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Whirlwind Wonkavator

May 22, 2009
By Natalie Meissner SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Natalie Meissner SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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“All aboard! Have your golden ticket in hand, please.” A tall, scrawny man standing with the help from a cane, called out, “This is the great glass Wonkavator, and elevator can only go up and down but the Wonkavator can take you anywhere.”

In amazement, the young lady situated in the corner of the limited space stood with her dog, tapping her sparkly red heels together. “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

“This is remarkable! I wish Buzz and Andy were here to take a tour of the Chocolate Factory; they would’ve loved it!” says the other gentleman, a skinny, yet lofty cowboy with a stain on his brown, leather boot reading, ‘Andy.’

“We will now be passing through Loompaland, the great chocolate waterfall, and the egg-dicator room, finally bringing our tour to an end.”

Passing through Loompaland, the passengers were stunned by the colorful lollipops, sweet sugarcoated gumdrops, and the little men with orange skin and green hair. As the Wonkavator rose into the overcast sky, the young lady shouts out, “I think there’s a tornado headed our way! It looks like a funnel cloud is forming in the distance.”

“The tornado is heading right for us!” says the man with the cane. “We must make our way back to the factory in order to find shelter!” Pressing buttons in a special sequence, the man suddenly realizes that there is not enough time to get to safety.

After an earsplitting bang and boom, the young lady takes a look out of the glass Wonkavator and says, “We must be over the rainbow!” In the distance they all see a yellow-brick road leading to a town where only munchkins lurched and no humans could be found except the witches of the East and West.

Wanting to get home to all of his toy friends, Woody asks the older man, “Is there anyway to get home now?”

“I should be able to just press a combination of buttons which will order the great Wonkavator to find its way home.”

After entering the code and returning to the factory, all the passengers said their goodbyes and were thankful to finally be back to the comfort of their own homes.

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