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Dark helmet villian persona

September 20, 2023
By Anonymous

Darth Vader villain speech rhetorical analysis           
This speech takes place a few months after Darth Vader was imprisoned in the mechanical creation that Obi-Wan (his old master, mentor, and friend) put him in due to cutting off both his legs and already missing a hand (due to a duel when he was a Jedi against Count Dooku) he was immobile. His dark master (Darth Sidious) built him a suit to keep him alive and fuel his rage by deceiving him into believing he killed his wife in his anger. The months in the suit cause him to tap into his anger tenfold through his extremely force sensitive abilities which leads to his confrontation with his old master.... “At long last your pathetic attempt at hiding from the pain has ended” Vader said. 
 “You have allowed your darkness and pain to twist into another individual entirely. I am sorry, Anakin I could not save you from what was inside you since the jedi order took you in... away from your mother” Obi-Wan said. 
 “You put me in this suit, took my mother, my life and because of you and the Jedi I suffered. Training a pupil, she left because of the council's ignorance to see through their code. Because of the Jedi I did not know my own mother was sold and killed until it was too late. The jedi have no consideration, no empathy, no emotion. My marriage of years kept a secret out of unseasoned fear that I would be expelled from the order. But you... you took everything from me. The council had no respect for making me a Jedi master after years of dedication. I was the most talented, the most powerful person there. They were clearly afraid of my potential to destroy them, and I did because they deserved it... You came to destroy me, but you only ended up destroying yourself” Vader said. 
 “I-I could not have known Anakin. I thought the Jedi were truly helping you, I could not sense your pain all those years.... I failed you brother.... “Obi-Wan says. 
 *Vader ignites his lightsaber* “Padme...You killed her! You could have saved her! - Vader says. *Vader tries to slice Obi-Wan in half but he skillfully dodges, still not igniting his lightsaber himself.  
I can’t fight you Anakin, I cannot cause you more pain than you lived through for the past 10 years because of me....  “I will not leave you, never again. 
“Then you will meet your end” Vader breathes with anger.  
*Vader swings his lightsaber again and attempts to vanquish Obi-Wan in one swing. Obi wan skillfully weaves to the side once more to avoid his incoming saber. Obi Wan now ignites his lightsaber to block Vader's downward sweep going for his legs. The irony. Vader force jumps over obi wans head and now he has the high ground. Vader throws his lightsaber to try and kill Obi-Wan from a distance without risking his safety. Obi wan uses the force to hold the lightsaber in the air in suspended animation. He moves to the side and the saber pivots into the ground. Obi Wan can board his ship a flee the scene after Vader loses his weapon...... 

The author's comments:

I turned this in for my English class. This is about Darth Vader and his speech to his old master and how he describes his anger towards him and everything he caused him over the past 10 years.

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