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Weird Aunt Martha

April 13, 2021
By Anonymous

                                                       Weird Aunt Martha 

   It was a gloomy Sunday Morning partly because the clouds were darker than usual, but mostly because  I was at my Aunt Martha's funeral. She was a very interesting person, with gars of eyeballs and cow brains on her kitchen shelves. I loved to go to her house mainly to play hide and seek but also to find hidden passageways and pick flowers in the garden out front. I was not allowed to go out back. I don’t realy know why, But I always wanted to go explore it. Her back yard was a swampish area with a pig lake in the middle. I could not realy see the lake very well but I knew it was a lake.


            After aunt Martha died we owned her house and all her things. At the time, we were living in an apartment and were looking for a new place to call home. We decided to move into her house. It was bigger than what we wanted but still great. We packed everything we had and moved. It was a few states away, kind of in the middle of no where actually. That led to a lot of adventures in the Future, starting with the backyard.


          We got to the house and got settled. I had lunch and set off to the swamp of a back yard. It tuck a lot of strength to pull through the trees blocking to way to the lake, but once I got through I knew why she did not want be back there.


         There were purple lizards some with one eye and some with three. There were gnomes walking around eating berries with legs. There were birds of all shapes and sizes. The birds were any color you could imagine. There was a sea dragon. She was a light purple, blending in with the lake in the middle. She had long fins that were as big as trees. She moved like a snake slithering through the icy clear water.


        I noticed the lake was bigger than I imagined. I got lost in its waves and ended up falling in. As soon as I hit the water the sea monster was headed strait for me. I swam but the only direction the water would let me go was down. It was like the water had gravity. It pulled me down and down until I was spat out in another world.


        It pulled me down and down until I was spat out in another world. I was falling on to a purple planet. With pink green and blue blobs, They looked like tooth paste from up here. Some seemed to have scaly skin wile others had shiney. They had eyes, but the eyes had square pupils, like goats. There was buildings, but you could see through them. The buildings were triangular but they were upside down. The doors to the buildings were at the top o f the buildings with no way up.  One building stood out. It was a big square and it was bright blue. It was glowing brighter  as I got closer it would get brighter.


       I looked up there was a purple liquid in a black sky speckled with stars. The liquid was spinning slowly in a circle. I assumed That was where I came and that ment I had to go back through there to get back. How was a supposed to do that?


      I landed in a field, of purple thorns. The thorns were soft like a pillow, but looked tough. I ran and hid behind a tree or what I thought was a tree. It looked to be a piece of coral staring back at me. It had eyes on every inch of its body. I ran and ran until I got to a pit, a pit of broken ships, or maybe they were cars.


       I looked up and saw an orb it looked like something from the future. It was a silvery color with a clear window in the front and a trap door on the top. I knew it was the perfect escape. If I wanted to get out I had to hurry because they had to have noticed I was there. There were giant claws rapping around it about to crush it.  I had to make a choice, get in and possibly get crushed or stay and loose a chance of getting back to the real world.


       I say a latter going up to the claws and climbed my way up. I jumped in the orb but had no clue how to work it. There were so many button hundreds no smaller then an eye. I pushed all of the buttons at once like a kid in an elevator. It worked. With a beam of light I soared into the sky. I looked back and… and… they have spotted me!


     There were hundreds of orbs going faster then I was there was no way I could make it. They were shooting lasers, burning the outer layer of my orb. I could fell beads of sweat dripping off me as I closed my eyes. I felt the orb slow down and I looked up. I reached the portal just as they were catching up, but they could not pass through. I had made it, I was back in the pond in the back yard of my dead Aunt Martha's house.

The author's comments:

I love adventures in different worlds and creepy swamps.

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