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The Realization

March 4, 2021
By ImaginedDreamer BRONZE, Chugiak, Alaska
ImaginedDreamer BRONZE, Chugiak, Alaska
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I’m running. Running hard. Fast. As fast as I can away from the disaster. My heart begs me to go back but I can’t. I have to run far far far away or I will end up like everyone else on this Godforsaken planet. As I run I keep my head low as I have been doing ever since it started because I don’t want to see the monstrous thing that took everything I’ve ever had away from me. I run fast past the screams and begs of help, past the bodies, past the wreckage, past it all. I dash until I am away from it all and standing at a pool of water where I used to play with my friends as a kid. They’re gone now. I can’t fight the urge any longer and I look up. I look up expecting to see a monster, a terrible being, something so utterly horrific I can’t believe it’s in front of my eyes, but that’s not what I see. I see fire. I see the sky split and flames and rocks and ash and debris falling all around me. It is beautiful, yet devastating. How can something so awe-inspiring, so incredible take so much away from me? My parents, my sister, my brother, my friends, my teachers, anyone I have ever loved or ever known gone. Because of this. I should hate it, I know. I should hate it and the one who sent it and should scream with rage and promise vengeance but I can’t. I can only stare, mouth agape, jaw hanging, eyes wide with shock. It’s majestic and though I know I need to run and hide I cannot. I cannot will myself to leave this spot or take myself away from the inevitable danger that I know is coming if I stay. I am frozen, breathless, and yet at peace. Why do I stay? Why am I unable to resist this temptation? Maybe it is because I relate to it. Maybe even though it is a series of events, a mere happening, and is incapable of emotions or thought, I feel as if I see myself reflected in a mirror. Beauty, darkness, hate, destruction. Luring yet repulsive. Wonderful yet darkness. Lovely but it can and will take anything and everything you’ve ever known and twist and break it until what you thought you knew was gone and will never be the same. Never ending. Imperishable and everlasting. The darkness that has been dwelling and living inside of me but has never been set free. Boulders and fire fall around me and smoke goes in my eyes. People are screaming and dying and I hear their cries and yet I stand frozen in this spot my eyes fixed on the sky. This is me. This is my triumph. This is my end and yet it is my beginning. This is my climax and yet only the preparation period. This is my thoughts, hopes, dreams, desires, all coming wave after wave to make me new. This is my adventure, my identity, my story, my legacy. I breathe a sigh of relief as I feel the freedom inside me sweep away all my other thoughts as I smile looking at the coming ruin that will ravage the planet and destroy all, including me. I have been waiting and calling and finally I have been answered. I am satisfied. I close my eyes as I feel my time come. This is my end and yet this is my beginning.

The author's comments:

This is something I just came up with instantanously! I kind of write dramatic so keep that in mind ;). Hope you guys like it!

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