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Once Upon A Time

March 9, 2021
By Nuggie BRONZE, Hamiton, Montana
Nuggie BRONZE, Hamiton, Montana
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 Once upon a time


There was once a time in history when there was freedom. Anyone anywhere could simply walk down the street undisturbed and without thinking twice about it. People had freedom to choose who they wanted to marry or even be friends with whoever you wanted. They could travel around the world. They could simply go outside. they could be themselves. They were free. It’s difficult to see how this was ever possible. How there was ever a time in history where this was alright. Everything is different now. There is no freedom.


If anyone was to simply walk outside their chambers without direct orders, they would be executed right on the spot. Now there are drones that cover every inch of the sky watching us, spying on every move that we attempt to make. There is nothing even remotely close to the word freedom. In fact, it is forbidden to merely say the word itself. I am one of the only people that even know that freedom is a thing. Other than the commanders of our planet, me along with ten others know what has happened to democracy. The corruption and the complet control that the government has on each and everyone of us. 

This is a warning to everyone that wants to survive what is coming next. This is for everyone who wants to come together and fight for what is right. There is something coming, something that the government has been planning for decades now. something that threatens the lives of every living soul on this earth. They are creating a technology that can control our minds and every move we take. It can control our thoughts and actions and even our feelings for the people around us. Now you might be wondering why they would ever want to do this to us. Why? You must have heard about the planet Titan. This newly found planet has forces far greater than we have ever seen. In the past, we have easily been able to take out these planets but now it is different. We have no knowledge on how this planet is so advanced. This is why the government wants to use us to fight. They can use every one of us to fight, and destroy everything in our path once we are there. 


This goes against everything that we have ever fought for. For the past few hundred years now, humans have been working to establish peace and control and even more freedom for the people of the world. Just at the beginning of this year our team started to make progress on the cause but then one of our spies that works in the government gave us this information. We are now sending this information to everyone around the world to inform them about this information. If you want to fight, please tell us as soon as possible.

After that, millions of people joined the revolution to protect their rights and their freedom. We went to work on ideas for stopping the government. We spread ideas throughout ourselves but nothing stuck. Somepeople thought that blowing up every major city and threatening the government would work but there were enough sane people to put them straight. 

After three days we finally came up with a plan. We decided to overrule the system that they had constructed for the machine. Our plan was to plant a bomb in the machine. One of our allies works in the lab and has direct access to the machine and the computer system it is connected to. 

It took eight weeks for our plan to go through but when it finally did, we successfully completed our mission. The machine that was supposed to control us was now destroyed. After that though, everyone forgot about what had happened. Everything seemed to go back to normal. Little did we know that there was something sinister going on. Something that would destroy us all and that we couldn't fight.

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