, Romeo, shut that door before that rain soaks the floor.' Bartholomew instructed.

'Sure, but I came here to ask a favor of you, a very large favor. If you choose not to do it, it would just break my heart.' Romeo used those puppy-dog eyes to persuade him.

'Knowing of the outrageous favors Romeo asks on a regular basis, Barth reluctantly said, 'Alright, what is it?'

'I would like to get married.'

'Are you crazy?! You are only barely seventeen!'

'I know, oh, I know, but this girl. Oh, when you see her, you'll know. She's-she's, special, different than the girls at my school. She's wonderful, beautiful, and she loves me, I know it. Please, please, just understand how much I love her, and how much I need her.'

Are you sure you love her? Do your parents know? Are you ready for this kind of commitment? Romeo, there are a million things to think about before you do this. How well do you even know this girl?'

'Well enough. We have only met a couple of times, but the thoughts we think count for a million meetings.'

'But Romeo, I don't think I could go through with this. I mean, this is huge, a big commitment.'

'Please, please! I'll beg on my knees if it meant that you would marry us. Please! Please! I need her, and she needs me! Please!'

'So you're not even going to notify your parents?'

'They would only do everything in their power to make sure this does not happen. You won't tell them, will you?'

'Well, maybe I should. But, I'll respect your decision and keep it quiet.'

'Thank you, does that mean yes?'

'Fine, I hope it works out for you two, now go tell her!'

'Will do, and I thank you with all my heart.'

Romeo strolled out of the church and out to his car. The excitement and happiness inside him made his stinging face from the harsh rain almost invisible. Thunder boomed and lightening striked, winds howled and rain poured, but still young Romeo felt no pain. He drove off to meet up with Juliet. He came to her home, and was careful not to park directly in front of the house, thankful that there were no students egging the house, he proceeded to the balcony. He found various pebbles scattered across the ground and collected some. He gently tossed them at the window, hoping to catch Juliet's attention. Finally, she stepped out and their eyes met.

Juliet told Romeo to stay right where he was. She rushed down the stairs, into her backyard, ran straight into his arms, and kissed him with great passion.

'What are you doing here?' she asked, soaked with rain.

'Let's get married.' Romeo said.

'What? Have you been drinking?'

'No, no, I just talked to Bartholomew. He said he'd marry us.'


'Yes, of course.'

'So you just want to leave and elope without telling our parents?'

'Yep, what do you say?'

'Of course, yes!' Then Romeo kissed her, scooped her up, and twirled her around. They went off to the church and were married that night.

The next day, Romeo was walking with his three cousins and best friend, Ben. They came across a group of pugnacious Thirteen Valleys students. Romeo knew these faces, the dreadful thought was too much. They were the family of Juliet. Well, since the marriage was so secret, none of them had any idea who they were about to fight. Romeo knew, of course, and tried his best to convince his group to let them pass, but nothing worked. A fight began.

The first hit was thrown at Ben for mocking Juliet's brother. And, of course, he hit back. All the others got involved after that, except Romeo. Everybody was swinging at each other as the sky began to darken, giving the image of a storm. Romeo was trying to break up the fight, but he just couldn't. All of his cousins were punching and kicking the other family, who in turn fought back. This was one of the rare occasions where Juliet left Romeo's thoughts. That was a choice he should not have made.

Then, there was a sound, a sort of slicing, the sound of a knife being pulled. That noise made everyone stop. Everyone but Ben and the man he was fighting. Romeo darted over to him before it happened, but was too late. They all heard the sharp slicing of the knife going through Ben's chest.

Everything stood still, as if time stopped. The brothers of Juliet fled the scene, while Romeo rushed to Ben's side.

'Ben!' he shouted, 'No! No! Not Ben! Why God, why did you steal away my closest friend?! Why! Why! Why! He was the only one I trusted, the only one! I need him! Why?!' His tears ran down his face, non-stop.

Ben tried to speak, 'Rom'eo, please'don't cry'I'll be fine'just'don't be so sad' Please-' And those were his last words. He died in Romeo's arms.

'NO!' Romeo cried, 'No! This can't be! I never got to tell him-no! Why! My best friend, my best friend! He understood me, he was there for me! WHY!' He sat there and cried for a long time. His cousins tried to comfort him, but were only pushed away. Finally, he agreed to go home. He couldn't take the body with him and that hurt him greatly, but he knew there had to be a funeral. Tears were almost permanent to his eyes that day and the pain was too much to bear. The only thing he knew to do was runaway.

Juliet cried at receiving the news that Romeo fled town, 'How could he do this to me? I know that having a great friend die is too much, but couldn't he have taken me with him? I'm his wife!' It was horrible, she didn't understand how a beautiful marriage could turn into such a horrible loss. She desperately wanted him back. She wanted to hold him, and kiss him, even for just one more time. So, she planned a devious plan, one that would surely attract him back to their town, she would fake her death.

So, upon the revelation, she went to a friend of hers who knew of many drugs.

'Hello Sandy, how are you?' Juliet said when Sandy answered the door.

'Oh, Juliet, what do you want?' Sandy said, most likely still mad about what Juliet did to her, but that's another story.

'I need to fake my death, actually, I was wondering-'

'Whoa, whoa, whoa, why? How could I help?'

'What I was saying was, I was wondering if you knew of any drug I could use.'


'Why not?'

'Well, I still hate you, and I don't know of any drug like that.'

'Oh please, you must have something.'

'I don't, wait'there is one drug.'

'What is it?'

'It will give you the presence of death, but you'll wake up alive and well after 24 hours.'

'That's perfect, where do I get it?'

'I think I have some, wait here.' Just as instructed, Juliet waited for Sandy to bring back the miracle drug.

She came back with a small vial, 'Ok, here it is, but be careful. And remember, 24 hours.'

'I will, thank you so much.' Then she rushed off to tell Bartholomew to notify Romeo immediately of her plans. Then she went home to kill herself.

Bartholomew sent a messenger with a letter to tell Romeo everything. But this letter did not reach Romeo, it was lost. The foolish messenger found his own personal affairs to be more important than this situation. It was lost, and the only news Romeo received was that Juliet was dead.

He immediately came home. With a gun on his belt, he rushed to the church. He was stopped when he saw the brother who killed Ben. He approached saying things like, 'You killed him,' or, 'I hate your breath of life.' The brother kept telling him to back off if he didn't want any trouble. Then Romeo shouted, 'TROULBLE?!' and pulled his gun. Then he shot him, right then and there, he shot him. An unnoticeable witness phoned the police just as Romeo ran away.

In an instant, he was surrounded by police cars and there was a helicopter circling the sky. But he did not give up until he reached the church, where Juliet was lying, awaiting a funeral. He made it. Locking the door behind him, Romeo rushed into the church and to her body. Just seeing her broke his heart. He took out his gun. He aimed it at his chest. Looking down at his dead wife, he pulled the trigger, and dropped down, on his way to death.

Juliet woke at the next instant. She saw her husband, lying there, and shouted, 'NO!!' He died in her arms.

Without a second thought, she grabbed the gun and aimed it at her head. She looked up at the ceiling, praying last words to God before she pulled the trigger. Then the sound of a gunshot could be heard miles around. Everybody knew that Romeo and Juliet were dead. The only love and passion to come from Chestnut Road and Thirteen Valleys high schools was gone.

They died with good intentions, though. If Juliet had not killed herself, she would've gone through life, day after dreary day, with great depression. They died with love, and that's all that matters.


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