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The dragon's blind eye

December 23, 2022
By bookmage SILVER, Montreal, Quebec
bookmage SILVER, Montreal, Quebec
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"Nobody said it had to be a story with an ending all neatly tied up like some ridiculous fairytale. This story's true, and true stories don't have endings, because things just keep going."
-Kate Milford

Foolish are the stars, for they are determined to direct the destinies of dragons. Foolish indeed, for a dragon is not a creature often thought of as movable. A mountain does not listen to the hypnotic whisper of waves lapping at its flank; it scoffs at them, high in its delirious daydream of cloudy paradise. What can a power so low hope to achieve against one so high placed? Such is the arrogant nature of a mountain that it will barely notice the crumbling bits of stone it surrenders to the ocean powers.
A dragon is no different. It scorns the stars, mocking them for the way they try to sway the minds of its kin; foolish are the little people of the lands below, listening to what the stars have to say. What the dragon knows not will also chip away at the mountain, laying waste to its former glory. For unbeknownst to the great beasts, heedless of the woes that plague pathetic mortals, they will meet their doom at the hands of a common enemy.
The little folk, the very ones who are mocked by the ones up high, know this being well. The people remember. Trapped in the strong currents of time and marked by the stars from the moment it is uttered, the lore of men remembers. It knows of this force, so indomitable; it brings great kingdoms to their knees. Had the dragons known, all fighting in their midst would have ceased, quenched by the storm announced in the hour of this revelation. Alas, the revelation came too late for the mountain: worn by the elements to naught but rubble, the proud peak is no more. Still, the great drakes do not believe.
It is of a perverse irony that the downfall of dragons is wrought. Cruel, how cruel are the stars, for all their determination was insufficient; and their pleas, left unheard. Blind in their arrogance, the great powers of old marched on to their downfall.
And the stars saw it, for they had foreseen the end of the occult; it was once a matter of utmost concern. Had the drakes heeded, had the mountain listened as the little people had, the forces of the unseen would have lingered long; but nay, seldom more than an echo in the wind remains. For the mountain, the dragon, the people, the stars, all fall victim to the enemy; foolish were the dragons, for they turned a blind eye to the forces of decay.

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