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the long wait

November 16, 2021
By kylieshay SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
kylieshay SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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I sit there and wait, the long wait, waiting for my time to run out. The loud ticks of the clock rings throughout my ears. Waiting. Waiting for them to come in a pull my plug. Sit there, and watched my self with wires hooked up all around me, tubes ran throughout my skin. I felt naked without my skin. I was just a soul without a body. I looked at my pale sick sink and the dark bags under my eyes, my brown hair lost its color. death is all I saw. Was it time to say goodbye? I had been fighting the disease for years now. Ever since I was a little boy. My family had given up so why don’t i.  Maybe it was time to let my poor body rest, end the pain. I walked over as the nurse walked in. I held my hand as he undid the plug. The clock tick got slower and slower as my heartbeat stopped, then salience. Cold still salience. I stood there not knowing what to do as the nurse walked out. I stood there and smiled, my body was now in peace, but what about me “Where I do go.” I ask myself. Suddenly I feel a gust of wind behind me. I turn around to see a tall male standing behind me. his huge white wings folded behind him, his white suit was pure and his black tie matched his jet black hair. his crystal blue eyes pierced through me.  “you will come with me.” he says with a smile and softly takes my hand “its nice to finally meet you Leo, I have been waiting.”

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somone is waiting for you

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