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The Sky is Falling

February 26, 2021
By Abbymae0304 BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
Abbymae0304 BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
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That was the day. The single day that changed my life. I had always heard that this day would come, but I never believed it actually would. I look around as I sit down on the edge of a bed in my family’s bunker. It is a tiny room with 3 beds and many, many shelves to hold all our supplies like food, blankets, water, and ammo. Every day my father and brother head out of the bunker to hunt for meat and cook it but there aren’t that many healthy animals anymore. The disease had started to spread from the humans to the animals about less than 2 months ago and about a month later, one of my brothers didn’t come back with the rest of them. They said that they were attacked and that he had been scratched and bitten and that they wouldn’t have been able to save him. This disease that I keep talking about is a horrible one. It doesn’t have a name that we know of but we have also been in our bunker since it started getting bad about 5 months ago. It’s an infection that takes over the whole body and makes you turn green. For a few days, you feel fine but you start becoming more rabid and hungry. Then you start attacking people. For some reason, that is unknown, your brain hardwires itself to where you don’t completely kill the person you attack, so they suffer and it is a horrible thing to think about but sometimes the person dies instantly from the injuries anyways. I get drawn out of my thinking by a loud bang on the door to our bunker. My mother and I stare at each other in fear wondering why there was such a loud bang. If it was my father and brother they would have put in the code. There’s another loud bang followed by what sounded like a body being dropped. There were a few more bangs and then it went completely silent. My mother and I kept staring at each other and she put her finger to her lips in a shushing motion. She slowly made her way up the stairs to take a peek out of the bunker door. As she opened the door, it sounded like something was being pushed along with it. I could see her peek her head out and around the door to see what was being pushed. Her posture changed completely and her head shot around to look at me. All I could see on her face was horror and her face was pale. I could see out of the door a little bit from where she still had it pushed open. A hand was laying on the ground right beside the door frame. There was a watch on the wrist and I instantly recognized it. It was my father’s. I looked up at my mom and remembered our emergency phrase that we were supposed to use if someone got attacked. The only time we’ve had to use it was when my brother got attacked. I looked at her with tears in my eyes and said, “The sky is falling.”   

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Rae7796 said...
on Mar. 1 at 10:22 am
Rae7796, Lehi, Utah
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This is a really good story. I was hooked right away. I think it would be much greater with a full novel adaptation. You could make a franchise out of this. Amazing job!