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Dream sequence

April 19, 2021
By sarahgregory28 SILVER, Versailles, Kentucky
sarahgregory28 SILVER, Versailles, Kentucky
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"that is the past, this is the present, let's focus on the future."

I remember dreaming of bright blue fairies floating in the sky. It was a normal day despite them floating around minding their own business. No one was paying any attention to them, they just kept walking and doing what they would normally do. I hear a buzz, I look down and a ball jar has appeared on the ground next to me. There’s a note attached to it that reads; capture one of the fairies as your first mission. A mission? I think to myself. I listen to the note but the fairies are so high up I don’t know how I will reach them. I jump and instead of only going up a few inches off the ground I start soaring into the sky high with the fairies. Quickly I snatched one in the jar and closed the lid, I fell back to the ground hard. I land on my hip but don’t sustain any injuries, the fairy looks even prettier up close. Another note appears in my hand after I stand up. This time it’s a longer message; Congratulations after finishing your first mission you are ranked fifth out of thirty. Your next mission will be revealed once you know your way around the city. It is 10 miles long and 7 miles across. After you have explored and completed the second mission you will need to eat at the diner and talk to Hugo. Stay on task and don’t interact with anyone you’re not supposed to! 

I look around, I have no clue where to start. I see the sign that says “Welcome to Towntopia!”

This must be the beginning of the city, I better get started before night time. Right as I think that a voice over an intercom says “Nightfall doesn’t exist here so feel free to take your time contestants.”

How’d they know what I was thinking? There’s no time to dilly dally though so I need to get started so I can get out of this place. I start walking, I get about halfway through town and then a man approaches me. He starts mumbling in a language that I don’t understand. I remember the note said not to talk to anyone that I’m not supposed to so I keep walking and he stays in his same spot mumbling. Suddenly a group of fairies come down from the sky and gather themselves together under my feet and before I know it I'm laying down on a moving bed of fairies. They carry me to the end of the town and drop me at the diner. They must want me to win whatever challenge this is. I walk into the diner and there’s only one person in there. The back of his jacket has the name Hugo written on it so I sit down by him. “Your next mission is to order the mashed potatoes and mac n cheese. Eat ALL of it then your next mission will be announced.” Before I could say anything he walks out the door and disappears into the sky. I ask the lady behind the counter for the mashed potatoes and mac n cheese. She rolls her eyes and brings the meal out to me. I am so hungry that I shovel the food into my mouth and finish it within a few minutes. Another note appears on the plate. This one is very short and says: “Go to the hotel downtown and give the fairy to the manager, then get a room.” I remember seeing the hotel when the fairies were carrying me. It is only a block away from the diner so I quickly head over there. 


Arriving at the hotel, there are chandelier lights hanging from the ceiling. They are so shiny, the light reflecting off the diamonds fills the room. Suddenly, one of the diamonds falls and lands in my hand. I put it in my pocket, maybe I could use it later? I walk to the front desk and hand the receptionist the jar with the blue fairy. She hands me a key to the room 513. I walked to the elevator, she didn’t give me a floor number. I’ve already stepped it and it starts moving upwards. The doors open and reveal a door with 513 written on it. I swipe the card, it opens. Right as I walk in I see a man standing looking out the balcony. He turns around and starts congratulating me.

“Well Miss that truy was impressive, all the other competitors are still trying to catch the fairies.”
Pardon me?
“You won! You get to go home, the others will have to stay here forever.”
What! I only did like 3 missions and I don’t even understand how I got here. 
“You did the missions within 24 hours, it’s a record. There are still people trying to finish theirs from the first competition.”
The first? What is this then?
“The 5,639th annual dream sequence competition.”
Hmm, well whatever this is can I please go home already?
“You sure can!”
Before I could say or do anything I woke up in my bed at home. I’m covered in a pool of sweat. I realize it was all just a dream, feeling relieved I get up and go downstairs. She pushes the covers off of her. As she gets up something falls out of her pocket, she doesn’t realize and keeps walking. A single diamond lays on the bed, the light reflecting off of it filling the whole room. 

The author's comments:

I used a writing prompt to et my first line for the story so it has a fun twist on it at the beginning. 

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